What is a warehouse supervisor? All information on logistics tracking

Warehouse supervisor là gì? Tất tần tật thông tin về Giám sát kho vận

The warehouse supervisor position is increasingly in demand in companies that produce and distribute products on a large scale in many areas. High recruitment demand, good rights and benefits, as well as great development opportunities in the global logistics development trend. So what are you waiting for? Let’s join Ms. Uptalent immediately discovers what Warehouse Supervisor is? How can you best prepare for the position of Warehouse Supervisor?

3.1. Professional qualifications
3.2. Professional experience
3.3. Skills, qualities, personal conditions

4. Income for Warehouse Supervisor
5. Top Interview Questions for Warehouse Supervisor Position

5.1. Work management ability
5.2. Human resources management capacity

1. Definition of Warehouse Supervisor

The warehouse supervisor – roughly translated as warehouse supervisor – is the person responsible for checking and supervising the activities of the warehouse department, directly participating in inventory and storage according to technical standards, space-saving layout and security. Manage and import and export goods and raw materials. materials in accordance with company-specific procedures and regulations. Generally speaking, the safety, stability and quality of goods related to logistics will be the responsibility of the Warehouse Supervisor.

The extent of supervision of each warehouse supervisor will depend on the scale of the logistics system or the nature of the logistics use:

  • If the size of the private warehouse is large or the service company specializes in warehouse rental, it will appoint several supervisors, each person in charge of an item to avoid mistakes, for example, the person in charge of warehousing, the person in charge of exporting the warehouse.

  • If the scale is medium and serves the internal business, a single warehouse supervisor is usually appointed to coordinate, manage and supervise the entire warehouse system.

Definition of Warehouse Supervisor

2. List of tasks that the warehouse supervisor must undertake

2.1. Manage the quality of stored goods

For goods and raw materials approved for storage, the warehouse supervisor must arrange them in the appropriate area, arrange specific storage conditions according to the nature of the goods, and be inventoried and checked daily for quality .

2.2. Staff coordination

The training plan and distribution of tasks for each employee of the logistics department or service will be evaluated and approved by the warehouse supervisor. The annual KPI evaluation process will also be carried out by the warehouse supervisor, as they are the ones who closely monitor the progress of the employee’s work.

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2.3. Strictly control the quantity of goods

Attractive jobs

Inventory import and export must match both the documents and the warehouse management system. Any anomalies that arise will be investigated, reported or explained to superiors by the warehouse supervisor.

2.4. Establish a merchandise coordination schedule

Goods transportation plans based on production requirements will be sent to each concerned service/department of the warehouse. The warehouse supervisor will be the one who analyzes and adjusts the transportation process and coordinates the import and export of goods. The warehouse has the right to offer additional orders. or release inventory if necessary.

2.5. Training and orientation of logistics activities

Work safety principles, warehouse operating procedures, procedures for importing and exporting goods, how to use goods preservation systems (cold room, forklifts, scaffolding…) … all will be directly trained, guided and explained by the warehouse supervisor to the warehouse staff. .

2.6. Propose improvements to logistics operations processes

Continually research and propose solutions to improve the quality of logistics activities, guaranteeing the best response to production activities in numerous force majeure situations.

2.7. Maintenance of machines and equipment

Coordinate with technical department to establish monthly/quarterly/annual maintenance plan for storage facilities, ensuring machines are always ready to perform well when needed.

Warehouse Supervisor Duties

2.8. Control logistics costs

Costs related to fuel, electricity and water, overtime… are easy to overestimate. Logistics supervisors should regularly monitor and adjust when there are signs of exceeding the authorized budget. If the cause arises from production activities, the warehouse supervisor has the right to report to the head of the logistics department to propose an increase in the operating budget.

