What do you need to study to become a fashion designer?

Học gì để làm ngành thiết kế thời trang?

Are you passionate about fashion design? Don’t know what to learn to become a fashion designer? The following article by Ms. Uptalent will therefore help readers answer these questions. Please follow!

2.1- Fashion design training school in the North
2.2- Fashion design training school in the Central region
2.3- Fashion design training school in the South

3- Fashion design course
4- Self-learning fashion design effectively at home

4.1- Determine the objectives
4.2- Search for suitable learning materials
4.3- Acquire the skills needed for the fashion design industry
4.4- Participate in online fashion design courses
4.5- Practice skills regularly
4.6- Looking for opportunities to work as a fashion designer
4.7- Practice soft skills
4.8- Building a personal brand

1- Fashion design competition block

To study fashion design in colleges and universities, you can enroll in the following blocks:

Block V, including:

– V00 (Maths, Physics, Art Drawing).

– V01 (Maths, Literature, Art Drawing).

– V02 (Artistic drawing, Maths, English).

– V03 (Art Drawing, Maths, Chemistry).

– V08 (Maths, Russian, Artistic drawing).

Attractive jobs

– V09 (Mathematics, Japanese, Artistic drawing).

– V10 (Maths, French, Artistic drawing).

– V11 (Mathematics, Chinese, Artistic drawing).

Block H includes:

– H00 (Literature, Human figure drawing, Decorative color drawing).

– H01 (Maths, Literature, Drawing).

– H02 (Maths, Art drawing, Decorative color drawing).

– H03 (Maths, Natural Sciences, Drawing, strong).

– H04 (Maths, English, Drawing, strong).

– H05 (Literature, Social Sciences, Drawing skills and assets).

– H06 (Literature, English, Art Drawing).

– H07 (Maths, Graphics, Decoration).

– H08 (Literature, History, Art Drawing).

Block D, including:

– D01 (Maths, Literature, English).

– D09 (Maths, History, English).

– D14 (Literature, History, English).

Block A, including:

– A00 (Maths, Physics, Chemistry).

– A01 (Maths, Physics, English).

From the above exam combinations, it is clear that fashion designing is a suitable field for both those who are gifted for nature and for society. Therefore, you can be completely assured when you choose to join this industry.

What subject should I study to study fashion design?

2- Fashion design training school

In Vietnam, there are currently many universities throughout the country offering specialized training. design industry fashion. Below, Uptalent will list a list of schools offering this major in all three regions for your reference.

2.1- Fashion design training school in the North

There are schools:

– Hanoi University of Industry.

– Hanoi University of Architecture.

– Hanoi University of Textile and Clothing Industry.

– College of Industrial Arts.

– Central University of Art Education.

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– Hanoi Open University.

– Kinh Bac University.

– Hoa Binh University.

2.2- Fashion design training school in the Central region

There are schools:

– University of Arts – University of Hue.

– Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

– Duy Tan Private University.

2.3- Fashion design training school in the South

There are schools:

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education.

– Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City.

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

– Hoa Sen University.

– Van Lang Private University.

– Hong Bang International University.

– Ton Duc Thang University.

In addition to the universities above, you can also study fashion design at colleges or vocational training centers across the country.

To choose a suitable learning environment, you should consider your own learning conditions as well as your personal abilities and interests. Only then can you complete the learning process without leaving it halfway.

The school specializes in fashion design

3- Fashion design course

Each university and fashion design training institution often offers different teaching methods and programs. However, all training programs aim to meet the real needs and requirements of employers.

Most programs will include core general subjects and in-depth theory so you can design, create a finished product and sell it.

Below are some popular subjects you will learn while studying fashion:

– Basic knowledge of the industry.

– Basic color theory.

– Realistic drawing.

– History of fashion.

– Materials science.

– Structural engineering.

– Graphics.

– Fashion graphics.

– Principles of fashion design.

– Design project.

– Present fashion ideas.

– Draw fashion on the computer.

– Design accessories and decorate mannequins.

