What do you need to learn to join the F&B industry?

Học gì để gia nhập vào ngành F&B?

High recruitment demand, great advancement opportunities and good income are factors that attract a large number of workers to join the F&B industry. To improve the competitiveness of job applications, it is essential to have specialized knowledge in F&B. What do you need to study to work in the F&B industry? The answer will be in the article Ms. Uptalent is summarized below.

1- Recruitment requirements for the F&B industry

The main objective of study and knowledge development is to meet the standards set by F&B trade organizations. Therefore, if we want to effectively guide learning, we must pay attention to recruitment requirements:

1.1. Professional knowledge and skills

Every aspect of working in the F&B industry will involve a large amount of different knowledge and skills. Given the current reality of competition for candidates, employers have more conditions to choose talented people. Candidates well trained in schools specializing in catering will therefore be given priority. By making such a choice, employers also save many training resources.

1.2. Practical work experience

Management positions such as director, head of department, head of department, head chef… all require a high level of experience from the candidate, because F and B companies not only recruit good staff, but also want good staff. things they have accumulated at their previous workplaces.

1.3. Good health, abundant positive energy

The F&B industry is a culinary service industry, combining entertainment, relaxation and direct service to people. People have very diverse needs and choose different service experiences. Consequently, staff in the food industry will have to work rotating shifts, or even work many overtime hours during the peak season. Health is therefore always a fundamental factor to effectively support work.

1.4. Professional and neat work attitude

The pace of work will be very fast, but that does not mean it has to be general or superficial.

  • First of all, it is the spirit, even if people working in the F&B industry are tired or frustrated, when facing customers, they should still smile and communicate attentively.

  • Next comes a well-groomed appearance, neat and clean clothing so that diners feel relaxed and safe while enjoying a meal.

  • Competent and professional service, operations and advice must all be standard and agile.

1.5. Effective team spirit

Attractive jobs

Each element of the system has its own task, but all work together smoothly to provide customers with the best experience. Getting along with colleagues and interacting and cooperating with everyone in the organization is a high requirement during recruitment.

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F&B Recruitment

2- Field of Study for F&B Staff Training

In the list of recruitment diplomas and certificates to which F and B companies pay particular attention, the following specializations stand out:

2.1. Long-term training program

These are specialized restaurant training programs that last 2 to 4 years, providing general knowledge in many aspects of the job and a valuable bachelor’s degree for job-seeking candidates. The range of jobs applied for will be wider, with better opportunities for advancement:

  • Management of tourism and travel services

  • Hotel management

  • Cruise management

  • Event management

  • Event Management and Entertainment Services

  • Restaurant and food service management

  • Logistics Supply Chain Management

  • Food Processing Science

  • Nutritional and culinary sciences

2.2. Short-term training program

If you do not have much financial resources or time to pursue long-term programs, or if you want to change sectors, you should choose short-term training programs of 6 months to 1 year, focused on one aspect sure about F&B work. The advantage of this form of training is its short duration and in-depth knowledge content for each position.

2.2.1. Stove Parts

Catering training program

2.2.2. Preparation Department

  • Main Bar Operations / Special Bartenders / General Bartenders

  • Profession of Bartender / Professional Barista

  • Course on making Italian ice cream/preparing milk tea…

2.2.3. Bakery Department

  • Professional Pastry Chef

  • International Bakery Professional

  • Cake business

  • Vietnamese Cake Making Class / Japanese Cakes / Taiwanese Cakes…

2.2.4. Department of Administration

  • Restaurant – Hotel Management Operations

  • Professional receptionist

  • General Director of Restaurant – Hotel

  • Start a hotel business…

Catering training school​​​​​​​

3- Specialized F&B training school

Below is a list of specialized F and B training schools that are very popular with students and recruiting companies:

3.1. Long-term training school

The admission mix is ​​very diverse, based on high school transcripts and final exam results.