3. Recruitment Standards for Warehouse Supervisor Position

To best meet the Warehouse Supervisor recruitment requirements, candidates should accumulate the following standards as much as possible:

3.1. Professional qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in business administration, foreign trade, logistics or related field

Warehouse Management Certificate

Forklift operating certificate

Car driving license

3.2. Professional experience

1 to 2 years of work as a logistics supervisor or equivalent title

2 to 5 years of continuous work in the logistics department of a manufacturing company in the same sector

Experience in training and creation of training programs for human resources in logistics

Understanding of logistics management software in the supply chain

Understand storage standards for raw materials and production goods for specific industries

3.3. Skills, qualities, personal conditions

In-depth warehouse management data analysis skills

Thinking and problem-solving skills

Effective skills for teamwork

Good time management skills

Sensitive and flexible communication skills

High pressure resistance

May work overtime regularly or work nights

Can go on a business trip to the provinces for several days…

Recruitment for the position of Warehouse Supervisor

4. Income for Warehouse Supervisor

According to statistics from online recruitment site Careerbuilder.vn, the average income of a warehouse supervisor is around 16.2 million VND/month, the lowest is over 13 million VND/month, the higher can reach 50 million VND/month.

Candidates who have never held a warehouse supervisor position but have experience in the field of logistics or in directly managing a small team in the logistics system of a manufacturing company, when the interview, the salary will be agreed between the two parties. :

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5. Top Interview Questions for Warehouse Supervisor Position

Below are the must-have questions for every warehouse supervisor interview:

5.1. Work management ability

5.1.1. How can you ensure that the workflow and operational efficiency of your logistics department is always efficient?

There is no need to think too macro, just show the employer that you are capable of doing well as soon as a problem arises by highlighting:

  • Ability to plan, organize tasks and assign tasks

  • Set clear goals in each action plan

  • Share examples that meet the criteria: continuous monitoring, rapid resolution, and lessons learned for subsequent process improvement.

Warehouse Supervisor Salary

5.1.2. What is the most difficult situation you have ever encountered in managing teamwork? How do you solve it?

Team management is a multidimensional job, so the story you share should involve both people and expertise, and the content should also show:

  • Consistent and timely action through good monitoring capacity

  • Problem-solving skills with a calm and proactive attitude

  • Collaborate with the team, don’t think alone, decide for yourself then force the group to follow.

  • The results obtained must be good, if they exceed expectations they will be even more impressive.

5.1.3. How do you ensure logistics security processes and standards are met?

First of all, you need to confirm your commitment to safety standards in logistics management. You must first comply with it to set an example for others. Next comes experience in applying measures to encourage employees to comply:

  • Spread the dangerous consequences of failing to comply with safety standards

  • Conduct periodic logistics safety inspections and training

  • Penalties if necessary…

5.2. Human resources management capacity

5.2.1. Have you ever resolved a conflict between two employees of the logistics team? What is the cause, how to deal with it?

The obvious situation is a “task assignment conflict” and you would do the following:

  • Listen to both to understand each other’s point of view and desires.

  • Encourage both parties to find ways to compromise through communication (with you always present to intervene if necessary)

  • Use the entire team’s common goals and each person’s advantages based on the team’s accomplishments to convince each party to drop a step.

Warehouse Supervisor Interview Questions

5.2.2. If reality deviates from the plan and forces you to urgently reorganize personnel and tasks, what will you do?

When planning, always consider a backup plan and agree with the team to deploy this emergency backup plan so that everyone can prepare mentally. But if a situation arises that goes beyond all plans, you must:

  • Calmly assess the situation, divide into urgent and non-urgent groups

  • Hold urgent meetings, allocate resources, focus on solving urgent problems first

  • Always present with the team to support and quickly answer all adjustment questions…

5.2.3. How to create a positive work environment for your logistics team?

In the spirit of the Warehouse Supervisor must be a strong spiritual and professional support for the team:

  • Discuss openly with employees, both at work and in daily life

  • Discuss and receive positive feedback and take the opportunity to apply it as recognition

  • Fully record achievements and challenges to find solutions with employees

  • Create opportunities to improve expertise and develop promotion opportunities for employees…

The warehouse supervisor is the person responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of the logistics department of a manufacturing company or a product distribution company. This position is a prerequisite to become Warehouse manager good luck Head of Logistics Departmenttherefore the content Ms. Uptalent shares a focus on the process of training personal capabilities and meeting recruitment requirements, which is very useful for all long-term development directions in the field of logistics management.

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