What is a CSR referent? Role and work of CSR staff

Nhân viên CSR là gì? Vai trò và công việc của nhân viên CSR

Companies today attach great importance to customer service and social work activities as they have a great impact on their growth, development as well as their competitiveness in the market.

As a result, the role of CSR becomes much more important. So, what is a CSR employee? What are their roles and professions? Readers, please educate yourself with the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is a CSR employee?
2- The role of CSR employees

2.1- Maintain relationships with former clients
2.2- Attract new potential customers
2.3- Improve competitive performance
2.4- Increase income

3- The work of CSR employees
4- Skills and qualities required of a professional CSR collaborator

4.1- Professional competence
4.2- Know how to develop and expand customer sources
4.3- Good in customer service
4.4- General skills
4.5- Ethical qualities

1- What is a CSR employee?

Before learning what a CSR employee is, let’s take a look at the concept of CSR.

CSR stands for Customer Service Representative, which means “Customer Service Representative”. Additionally, this term is also understood as customer service advisor or customer service employee.

Some people often confuse this term with corporate social responsibility. Although both aim to promote business development by creating and growing brands, their nature is completely different.

By answering what is CSR, you can understand that a CSR employee is someone who will interact and work with customers to guide and provide information about products and services, process orders and other services.

In other words, these are the people in charge of customer service. Their primary function is to respond to complaints and questions as well as support and guide customers on the company’s products and services.

In a modern economy, the role of CSR is extremely important. They are one of the key factors that help companies promote, grow their brands, improve their competitiveness, attract investments and create a healthy culture.

Attractive jobs

Their contributions not only bring great value to businesses and society, but also to workers. Therefore, becoming a professional CSR employee is the goal of many young people who are dynamic, capable and enthusiastic about creating and contributing to business and society.

CSR staff

2- The role of CSR employees

CSR employees play a very important role in maintaining and developing a company’s customer network. At the same time, they are also a key factor that helps businesses create competitive advantages in the market and increase revenue.

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Details of the main roles of a customer service employee are as follows:

2.1- Maintain relationships with former clients

Maintaining a stable customer base is very important for all businesses. This saves them more time and money than finding new customers.

Therefore, CSR will need to apply knowledge and professional customer service to retain customers as well as promote and guide their purchasing habits and behaviors.

2.2- Attract new potential customers

Customer service staff will need to make efforts to promote and introduce company promotions and incentives to attract more potential customers.

At the same time, they must also create opportunities for users to experience the company’s products and services in order to attract and attract the attention of customers.

The above actions have a great effect in attracting potential customers. From there, companies can continually expand their business and increase their market share.

2.3- Improve competitive performance

Every year, the number of growing companies in each field tends to increase. This makes the market extremely fierce and extremely competitive.

Therefore, companies need a professional CSR department to take care of, support, maintain and develop potential customer files. If you do it right, your business will not only maintain customer loyalty but also be able to attract new ones.

What is CSR?

2.4- Increase income

Not only do they take on the role of customer service, but CSRs also have the ability to motivate them to continue using the company’s products.

This is considered extremely important as it helps businesses maintain a stable source of income and can further increase them in the future.

From the above roles, we can clearly see the importance of customer service personnel for the long-term sustainable development of a business. At the same time, it also encourages companies to use the CSR service effectively and find truly talented CSRs.

3- The work of CSR employees

Customer service personnel are considered an important bridge between consumers and businesses. They will be expected to undertake tasks directly related to customers and constantly maintain and expand the company’s source of potential customers.

Here are the main tasks that a CSR must generally perform:

– Receive customer complaints and feedback, find causes, propose appropriate solutions, implement repairs, overcome problems and provide close supervision of the resolution process to bring maximum customer satisfaction.

– Research and evaluate the needs and tastes of customers in order to be able to provide them with the most suitable products and solutions and so that they always feel satisfied.

– Interact and communicate regularly with different customers. This is very useful for creating and maintaining strong relationships with potential customers.

– Actively attract and approach new customers, build a list of potential customers and constantly increase the scale and quality of customers for the company.

– Store customer information systematically and professionally. This will bring great benefits in the process of managing or adjusting customer information.

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– Quickly propose solutions to problems encountered by customers and monitor the implementation process to ensure that problem resolution efficiency is always optimal.

– Announce promotions, product information, transaction content, etc. to customers in an accurate, complete and valid manner.

– Use the right metrics in the sales process and interact and communicate professionally with them to bring them the best experience.

– Collect and analyze customer information and prepare associated reports according to business management requirements.

– Achieve personal objectives and KPIs to bring optimal efficiency to all of the company’s commercial activities.

CSR role

4- Skills and qualities required of a professional CSR collaborator

Customer service work requires CSR to meet certain criteria. Specifically:

4.1- Professional competence

In-depth knowledge of the company’s customer service, business, domain and industry is very important for this position.

With knowledge and rich professional ability, you will solve tasks easily, accurately and with much higher efficiency.

4.2- Know how to develop and expand customer sources

This is a very important skill for a good CSR employee. By mastering it, you can advise and guide customers to use your company’s products most effectively. At the same time, it is also more convenient for you to reach and expand your business’s customer base.

It can be seen that customer development skills are an important factor that helps CSR employees maintain relationships with existing customers, attract new customers, and achieve assigned goals and plans in the best possible way.

4.3- Good in customer service

Customer service is a mission and also an important role of CSR. This means that you must regularly provide customers with information relating to products and services.

Additionally, customer service skills are also expressed in how you receive, analyze and resolve problems encountered by customers while using the company’s products and services.

Skills of CSR employees

4.4- General skills

Customer service staff should have many different soft skills such as:

– Communicate fluently.

– Planning and reporting.

– Time management and work management skills.

– Able to work independently and work well in a group.

– Mastery of the office.

– Information gathering and market research skills.

– Knows how to listen, good at persuading and negotiating.

– Good in foreign languages.

4.5- Ethical qualities

In addition to technical skills and soft skills, ethical qualities are also a very important requirement for the CSR position.

Normally, employers will require candidates to possess ethical qualities such as:

– Great sense of responsibility.

– Can withstand work pressure.

– A careful, meticulous and organized person.

– Pay attention to detail and precision in every smallest job.

– Honesty, patience.

– Always be polite.

– The work style is fast and precise.

– Patience and high discipline.

– Likes to learn.

– Dare to face difficulties and challenges.

Hopefully Ms. Uptalent’s sharing above has helped you better understand what a CSR employee is and their job and role in modern businesses. At the same time, you also master the important standards of a professional CSR and will receive more advantages in applying and developing your career in this position. Good luck!

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