  • Block A: A00, A01, A07

  • Block B: B00

  • Block C: C00, C01, C03, C04

  • Block D: D01, D03, D09, D07, D14, D15, D72, D78, D96

The northern region

  • Dai Nam University

  • Hanoi Capital University

  • Hanoi Cultural University

  • Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Hanoi University of Industry

  • Hanoi Open University

  • University of Hanoi

  • University of Commerce

  • National University of Economics

  • Foreign Trade University

  • Forestry University

  • University of Natural Resources and Environment

  • University of Water Resources

  • Chengdu University

  • Hanoi Tourism College

  • College of Tourism and Industry and Commerce

  • College of Economics – Technical Commerce

  • Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism

  • Hanoi Polytechnic College of Technology

  • Hanoi Industrial Vocational College

Central region

  • Da Nang University of Economics

  • Duy Tan University

  • Da Nang University of Architecture

  • Da Nang East Asian University

  • FPT University

  • Da Nang Tourism College

  • College of Food and Foodstuffs

  • College of Commerce

  • University economics plan

  • Da Nang Vocational College

  • Vocational College Vietnam Australia

  • Pégase International College

  • Da Nang Oriental College

  • Hoa Sen College

  • Da Nang Dai Viet College

Catering training​​​​​​​

Southern region

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics

  • University of Social and Human Sciences

  • Financial university marketing

  • Ho Chi Minh City Industrial University

  • Ho Chi Minh City Cultural University

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages ​​and Information Technology

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance

  • Ton Duc Thang University

  • Hong Bang International University

  • Van Hien University

  • Van Lang University

  • Hoa Sen University

  • Hung Vuong University, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Saigon International University

  • FPT University of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics

  • Saigon Tourism College

  • Saigon College of Culture, Arts and Tourism

  • Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics and Technology

  • Columbia College

  • Saigontourist Tourism & Intermediate Hospitality

  • Viet Giao Middle School

  • Ho Chi Minh City Middle School of Economics and Tourism

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3.2. Short-term training school

Admission requirements are based on student transcripts and/or high school graduation exam or high school graduation exam scores.

The northern region

  • Hanoi Tourism College

  • College of Economics – Technical Commerce

  • Hoa Sua Middle School of Tourism Economics

  • Hanoi Tourism Middle School

  • Thang Long Middle School

  • Pegasus International College (Hanoi PH)

  • CHM International Academy

Central region

  • Da Nang Tourism College

  • Da Nang Vocational College

  • Pégase International College

  • Da Nang Oriental College

  • Vocational training school for European and Vietnamese tourism

Southern region

  • Asian – European vocational school

  • Mid-level tourism and hotel tourism in Saigon

  • Intermediate level of tourism economy in Ho Chi Minh City

  • City General Middle School. HCM

  • Ho Chi Minh City Middle School of Economics and Tourism…

F&B Industry Trends​​​​​​​

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4- F&B sector trends

Thanks to the development of online technology, small and medium-sized catering and catering businesses are increasingly flourishing, accompanied by the following notable trends:

4.1. Target customers served

Young customers enjoying significantly improved economic conditions will be the key customers of the F&B sector. Thus, in the need to recruit human resources for positions that communicate regularly with customers such as service, reception, bartender, etc., young candidates will have an advantage.

4.2. Choose a clean and safe kitchen

The search for cheap catering companies will be replaced by prioritizing the choice of clean and safe food and drink sources, even organically-based products. The role of the team which cultivates the raw materials, researches the products, the food preservation techniques, prepares the dishes, prepares the drinks… is increasingly emphasized both in professional skills and in professional ethics .

4.3. The need to enjoy fast food

Takeaway restaurants with quickly prepared meals will be the first choice in today’s hustle and bustle of life. Therefore, F&B business and management training programs not only guide the processing recipes and how to coordinate human resources, but also focus on deepening the techniques to organize rapid and standard operational processes, combining the technological features of professional F&B business management software.

4.4. Attract foreign investors

World-famous restaurant brands have entered the Vietnamese market, paving the way for many good jobs, high salaries and opportunities to work and settle abroad. This reality shows that specialized F&B training, whether short or long, must focus on learning foreign languages, particularly English.

Those who enjoy and intend to expand into the catering field in Vietnam in the future should possess an appropriate professional diploma or certificate, both to improve their chances of being admitted and to be able to easily resume their work quickly. What do you need to learn to work in the F&B industry, Ms. Uptalent shared in detail, the rest is an objective assessment of your own strengths, interests and choices. Good luck!

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