– Fashion pattern design.

– Branding and advertising design.

– Digital fashion creation.

– Organization of events, simulations, photography, fashion shows.

– Create a portfolio.

– Fashion company.

What subjects do you study in fashion design?

4- Self-learning fashion design effectively at home

There are many different ways to learn fashion design. Self-learning is one of the methods that many people prefer due to its initiative, flexibility in terms of time and finances.

However, learning fashion design on your own is not easy. You will need plans, goals, great determination and perseverance to succeed.

If you’re considering self-studying fashion design, some of Uptalent’s suggestions below will be helpful:

4.1- Determine the objectives

Setting clear goals before you start self-studying in fashion will help you be clear about what to do and how to do it. At the same time, you can also rely on determined goals to make detailed plans and easily achieve optimal efficiency in the learning process.

4.2- Search for suitable learning materials

The resources to help you self-study fashion design are quite rich. You can learn through books, newspapers, magazines, blogs or channels that teach fashion design.

These learning resources can be free or paid. You should choose quality, free or low-cost study materials to ensure your learning effectiveness and affordability.

Along with books, you should read books on clothing and fashion sketching to accumulate a solid basic knowledge about the industry.

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At the same time, fashion blogs or magazines will be valuable sources of information to help you understand trends and fluctuations in the fashion market. Regularly monitoring these sources will give you insight into the industry, market, and customer tastes.

Apart from reading fashion books, magazines and blogs, you should also follow online channels that specialize in sharing useful experiences and knowledge in the fashion design industry. You can find these channels via the Youtube platform. Choose reliable channels and learn from their experiences.

Self-taught fashion design at home

4.3- Acquire the skills needed for the fashion design industry

To become a fashion designer, one must first master drawing skills. The point here is that you don’t need to be good at drawing, but you do need to be able to use your drawing skills to sketch out ideas and design your collection.

You can find fashion design drawing classes online and just learn the basics.

Some courses that should interest you are:

– Learn basic sketches.

– Learn to stroke and block.

– Learn to create depth.

– Learn to draw patterns.

In addition to drawing skills, you should also practice other skills such as sewing, embroidery, pattern making, and using popular graphics software.

4.4- Participate in online fashion design courses

Fashion design courses will provide you with the most important knowledge for your career. At the same time, you will also acquire many useful skills for your career and will be able to choose the right career direction for yourself.

You can find many cost-effective fashion designing programs from basic to advanced level through online course platforms such as Edumall, Unica,…

Fashion design course

4.5- Practice skills regularly

Self-studying fashion design requires you to be proactive and make efforts to study and practice regularly. You should spend a lot of time practicing your drawing skills, coming up with design ideas, creating samples, trying on products, designing accessories to match the outfit, etc.

No matter how much you plan and how precisely oriented you are, without practice everything will always just be theory on paper. Practice allows you to master skills and gain a deeper understanding of the fashion design industry.

4.6- Looking for opportunities to work as a fashion designer

You should seek work and internship opportunities in companies and units specializing in the production and design of costumes and fashion accessories to practice your skills and accumulate valuable practical experience.

4.7- Practice soft skills

Soft skills such as good communication, time management, work organization, thinking skills, patience, etc. are success factors for people working in the field of fashion design.

Therefore, you should ensure that you practice these things from the beginning to become proficient and be able to apply them effectively in the process of self-learning and working.

4.8- Building a personal brand

A successful fashion designer must have his own characteristics and style. Therefore, you should start building your personal brand professionally to gradually create a certain position in the industry.

You can start by blogging or creating pages and groups to share your fashion knowledge. Create an online presence to attract attention. It also helps you access attractive job opportunities.

Hopefully, the information that Ms. Uptalent just shared about exam levels, subjects, training schools and tips for successful self-study of fashion design in the article will be useful to those who love this industry .

In addition to answering the question of what to study to become a fashion designer, you can also rely on what Uptalent shares to guide you and develop the best study plan for yourself. Good luck!

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