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Raeford is a small town situated in Hoke County in central North Carolina. To the northeast lies Rockfish Creek while to its south lies Toneys Creek – both drain into Lumber River-Pee Dee River-Waccamaw River system and were officially recognized as towns when Raeford became one in 1904.

Job hunters and local businesses will have the chance to connect at the Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce Expo next month. Chamber members can set up information booths free of charge.


There are numerous advantages to joining your local chamber of commerce. They provide invaluable business resources, discounts, relationships and credibility building. However, small businesses sometimes overlook joining these organizations due to unfamiliarity and cost issues. This guide explores both benefits and costs of membership in chambers as well as tips for finding one suitable to their company’s needs.

A chamber’s board of directors or executive council is responsible for running its organization and overseeing its strategies. Members may be elected or appointed, depending on their areas of expertise and background. Furthermore, many chambers employ staff members dedicated to marketing tasks and membership management which play an integral role in its success.

Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn have filed to run for one of three Raeford City Council seats up for election this year. Filing to run opens Friday and closes July 21.

Calloway has been actively involved in his community for more than two decades as third-generation owner of a family-owned hardware store. With his deep love of helping Hoke County grow as an ideal place for raising a family, Calloway currently serves on both tourism committees as well as Kiwanis club membership and falls festival board membership – not to mention being a trustee at Bethel Presbyterian Church!

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Economic Development

Hoke County boasts many attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as its 211 Sports Complex with sports fields and facilities, Nicholson Creek Game Land/Callaway Forest with 3,500 acres for horseback riding, hunting and fishing, parks with playgrounds and trails as well as Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving offering tandem jumps in its world’s largest vertical wind tunnel.

Hoke County Community Foundation, a non-profit organization established to support projects that assist residents in need and promote entrepreneurship, also operates here. Furthermore, the chamber collaborates with entities like United Way, YMCA, Methodist University and Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce in order to make improvements within the community.

Bain, who owns Raeford Hardware as part of his third generation ownership, says his goal is to foster the small-town vibe in Raeford. To this end, he wants more places open downtown that people can visit during evening hours. In addition, Bain hopes to improve communication with residents through various means such as social media platforms or news sources; also providing residents with enough parking spaces within central business district limits.

Community Events

Events held by the Chamber provide valuable services and attract non-dues revenue streams, from e-newsblasts and committee meetings, social media updates and flyer distribution to flyer distribution and local media coverage of member businesses. Events like Community Expo showcase them all.

Professional networking opportunities are provided in various formats, such as morning meetings, luncheons and after hours events featuring speakers. Network Advance, One-on-One 101 and To Sell is NOT to Sell seminars provide opportunities for chamber members to connect with businesses and generate leads or referrals.

Seasonal events such as holiday markets and festivals provide businesses with a chance to showcase their goods and services to the community in a festive setting. Such gatherings can become annual traditions that attract new customers while building brand recognition.

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A key objective of the Chamber is to represent and advocate business interests and provide leadership within community affairs. Furthermore, they act as an important catalyst in encouraging economic development while offering assistance to businesses while improving quality-of-life for Hoke County residents.

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce serves as the principal organization in Raeford-Hoke County representing local businesses, promoting tourism and stimulating economic development. Members enjoy many advantages, such as listing in its Directory of Businesses and access to its referral program and exclusive job board. Furthermore, annual events hosted by this chamber such as Business Awards Breakfasts and Golf Tournaments.

Business Resources

Chambers of commerce can provide business owners with various resources that will aid in expanding their enterprise, including access to facilities, financial advice and accounting consultation services. Other services provided by chambers include marketing advice, networking opportunities and business-to-business relationships.

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce uses their website as a portal to these services, featuring a directory of members, a guide for newcomers to the area, information about county events and department meetings and photo galleries of local parks with thumbnails and full-sized images of county attractions.

One of the chamber’s primary missions is providing support to new businesses. It offers a directory of member companies to assist new ventures in locating companies with expertise in areas like insurance, shipping, office supplies, electric energy supply and accounting software as well as networking events aimed at connecting employers and job seekers alike.

Throughout the pandemic, the chamber continued its weekly newsletters and social media posts for members. They also hosted an event to advertise job vacancies. A similar event – Job Expo – will take place May 14. During this open to public event, business owners may set up booths offering employment and connect with job hunters; non-chamber members can set up booths at $25 for booth space rental.

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