What are the factors to become a good computer scientist?

Yếu tố trở thành một chuyên viên IT giỏi?

Today, companies often lack human resources skilled in IT. At the same time, I am responsible for IT support and I am required to carry out many important tasks, with a high salary. So, if you have the talent and love IT, you can try your hand at an entry-level IT role. Most of the careers of those in this profession have a bright future. Especially in a world that promotes technological racing like today.
HRchannels will present to you the essentials to become one Senior IT specialist from a “beginner’s” point of view. If you want to get your technology career path on the right track, follow our article now!

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1. Briefly describe the IT specialist position

As an IT specialist, your primary job is to research and help select hardware and software used in your field of activity, usually a business or enterprise. Once installed, you help your colleagues optimize their productivity with the technological applications necessary for their work. When a computer system or software has problems, IT managers will need to repair it, troubleshoot it, and provide advice and instructions on how to use it. The modern world is a world of computers, without which you will not work. Therefore, the job and role of an IT specialist is very necessary for the business.

2. Factors that help you become a good IT specialist

2.1. University degree

You can get a general IT support role without a college degree or just a limited-term certificate. However, to lead an IT professional, a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field is the most common requirement. Popular degree-granting departments for IT careers include Computer Science, Information Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Science majors from Polytechnic University, Hanoi National University, etc.

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A student will need to have a solid foundation in mathematics, English and information technology from high school. Through this, they can gain classroom knowledge about code structures, network data analysis, and programming languages ​​in a methodical manner. This is a solid “hinge” for practicing and learning more things later. Since experience is an important part of this profession, you need to gain practical experience in companies with professional IT systems to complete your internship.

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2.2. Start taking action from the beginning when you are new to IT

According to a survey of experience requirements of famous technology companies in Vietnam such as FPT Corporation, VinSmart and many professional software companies, working as an IT specialist usually requires at least 3 years of experience in this field. domain. They even require cybersecurity specialists to be 5 years old, which is the equivalent of hiring a technical support director. Therefore, as a fresher, it is difficult for you to apply.

Let’s start with small start-ups in the technology field with an entry-level IT specialist job. First, the startup environment is still a place of young people with exceptional talent and leadership, while they are willing to recruit people with no experience for you to try to train. Tech start-up project managers are often key, capable employees of national or global media technology companies. Learning from them will help you expand your knowledge and skills.

3. Additional Certifications for the Position

Although certification is not required to enter this profession, it can help demonstrate your skills and experience to employers. Additionally, employers often require IT professionals to have expertise in specific products. Prerequisites and certification requirements vary by institution. Major software companies offer courses leading to online certification or classroom placement. Getting certified for products from companies like Microsoft or Adobe helps increase your value to employers.

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4. Consider getting a master’s degree in computer science

A bachelor’s degree is perhaps the most common level of education required to become an IT professional, but some employers prefer to hire candidates who have earned a master’s degree in computer science or a related field. Additionally, a master’s degree can create many opportunities for career advancement or higher positions in the field.

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Scholars in master’s programs learn to build on the knowledge they have accumulated during their undergraduate studies and further explore computer science theory. You can take courses in computer graphics, algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer modeling, and computer vision to expand your career space.
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5. Great qualities that make a good IT specialist

Even if you have the college degree and technical training in computer hardware, software, and systems that an employer desires, candidate qualifications are still factors that should be evaluated for job prospects. That’s to say:

– Know how to troubleshoot computer settings and performance issues.-

– Listening and teamwork skills demonstrate compatibility with the organizational culture and the IT team.

– Strong talent for persuasion as you will represent the company during public technology presentations.

– Good memory to memorize equipment and system specifications and procedures.

– Excellent time management skills and ability to work under high pressure

– Have excellent listening and learning skills to be able to understand a problem explained by a person with no technical knowledge or vice versa, when it is the IT specialist who must explain it to them.

6. What is the salary of IT professionals in Vietnam?

The average salary of an IT specialist is 15,000,000 VND/month or more. This figure is about 5 times higher than the 3,000,000 VND salary of a state agency. However, new positions usually only have a minimum salary of 6,000,000 VND/month, excluding bonuses. IT professionals not only work in the company, but they also earn additional income by working as freelancers in IT support at home, adding at least 25% to the company’s salary.

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