Unilever’s corporate culture

Unilever's corporate culture

Unilever Group is considered one of the best places to work in Vietnam. What is special about the company culture here? Join Ms. Uptalent to learn more about the article below.
By surpassing 100 companies, Unilever won first place and received the “Best Employer Brand in Vietnam 2013” ​​award.

On February 14, employer branding solutions company Anphabe announced the results of an independent survey. 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam Based on the votes of almost 10,000 people from almost 1,000 different companies in Vietnam.

Based on basic criteria such as salary, bonuses, benefits, development opportunities, culture and values, management team, quality of work and life, company reputation , Unilever is ranked 2nd for excellence in 3 categories including The Best Places to Work in 25 Occupations, Best employer brand in Vietnam in 2013.

Unilever is a company that applies good policies to provide social benefits to workers and has built a good corporate image by investing in Vietnam since 1995.

Sharing on sggp.org.vn, Mr. JV Raman – President of Unilever Vietnam – said that Unilever always creates a friendly, open and sympathetic environment among employees. This is where employees feel confident and shared. Only then can they fully develop their creativity and stay with the company for a long time.


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Instead of short-term goals, from the moment employees start joining the work environment, Unilever has set long-term strategic plans. The company wants to create trust for employees so that they can feel secure in developing their abilities and contributing to the company. In addition to improving the professional skills of employees in the domestic environment, Unilever also strives to send them to work abroad in order to have a high-quality workforce.

Ms. Nguyen Tam Trang, Vice President of Human Resources of Unilever Vietnam also shared: “The company also focuses on creating a working environment with equal and sincere treatment among the company’s employees, regardless of regardless of their rank or position.

In addition to focusing on infrastructure and equipment to help employees work efficiently such as multimedia meeting rooms, modern electronic library systems, laptops, etc., Unilever is also creating a library space. Relaxation helps employees work without feeling constrained thanks to the gym and beauty salon. system…

The wage that Unilever pays its workers is a good wage (2 times higher than the minimum wage for unskilled workers and 3 times higher for skilled workers at the time of the survey in July/2011).

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