What do you need to learn to become a successful VJ?

Học gì để trở thành VJ thành công?

VJ is a “hot” profession in the digital age, high income, dynamic environment, frequent contact with famous people… so many young people are interested and want to know what to learn to become a VJ at success. The answer will be updated by the Uptalent strategist directly in this article.

1- Request to become a VJ

The recruitment criteria for the VJ position are to guide the learning content that candidates must cultivate:

1.1. General skills

Frequently appearing on camera and interacting directly with guests, VJs must have real confidence in their soft skills to deal well with any situation. The most important skills include:

  • Effective communication and messaging skills

  • Skills to work independently and flexibly in groups

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Skills to withstand high work pressure

  • Calm, confident and decisive skills…

1.2. Qualities

Attractive jobs

Qualities refer to problem-solving abilities that develop naturally, without having to try, make an effort, or work very hard to do so. These qualities can be fully trained when the skills are cultivated to a high level during the process of working as a VJ, so don’t worry if it’s not a natural talent you have.

1.2.1. Active and extroverted personality

The VJ is the one who creates the atmosphere for the show, so you are the one who must proactively interact, ask questions, and encourage enthusiasm while interacting with the guests at an appropriate pace. If you lack dynamism, confidence and courage, you will be carried away by the emotions of the guests.

1.2.2. Creative thinking

VJ will directly propose ideas, write scripts and coordinate video editing of the program. To create your own brand, creativity is essential because there are many music exchange programs these days. If you always like to create new things, this will be a huge advantage.

1.2.3. Your voice is nice

The VJ role will speak continuously, listeners, viewers and guests will receive the message through your words. This requires your voice to be full and clear, minimizing regional accents.

Required VJ Skills

1.2.4. Eager to learn

The world of music is constantly evolving. If a program is to be established in the long term, VJs must continually proactively update their knowledge and be sensitive to tapping into the hidden corners of artistic information to enrich themselves with ideas.

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1.3. Professional competence

In addition to musical knowledge and information about the world of music, understanding emotions and contemplations of life is considered an essential condition, because thanks to these elements the content of the VJ program will achieve success. High depth, easy to touch the audience’s emotions.

In addition, VJ candidates who want to easily apply to large organizations should equip themselves with:

  • Professional degrees focused on media and arts

  • Know how to effectively use popular video design and editing software

  • Improve your computer and foreign language skills

  • Take care of your appearance, maintain a balanced figure…

2- What do you need to learn to become a VJ?

Currently, there is no separate specialization when it comes to VJ training, so to become a professional VJ, here are the majors chosen by employers as standards for finding talent:

2.1. Press communication

Journalism is a small field in the media industry, learners are equipped with useful knowledge to quickly find, evaluate, verify and transmit information, without losing the “spice” of information, bringing the public a lot of useful data .

Training schools:

  • Academy of Journalism and Communication.

  • University of Social and Human Sciences

  • University of Hue

  • Hanoi Cultural University.

  • RMIT International University…

What do you need to learn to become a VJ

2.2. Multimedia Communications

Strong app support computer sciencedigital equipment in communication work is the strength of the multimedia communication sector.

In addition to knowledge of information gathering and transmission such as journalism, you will also learn graphic design, video creation and the use of video equipment, cameras, studio equipment…

Training schools:

  • Academy of Journalism and Communication

  • Technological Institute of Posts and Telecommunications

  • University of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • City University of Technology. HCM-HUTECH.

  • FPT University

  • RMIT University…

2.3. Practical communication

Also known as Public Relations and Communications RP. This position regularly interacts with the press at events, seminars, etc. Assumes the role of bridge between companies and partners in communication plans or strategies.

Thus, a practicing communications staff will help companies know how to cooperate and communicate most effectively with each partner.

Training schools:

  • Academy of Journalism and Propaganda.

  • Municipal University of Management and Technology. HCM (UMT)

  • University of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • National University of Economics

  • Municipal University of Foreign Languages ​​​​and Information Technologies. HCM.

  • Van Hien University…

The element of becoming a VJ

2.4. Visual arts

This area of ​​study helps students broaden their horizons, practice concentration and confidently express their own thoughts and opinions about what they see (this can be a painting, a film, a story of social events. ..). Through this, learners can easily express opinions based on personal values, without being attracted by old and outdated thoughts, thus creating new evaluation ideas for society.

Training facilities:

In addition to the main majors, a good VJ must also equip themselves with knowledge and practical skills in other stages of program production such as:

3- A successful VJ must bring together all the elements

3.1. Professional and social knowledge

Certainly, because this knowledge will help the program script created by the VJ to have both depth and freshness. Knowledge does not only come from school, but is accumulated mainly from life experiences and thoughts accumulated over time.

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3.2. Active and passionate about learning

The number of VJ candidates is increasing, so although the recruitment demand is high, the level of competition is also very high. To be able to work intensively and stay true to the craft, even if you have become an official VJ, you still need to study hard to improve yourself and constantly create your work. Because VJ, like other art industries, is evolving very quickly, always demanding new and interesting things to appear all the time.

3.3. Sensitive to information about the world of music

Music products, from lyrical to vibrant, national and international artist information, all need to be updated quickly. This will help VJs to quickly respond to “hot” content, satisfy the public’s taste for information, create many programs with good, new, attractive, error-free, and not boring content.

3.4. Wide connections in the world of entertainment

Inviting a guest to participate in the program is not easy, partly because his schedule is very busy, partly because he has to think very carefully about the image value that the program brings. Therefore, in addition to investing in program quality, VJs who maintain good relationships with artists will easily diversify their content and attract a large audience among the guests’ fans.

Difficulties of the VJ job

3.5. Appropriate appearance

It is not necessary to be as good looking as a model, but as a VJ who often has to film, taking care of your appearance (costume, makeup, body shape…) will be an important factor in helping to increase the visual attraction, build loyalty. the audience.

4- Difficulties of the VJ profession

VJ has a job in the entertainment industry, with high competition at work. The benefits and advantages are therefore there, but there are also many difficulties to face.

4.1. Secret Content Ideas

The human brain works continuously and sometimes gets tired, and working as a content creator like a VJ will sometimes run out of ideas. To overcome this problem, VJ organizations or individuals often have a team of idea creators to support them.

4.2. High labor intensity

A VJ show lasts a maximum of 1h30 but recording time can take the whole day. Not forgetting that before that, you have to come up with ideas, finalize the plan, then adjust and edit the video with the team to finish the broadcast video. The work intensity is high, but VJs must always transmit positive and radiant energy every time they go on air.

4.3. Pressure on personal brand

Good programs will praise the team, but bad programs or mistakes will be blamed on the VJ. The pressure on branding is enormous, requiring VJs not only to be creative, but also to be brave in responding to audience comments and suggestions.

5- Some famous faces of VJ

Success in the VJ profession in Vietnam certainly includes the following names:

  • VJ Thuy Minh: Take a sip, A story every week,…

  • VJ Quynh Chi: MTV Vietnam, The Remix,…

  • VJ Tung Leo: Yan Around – A series of experiences,…

  • VJ Quoc Bao: Saturday Radio, Le Ciel gave birth to a couple,…

Competition in the VJ profession is getting higher and higher, so it is not possible to enter and succeed in the profession based on talent or appearance alone. To be advantageous, candidates must definitely study and continually improve their knowledge. What you need to learn to become a successful VJ, Master Uptalent has fully shared in the article, the choice is yours and your own efforts. I wish you all the best in your professional journey!

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