What business do I have to do in the countryside with 500 million to get rich quick?

What business do I have to do in the countryside with 500 million to get rich quick?

In rural areas, capital 500 million is not a small number, sometimes it is a fortune for many people. However, having a capital of 500 million and doing nothing is really not advisable, this money must be properly invested to make a profit. So when you If you have 500 million, what trade should you make in the countryside?, getting rich effectively? You can refer to the business ideas in the countryside with a capital of 500 million through the article Digi Viet Share below!

catering company

Although opening a restaurant is no longer a weird business idea, it is a business model that can generate good income. With a capital of 500 million, if you want to get rich in the countryside, it is very reasonable to open a restaurant with a variety of dishes and enthusiastic service. Restaurants in the countryside also do not need to invest too much in the form of clean and delicious restaurants to attract customers.

When operating a restaurant, you need to pay attention to food safety as well as price. If the restaurant meets the other two criteria, then you don’t have to worry about losing, the restaurant will surely have a very stable number of customers. If we say that there are 500 million businesses in the countryside, this is an extremely promising model.

Culture associated with livestock

In rural areas, animal husbandry and agriculture are not new, but can still be developed higher with advances in science and technology today. If you want the model of agriculture and animal husbandry to develop, before you start to develop, you must carefully study the climate and the soil to decide what to cultivate and what to breed.

If we say that there are 500 million, we cannot ignore what needs to be done in the countryside, agriculture and livestock. This form brings high efficiency, the combination also helps animal husbandry and agriculture to achieve higher productivity. Also, with this form you should learn from the experience of people who have cultivated or planted crops in this polar zone, you will definitely receive the best advice.

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Open a motorcycle repair shop

In rural areas, these business ideas are very stable. Because now almost every family will have at least 1 motorbike to move, the need for repair in the countryside is also increasing. When customers get good service, they will definitely become your loyal customers.

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The fact that you open a motorcycle shop, the amount of capital you spend surely cannot reach 500 million. However, before that, you need to learn a skilled trade, have good skills, then in the countryside you will not worry about the lack of work to fix. Later, when you have a regular customer base, you can expand your business model, such as hiring more repairers, selling more motorcycle parts, etc.

Ideas for growing clean vegetables

Currently, the concept of leaving the street to return to the garden is not too strange, there are many young people who have decided to return to their hometown to develop. With the inherent potential of the countryside like the land and the climate, you can take advantage of it to develop a clean garden.

However, if this model of clean vegetables wants to be accepted by many customers, you must understand and follow the regulations on water sources, plants, fertilizers, etc. to have a standard vegetable garden. With such a vegetable garden, you can make high profits without worrying about production.

With 500 million capital, you can go to learn more knowledge, first open a small vegetable garden, later when you have experience and stable production, you can use the capital to develop further. With 500 million from any business in the countryside that is likely to be rich, don’t ignore this interesting idea.

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Invest in opening a playground with children

At present, rural areas have also developed, parents take care and take care of children not only physically but also spiritually. So with the idea of ​​building a playground for children in the countryside it is a good idea because there is a need in the locality but not everyone spends money to build such a playground.

If you choose this business model, with a capital of 500 million, you need to calculate the most reasonable. If you can answer the 500 million question, what business should you do in the countryside, you must also know the feasibility of this idea. First you need to choose a place with a large space, install various and convenient equipment for children to play.

Moreover, in these amusement parks, you can trade more foods and drinks that appeal to children and families. In addition, it is possible to sell more toys and necessary items for children. Combining such an exchange can help you get back your spent 500 million quickly. Above Digi Viet answered your question. If you have 500 million, what trade should you make in the countryside? as well as keep a few things in mind before deciding on this business model.

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