What does it take to open a snack bar, how much capital?

What does it take to open a snack bar, how much capital?

The current snack business model is no longer new or unfamiliar to all of us. However, when asked about related questions such as opening a snack bar, what is needed, how much capital, etc., not everyone can determine exactly. If you haven’t found the answers to the questions above, let’s find out right away with Digi Viet How much capital do you need to open a snack bar? through the article below.

How much capital do you need to open a snack bar?

When you start intending to trade a product or service, the first thing you need to identify and prepare is capital. To open a snack, the amount of capital you need to prepare will be ranging from 32 to 82 million dongdepending on its size or size.

In more detail, this capital will be spent on the following items when you open a snack bar:

  • The cost of renting a space for snacking varies from 3 to 25 million VND/month. Prices vary depending on the size and location of the rental. However, in this case, if you have the premises as a private house, you will save this cost.
  • Cost of purchasing raw materials for processing snacks: 3 to 5 million VND.
  • The cost of buying all kinds of equipment, kitchen utensils and decorations: 4 to 6 million VND.
  • The cost of hiring staff to work in the restaurant: 10 to 30 million VND.
  • Expenses for product promotion and marketing: VND 2-6 million.
  • Other expenses incurred in the process of opening a snack bar, such as electricity, water, fuel used to process food, etc. : about 10 million VND.
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What does it take to open a snack bar?

Apart from the question of how much capital does it take to open a snack bar, most people who are new to this business model will wonder what it takes to open a snack bar? To run a successful and profitable snacking business, you can refer to some of the following experiences:

Define the target customer group

The first requirement when starting a snack business is to determine exactly who are the customers you are targeting, who are you serving? Identifying specific customer groups early on will help guide many other factors later.

Here are some tips that can help you define your primary audience:

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  • What is the profession of this subject? Will your main customers be students, students or office workers?
  • What is the age range of your target audience?

Choose a reasonable place to open a snack

Choosing a commercial location, opening a suitable snack bar will help you attract more customers. To open a snack bar, you don’t need to find top notch or fancy premises. At the same time, do not open shops in hidden places in small, hard-to-find alleys.

Based on the audience identified above, you can examine and determine the location of your snack bar business. For example, if the audience is students or students, you can choose to open a shop in places near the school. Or if your target audience is office workers, you should open a store in densely populated areas with many offices, businesses, etc.

Make an attractive snack menu in terms of quality and price

What does it take to open a snack bar? It is certainly essential to have an attractive menu with varied dishes, delicious quality and affordable prices. At the same time, the eye-catching menu design is also a factor you need to pay attention to.

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When creating a menu, consider which dishes to add. The obvious thing everyone knows is to favor trade in popular dishes and limit the quantity or even forgo items with little or no one to order. However, in order to know which menu items are selling well, you need time to observe and learn carefully during the trading process.

Pay attention to the beautiful decoration of the shop

A snack bar with a spacious and airy and nicely decorated space will surely interest more customers and give them more attention. When decorating the store, you don’t have to rely on luxurious style or elaborate decoration. Instead, all you need to do is keep the decor simple while keeping guests clean and comfortable.

In addition, you should also pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection, especially the dining table and chairs and the floor to give the best impression to customers.

Staff attitude and customer service

No matter how good your snacks are, most customers won’t return if the staff has a poor service attitude. Therefore, when recruiting employees, you must ensure that they will be people with a good attitude, friendly, agile and above all, respectful of customers.

With the above information, Digi Viet has provided you with the answer to your question How much capital do you need to open a snack bar? and open a snack bar need what. Hopefully from here you can plan and prepare well for your next snack business model!

For any other questions about effective business models, brand promotion, etc., don’t forget to contact Digi Viet directly for advice and to share the most useful information!

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