What do you need to study to become a construction engineer?

Học gì làm kỹ sư xây dựng?

The mechanical engineering sector is currently attracting the attention of many young people due to its great employment potential and good income.

However, succeeding in this industry is not easy. You will need to have a clear study plan and career direction if you want to pursue a long-term career. Another important thing is what you need to learn to become a construction engineer? Where to study?

1- What block do civil engineers study?

Understanding which field of construction engineering takes the exam is very useful for those preparing to enroll in universities and colleges. The reason is that it will help you study, revise for exams with the right concentration and achieve the best results in the entrance exam.

In accordance with regulations, the construction engineering sector currently considers admission based on exam results for the following subject combinations (also known as exam blocks):

– A00 includes mathematics, physics and chemistry.

– A01 includes mathematics, physics and English subjects.

– D07 includes the subjects mathematics, chemistry and English.

Attractive jobs

– D29 includes mathematics, physics and French.

– D01 includes mathematics, literature and English subjects.

– D07 includes the subjects mathematics, chemistry and English.

– B00 includes the subjects mathematics, chemistry and biology.

– C01 includes mathematics, literature and physics.

– C02 includes the subjects of literature, mathematics and chemistry.

– A16 includes mathematics, natural sciences and literature.

You can use the list of exam blocks above to choose the subject combination that is your strong point and make a suitable study plan to achieve the best grade in the exam.

Engineers build any block

2- What school do construction engineers attend?

In our country there are many schools that train construction engineers. Below is a list of some reputable schools offering training in this field that Uptalent believes you should refer to when considering choosing a school:

In the north

There are schools such as:

– Hanoi University of Construction.

– Hanoi University of Architecture.

– Hanoi University of Transportation.

– University of Water Resources.

– Academy of Logistics.

– Vietnam Maritime University.

In the Central region

There are schools such as:

– Vinh University.

– Central University of Construction.

– Danang Polytechnic University.

– Duy Tan University.

In the south

There are schools such as:

– University transportation.

– Open University of Ho Chi Minh City.

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

– Ngo Quyen University.

Because there are many schools that train construction engineering and each school’s credentials and training programs are very different, you need to think carefully about choosing a quality learning environment that is right for you.

To choose the right school, you should consider your own abilities, interests, career orientation and economic conditions to ensure optimal learning efficiency.

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The reason why Uptalent recommends that you choose a school carefully is that it has a great impact on the quality of your production as well as your future employment opportunities. You should not rush or be so careless that you make the wrong choice and have to start again.

Construction engineering training school

3- Software necessary for construction engineers

Today, construction engineers receive significant support through modern design software. There is software that almost every engineer must master to be able to solve tasks as efficiently as possible.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you can use the necessary software in the construction industry. This will help you create drawings much more accurate and faster than drawing on paper.

Below, Uptalent lists some software that you should learn to use if you want to become a good construction engineer:

3.1- SketchUp

Sketchup software allows you to create the most intuitive and realistic drawings. This way, architects can quickly recognize unreasonable points in your design and make adjustments.

Typically, Sketchup is used to create 3D designs for architectural drawings, interior design, landscape, civil engineering and even mechanical engineering.

With various features, modern integration tools and rich 3D libraries, this software is definitely a great assistant to help you create and deploy ideas quickly.

3.2- AutoCAD (Automatic Computer Aided Design)

AutoCAD is probably no stranger to those who love the construction industry. It is a design software developed by Autodesk.

With AutoCAD you can create 2D and 3D designs very quickly. At the same time, it also allows you to build on initial concepts and ideas and bring them to life in the form of specific, detailed drawings with very high technical precision.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate software version. Specifically:

– If you only draw in 2D, you can choose AutoCAD LT.

– If you need to draw in both 2D and 3D, you should choose AutoCAD Full.

Construction engineer software

3.3- Autodesk BIM 360

The outstanding advantage of Autodesk BIM 360 is that it has the ability to accelerate progress and quickly assign work to projects.

This software allows construction engineers to connect to different departments and use a unified data source while work is being executed. Thanks to this, the work always runs smoothly and stably and minimizes the risks that may arise due to information congestion or lack of connection between services.

3.4- Revit

Revit is software specifically designed to carry out the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. It allows civil engineers and architects to bring their ideas to life by combining cohesive models available in the app store.

By using Revit, you can improve the consistency and accuracy of design documents. Additionally, this software also provides you with intelligent object-based presentation tools, with each object coming with specific settings.

3.5- Rhinoceros 3D

The goal of 3D Rhino software is to create models using free-form NURBS surfaces. It often comes bundled with other auxiliary tools such as Flamingo (Raytrace rendering tool), Penguin (hand-drawn rendering tool), and Bongo (visualization tool).

Currently, 3D Rhino is widely used in art design, jewelry, ship and automobile models, CAD/CAM, graphic design, rapid prototyping, restoration, and multimedia audio-visual product creation. .

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V-Ray software is often used to export images of design drawings. It’s like a plugin extension tool for 3D design software.

With very precise and meticulous algorithms such as Global illumination, V-Ray can help you create lighting effects as close as possible to reality in the following aspects:

– Path tracing (path of light).

– Photon mapping (photon mapping).

– Irradiance map (light radiation map).

V-Ray lets you render quickly and accurately. It doesn’t have too high configuration requirements and can export presentation drawings to most devices. Another advantage of V-Ray is that it has a more compact capacity than many other design software.

4- The difference between construction engineers and architects

Construction engineers and architects are actually two completely different positions. However, many people often confuse them and only industry professionals can distinguish them.

In fact, it is not too difficult to distinguish these two positions. According to Uptalent, you just have to remember that the architect is the one who comes up with the ideas and drawings to design the project beautifully, in accordance with the layout and the investor’s requirements, while the construction engineer will do the calculation. the bearing capacity of the foundation, the dynamic load and the static load.

Simply put, the architect will be responsible for the ideas, plans and aesthetics of the projects. Meanwhile, construction engineers are responsible for bringing these ideas and drawings to life.

Prospects for the profession of construction engineer

5- Construction Engineer Career Prospects

5.1- Employment opportunities

What to study to get a job after graduation is always something that interests people when choosing a major or career.

With the Construction Engineering major, after completing the program, you will have the opportunity to access many diverse positions. Moreover, the recruitment demand of this industry is also very high. This ensures that you will quickly find a job after graduation.

Below are some popular construction engineering positions you can pursue after graduation:

– Supervising engineer in the field of supervision, evaluation and acceptance of projects.

– Quality management engineer for projects, installations, etc.

– Design consultancy.

– Design and planning staff.

– Construction audit specialist.

– Specialist in the preparation of tender documents.

– Expert in evaluation of call for tender documents.

– Teacher specializing in construction engineering.

– Open your own business.

5.2- Attractive income level

As Uptalent points out, the salary for construction engineers is currently quite good. For those who have just graduated and don’t have much experience, the salary will be around 5-7 million/month. If you have the opportunity to work in large companies, in charge of many important jobs, the salary will be 10-15 million/month.

If you are fluent in foreign languages ​​and have a certain number of years of professional experience, the opportunity to apply for foreign companies will be within your reach. At that time, the salary you receive can be between 15-20 million/month.

In general, salaries in the construction sector are quite good compared to the general average. Each person’s actual salary will vary due to factors such as professional qualifications, years of experience, location of work, type of company, etc.

Hopefully the information in this article by Ms. Uptalent has helped you answer the question “What do you need to learn to become a construction engineer?” At the same time, you can also apply what Uptalent shares to choose the right school and gain more confidence to pursue this job. Good luck!

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