What does it take to become a senior executive?

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Continuing the series of topics on , in this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers discover what it takes to become a senior executive. Please follow!

1- Advantages of becoming a senior executive
2- Difficulties encountered by senior management
3- What does it take to become a senior executive?
4- Courses for senior executives

Recruitment of senior executives

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1- Advantages of becoming a senior executive

Senior managers are those who hold top management authority in the company. Their responsibility is to make decisions and manage the growing business.

When you become a senior executive, you will enjoy certain benefits, such as:

1.1- Have greater decision-making power

If it’s like home middle managers can only make decisions within a certain framework, senior management is not like that.

As a senior manager, you can make your own decisions on many different issues. You no longer need to ask for opinions from others, you no longer need to wait for approval from your superiors, and you no longer need to adjust the way you want to do your job.

In other words, as a senior manager, you will have greater decision-making power and will be able to take control of your decisions without being overly influenced by others.

1.2- Better control everything

As the higher management authority, senior managers also have the ability to effectively control the ongoing activities in the company.

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In the event of problems or incidents or errors, senior managers can easily determine what happened, when and how it happened.

In addition, senior managers also have more advantages in finding out the cause of the incident and proposing the best measures to resolve the problem.

1.3- Have an attractive income

Top executives are often the founders of the company. Otherwise, they are also experienced experts and have extensive expertise in a certain field and are invited by business owners to take on the role of managing and operating their business.

Therefore, the income level of senior executives is still a very admirable figure. Additionally, in cases where senior executives are also owners of a business, they will also receive any profits generated by the business.

1.4- Have an extensive and very high quality relational network

Another important benefit of becoming a senior executive is that you will meet and work with senior executives and experts from various industries.

This is a good opportunity for you to gain more useful knowledge from them. At the same time, connecting with many people also gives you the opportunity to expand and grow your business even more in the future.

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Become a senior executive
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2- Difficulties encountered by senior management

Apart from the benefits you can enjoy by becoming an executive, you also have to face many different challenges. Typical difficulties include:

2.1- Communication difficulty

Communication is considered a necessary skill for senior managers and is also a challenge for this position.

Reality shows that no one has exceptional communication ability without going through a process of active learning and practice.

If they can communicate well, senior managers can speak effectively with people and can also express their own thoughts and opinions better. Besides, communication skill also helps them understand their personal ego and makes them better able to influence the crowd.

However, most senior managers struggle to communicate and connect with their employees or teams. Therefore, they need to find ways to improve their communication skills to effectively convey and lead employees.

2.2- Great work pressure

The responsibilities of senior management are truly enormous. They must undertake many different tasks such as determining direction, objectives, development strategies, managing human resources and resolving problems that arise. Therefore, experiencing pressure is inevitable.

To relieve pressure at work, managers must find suitable solutions such as chatting with others, reading books, listening to music, playing sports, meditating, etc.

2.3- Difficulty motivating and inspiring employees to work

Keeping staff engaged and motivated is the responsibility of every senior manager. However, this is a very difficult thing to do.

To overcome this difficulty, senior managers should strive to create a good working environment so that employees can develop their abilities. At the same time, managers must also ensure that they develop appropriate reward and welfare policies to constantly motivate and encourage employees to work hard.

The element of becoming a senior executive

2.4- Conflict management and conflicts

Conflicts and conflicts within employees can always arise during work. If not managed properly, these conflicts will lead to the collapse of employee solidarity, the impact of corporate culture and the decline of operational productivity.

Therefore, senior managers must be competent and really serious in handling internal conflicts and conflicts. When conflicts arise, we must be careful to recognize the problem and resolve it quickly and satisfactorily.

2.5- Employee development

The responsibility of top management is not only to supervise and manage employees, but it must also create opportunities for employees to develop their talents, progress in their careers and achieve certain successes in their hunting field.

However, this poses a significant challenge for senior managers. To be able to nurture good employees and help them develop greatly, managers must also be very good.

2.6- Difficulties in staff training

The company’s staff today is very diverse in terms of generation, personality and work style. Senior managers must therefore always have different ways of approaching them, working with them and training them in order to reduce the gap between young employees and others.

3- What does it take to become a senior executive?

Senior managers often start their careers from low-level positions and gradually progress through their careers.

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If you want to become a senior executive, do your best to meet the following requirements:

3.1- Skills

Mastery of many skills is a key factor for success in senior leadership roles. Therefore, the first requirement for senior managers is to master the following important skills:

+ Leadership Skills: This is a skill that helps senior managers operate and manage businesses effectively and achieve optimal operational productivity.

+ Communication skills: Senior managers must work with many different departments, individuals and parties. Therefore, effective communication is the key to helping them manage and maintain relationships.

+ Decision-making skills: Making decisions on all operational matters of the company is an important responsibility of senior managers. Therefore, practicing fast and accurate decision-making skills is something that senior managers should strive for every day.

+ Skills to improvise and manage situations: Unexpected situations will always arise during business operations. In this era, senior managers must be able to manage and improvise with speed and flexibility to ensure business success.

+ Technological skills: Monitoring work performance with management software is increasingly used in companies. Therefore, top management must understand technology so that businesses can always keep up with modern trends.

What does it take to become a senior executive?

3.2- Qualities

A talented senior manager must possess qualities such as:

– Ability to observe, analyze and synthesize.

– Logical and creative thinking.

– Sharp and intelligent.

– High emotional index.

– Have courage and determination.

– Resist pressure.

3.3- Other requirements

In addition to the skills and qualities requirements, you must also meet other requirements to become a senior manager. These are the following requirements:

– Has appropriate qualifications.

– Have professional knowledge and knowledge in many other areas.

– In-depth understanding of business and corporate governance.

– Ability to quickly adapt to environmental changes.

– Have good experience in management and leadership.

– Have extensive experience and the necessary skills in the profession.

– Have good health.

Senior Management Course

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4- Courses for senior executives

Not everyone immediately meets all the criteria to become a senior manager. In fact, everyone needs to put in a lot of practice effort to be able to take on the role of a senior manager in a company.

If becoming a senior executive is your goal, the following courses will be very useful to you:

+ Executive training courses

This is a course organized by VHRS Joint Stock Company, short for Vietnam Human Resource Solutions.

This course helps consolidate knowledge, skills, management methods, improve leadership ability and strategic thinking ability of those who are senior managers or are on the verge of reaching senior management.

+ Executive Leadership Skills Course

This course is organized by SmartSkills to develop leadership ability, management skills, professional work ability, etc. for senior executives.

+ Training program for senior managers

This is a training program organized by the Business Research Institute of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

This program is very suitable for CEOs, directors, general managers of companies and those who are on the verge of becoming senior executives or intend to start a business.

+ Training in entrepreneurship and senior management

This course is organized by the Vietnam-Japan Institute for Human Resources Development (VJCC Institute) of the University of Foreign Trade.

The course content aims to cultivate outstanding entrepreneurs capable of mastering industries in Vietnam.

So, Ms. Uptalent has just shared with you the benefits and challenges faced by senior executives and helped you answer the question “what does it take to become a senior executive?” “. I hope this article will be useful to you. Good luck!

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