Top Most Common Construction Engineer Interview Questions

Top câu hỏi Phỏng vấn kỹ sư xây dựng phổ biến nhất

Preparing for a face-to-face interview is essential by searching for lists of questions on shared sites. As a professional HR consultant, HRchannels has provided numerous articles on this content for many different positions. Today will be a list of questions Interviewing construction engineers Most popular with effective answer suggestions.


2.1. Tell us about your experience in the construction field?
2.2. Why did you leave your previous company?
2.3. The job of a construction engineer is very stressful. What qualities do you think you have to effectively support this work?
2.4. Why do you want to work in our company?
2.5. Job tasks in job offers, which tasks do you find most effective?
2.6. Your expected salary?

1. Characteristics of the construction engineer position

Direct interview questions aim to tap into the candidate’s qualities, skills and professional experience. Equipped with unique characteristics, the construction engineer position has remarkable characteristics:

  • Responsibility does not only concern finances but also human lives because each construction project is used by many or several operators.

  • Ability to balance work and personal life, as projects may be remote, construction engineers must remain on site for several months at a time.

  • Good health because you always have to face the pressure of work and the sun, rain and wind at work

  • Organized mind and ability to work independently as well as in a team

  • Flexible, responsive, good communication with authorities, cooperative entrepreneurs, workers and work associates.

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2. List of Most Common Construction Engineer Interview Questions

Attractive jobs

Directly consulting and licensed to recruit for many positions related to construction engineering expertise, HRchannels has compiled many practice interview questions that are focused on each company and below you will find what you are looking for.

2.1. Tell us about your experience in the construction field?

No need to be modest, even the smallest experience or tasks completed as a team, list them so the employer can easily see the similarities of your experience with the task they are applying for.

Suggest :

List 03 to 05 the most notable achievements in detail, the remaining achievements should only be named to avoid rambling and wasting time during the interview.


2.2. Why did you leave your previous company?

A reason unrelated to work capacity is always a wise choice for this question.

Suggest :

During the recent Covid-19 outbreak, a large number of orders from the former company were canceled, forcing the company to temporarily suspend operations.

My previous company focused on residential housing projects, I would personally like the opportunity to develop expertise in many different types of projects.

2.3. The job of a construction engineer is very stressful. What qualities do you think you have to effectively support this work?

Based on the career characteristics and job duties listed in the employer’s job posting, make a list of 3 to 5 important and compatible qualities.

Suggest :

After working in the industry for a long time, I realized that I had:

The spirit of learning and the good capacity for absorption, in fact, after only 2 months of probation when I graduated, I was responsible for taking charge of small projects.

Enduring hardship is something I have been trained to do since entering college. When I was still a student, I applied to work on housing construction projects as an assistant mason.

My communication ability is considered flexible, standard and effective with contractor partners, colleagues and construction site workers.


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2.4. Why do you want to work in our company?

Show them your passion and enthusiasm for the company and the position they are applying for with information related to the employer’s business operations.


I always visit the recruitment section of the company to update new job opportunities. As far as I know, your company is the official contractor of many large projects in HCM such as luxury apartment project X, commercial zone Y, garden house zone Z…

I always want to contribute my best to various projects of different sizes, which is why I always take the opportunity to become a member of the company.

2.5. Among the tasks we mentioned in the recruitment bulletin, which tasks do you find most effective in your job?

This is a bit of a trick question, because the employer wants you to be able to handle all the given tasks well, so if you only mention that you do a task well, it’s done. However, they also know that no one is perfect, so your response should be done tactfully so they can see the greater fit.


I have read the job duties in the recruitment bulletin very carefully and have experienced all the tasks described there. Speaking of the level of perfection, I would like to divide it into 2 groups: very good and good.

  • My very good group belongs to tasks: A,B,C…

  • My good team is for the remaining tasks, I will try to learn and perfect these requirements to best meet the needs of the position if hired.


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2.6. Your expected salary?

Each company has a different salary and bonus policy. Low base salary is not an evaluation factor as their bonus policy can be very large.

The current average base salary for construction engineers is around 10.5-15.7 million VND/month. You must research and prepare a salary yourself that matches the tasks required by the employer.


Before asking for salary, can you tell me about the company’s social policy for the position I am applying for.

(Depending on available benefit policies and your expected salary, please suggest an appropriate base salary)

Above are 6 questions that always appear in all List of Most Common Construction Engineer Interview Questions in all companies in the sector. I hope that with HRchannels suggestions you will have the most perfect interview. Good luck !

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