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All across America, from quiet rural towns to bustling suburbs, people are working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make their communities better. These individuals make up the volunteers and staff members of local chambers of commerce.

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At nearly every county, city and town across the United States you will find people working tirelessly to make an impactful difference in their communities. They don’t hold public office or wear fancy titles – instead they serve as volunteers and staff of local Chambers of Commerce – serving thousands of community organizations nationwide while playing an integral role in driving economic growth and success in local neighborhoods.

Kurt Posey relocated to Raeford with his family eleven years ago and quickly became actively engaged with downtown events and the business community. He serves as president of Kiwanis and on the Fall Festival board; both organizations work collaboratively with his wife in helping promote downtown Raeford. Furthermore, Kurt sits on both the Chamber of Commerce board and Trust Foundation trustee boards of his own chamber foundation.

Brad Calloway is the third generation owner of Raeford Hardware, initially purchased by his grandfather in 1973 and later taken over by his father in 2012. Since that time he has expanded the store three times to reach its current 10,000 square foot facility while still keeping with its hometown vibe. Born and raised in Hoke County he serves as an Elder at Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Business Expo

The Business Expo hosted by the chamber of commerce is an annual event that gives local businesses and organizations the chance to promote themselves directly to potential clients. Exhibitors represent various industries at this public event; those attending can sample food from restaurant vendors while meeting fellow business owners as well as attending seminars on marketing and social media topics. There will also be prizes awarded both participants and vendors!

The Business Expo and Job Search Expo are free events for business owners and job seekers to attend, providing an ideal venue to showcase your products or services in front of community leaders and attract potential new customers and build your network. Plus, whether it is looking for partners in business or new employment opportunities – attending these expos are great places to begin their search!

The event will include workshops and keynote speakers from local experts as well as an opportunity for business owners to pitch their company before a panel of judges; the winner of which will receive a prize worth $1,000.

Community Events

The Chamber hosts an array of community events and initiatives that connect Members with knowledge and resources for business growth. Through networking events, procurement or trade show opportunities or awards ceremonies, these opportunities provide members with an avenue to network among themselves while sharing their creativity and spirit with those within their local community.

Community members are welcome to participate in the Chamber’s Great Community Cleanup Day as part of its larger “Great Global Cleanup” initiative, which seeks to clear away billions of pieces of trash for a brighter future and cleaner planet. Store owners will receive brooms so they can sweep their front doors as part of this event; students are also welcome.

The Chamber also hosts an annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leadership Exchange program which brings together top diversity leaders to exchange ideas and formulate strategies that influence business practices to facilitate lasting change. Furthermore, annually celebrating members at its Chairman’s Gala raises vital funds for economic and workforce development within Borough.

Business Directory

Each year, the Chamber holds a Business Directory which features businesses and their contact details. Chamber members can pay a small fee to list their business in this directory; non-members may purchase space as well. It is distributed throughout the community and also available online.

Raeford is home to many manufacturing and wholesale businesses, as well as an expanding tourism industry aided by its closeness to several national parks. Many of these can be found within its downtown district.

Kurt Posey moved to Raeford from Florida eleven years ago and has become actively engaged with the community ever since. He currently holds memberships in Kiwanis Club, Fall Festival Board and Chamber of Commerce; furthermore he leads revitalization of downtown Raeford.

North Carolina Highway 401 runs through Harris Avenue and East Central Avenue of this town, leading east 22 miles (35 km) to Fayetteville and southwest 20 miles (32 km) to Laurinburg respectively. Rockfish Creek runs along its northeast edge while Toneys Creek flows south-bound through Toneys Park in its center.

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