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B2B is a term commonly used in business. In the current context of strong development of e-commerce, B2B is receiving even greater attention. Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent what B2B is and popular B2B marketing trends through the article below.

1- What is B2B in marketing?
2- Popular B2B Trends in Marketing

2.1- Marketing automation (marketing automation)
2.2- Content marketing (Content marketing)
2.3- Personalization
2.4- Marketing via Linkedin

3- How to carry out B2B marketing as effectively as possible

3.1- Email marketing
3.2-Digital marketing
3.3-Content marketing
3.4- Marketing on social networks

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1- What is B2B in marketing?

You can simply understand B2B in marketing as forms of marketing strategy or content aimed at target audiences of businesses and organizations. This is considered the optimal choice for companies specializing in providing products and services to other businesses or organizations.

For example, companies providing content marketing services are a business in the field of B2B marketing. Because the clients of these companies are businesses and organizations that need to do content marketing.

B2B marketing focuses on the people responsible for purchasing for a business or organization. From there, the company or organization becomes a customer of the company.

The purchasing process in B2B marketing often takes place over a long period of time. Because the person responsible for purchasing must know the product well, work with the decision makers and must also consider the logical factors as well as financial policies.

What is B2B?
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2- Popular B2B Trends in Marketing

As a marketer, you need to understand and quickly grasp popular B2B marketing trends. Thus, it can help businesses to maximize the efficiency of this model.

Below are popular B2B marketing trends you will need to master in the near future:

B2B in marketing

2.1- Marketing automation (marketing automation)

Marketing automation is a type of software application that helps businesses run marketing campaigns effectively. However, to do this, businesses must meet common marketing requirements like websites and social media.

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One point you should note is that this form of marketing is more suitable for taking care of old and potential customers than for new customers. Understanding this will help you streamline the content of your inbound marketing strategy and improve customer engagement by providing useful information at the right time.

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2.2- Content marketing (Content marketing)

Perhaps you have heard the saying “content is king”? Indeed, in recent times, content marketing is considered an extremely popular method for running marketing campaigns and attracting potential customers for B2B businesses.

Currently, the customer’s purchasing journey is much more complicated than before. Therefore, businesses are required to conduct more in-depth research at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

During the content marketing process, marketers need to target customers and create more in-depth content. At the same time, to achieve exceptional results in content marketing, marketers must continually provide new and updated information for their websites.

2.3- Personalization

Email marketing is a popular method when personalization is needed in marketing. However, it seems that this is only effective on B2C marketing websites. And B2B marketing still hasn’t changed.

In a study analyzing B2B marketing by Seismic and Demand Metric, it was shown that the reason B2B marketing has not been effectively personalized is due to lack of resources, human resources and technology.

Therefore, businesses should focus on investing in the above factors to be able to implement content personalization strategies more and more effectively.

b2b in effective marketing
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2.4- Marketing via Linkedin

If previously social media was the primary channel for B2C models, marketers are now focusing more on using social media to direct and engage with business customers.

Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, Linkedin has been integrated with many new features with the aim of making this platform a tool for businesses to reach B2B customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

For example, with the InMail Analytics feature, marketers can receive lots of useful feedback and improve the marketing team’s performance.

Experts also point out that B2B marketers are increasingly influenced by data collected on Linkedin. At the same time, forecasts also show that this trend will become even more pronounced in the future.

3- How to implement B2B marketing as effectively as possible?

To effectively implement B2B marketing, you need to understand the following strategies:

3.1- Email marketing

These days, almost every individual and business communicates via email. The effectiveness of email marketing is therefore very high.

To perform B2B email marketing effectively, you need to pay attention to the following important factors:

+ Create attractive email titles: This is an important factor in helping you attract customers as soon as they browse your email. Although it does not determine the likelihood of a purchase, an attractive introduction will allow you to interest customers in your product. The subject line of an email should include the vendor name, product name, or product benefits.

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+ Call to action (CTA): if there are too many CTAs in an email, customers will be extremely annoyed. Therefore, you must use CTAs appropriately, clearly and specifically.

+ Emails must have serious content: this will help you show respect to customers.

What is B2B in marketing?

3.2-Digital marketing

There are a number of tactics you can apply after implementing digital marketing to capture customers who are businesses and organizations.

+ Understand and identify the right target customers: Understanding the target customers well and identifying the right customers is very important when implementing B2B marketing. When you do these things well, you will find the marketing strategy that works best for your business.

+ Design and create a professional website: Having a professional and eye-catching website will help you attract more customers. The appeal here is not only the beautiful design, but also the way you present the product to customers.

+ Run advertising campaigns: Advertising campaigns are also one of the important factors while implementing digital marketing. You need to choose many different advertising channels to increase your brand popularity as well as your business reputation.

3.3-Content marketing

Tedious content that lacks authenticity in traditional marketing can bore customers. Therefore, when developing a content marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you provide content to customers at the appropriate time.

Another fact is that customers often feel that the information in articles is more reliable than TV commercials. You must therefore pay attention to this point to have the most suitable strategy.

Another thing to note when implementing content marketing in B2B is that you must clearly remember that the customers of this channel are businesses and organizations. These are subjects who have some understanding of the products they need. Therefore, you need to carry out content marketing in a way that highlights the exceptional features and benefits of the product.

3.4- Marketing on social networks

Social media marketing is often used more commonly on B2C channels than B2B. However, in some industries, social media strategies sometimes yield very good results.

However, you need to remember that it is true that social media marketing does not bring many conversions. Therefore, you need to know how to combine social media with other marketing strategies to achieve maximum effectiveness in B2B marketing.

Above is information on what B2B is and popular B2B marketing trends you need to know when marketing. I hope that after this article you will know how to effectively carry out B2B marketing and bring greater economic benefits to your business. Good luck!

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