What is ACCA certification? Certificate required for chief accountant

Chứng chỉ ACCA là gì? Chứng chỉ cần thiết cho Kế toán trưởng

For those pursuing a career in the accounting and auditing industry, having professional certificates is essential. In this article, Ms. Uptalent will introduce readers to the ACCA certificate, one of the certificates trusted by employers around the world. Next, let’s find out the certificate, shall we?

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1- What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Created in 1904, the ACCA is a prestigious organization, recognized worldwide. Currently, ACCA has over 503,000 members and 208,000 members in over 180 countries. In Vietnam, ACCA was established in 2002 and to date has more than 1,300 members and more than 7,000 members currently studying.

The ACCA certificate issued by the ACCA Association is considered one of the important certificates for those practicing the profession of Accounting – Auditing – Finance. The ACCA program is designed with 13 subjects that fully cover the elements of commerce, accounting and finance, providing you with highly specialized knowledge and skills. Additionally, by studying ACCA, you will also be trained in professionalism and work ethics.

When you learn about ACCA, you will see that having this certificate is a matter of pride. Because you will be recognized by local associations and agencies, and welcomed by employers around the world. Currently, ACCA members hold leadership positions such as CEO, CFO, Senior Financial Analyst and specialist in managing global businesses and corporations.

What is ACCA?

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2- What is the reason why you should have an ACCA certificate?

If you are still wondering whether or not you should study for the ACCA certificate, consider the benefits of studying for the ACCA certificate below to make the best decision.

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First, career opportunities are wide open

The ACCA certification was developed based on opinion surveys of experts in finance, accounting and international employers. This is why ACCA is trusted by employers around the world. This means that having an ACCA certificate will provide you with open career opportunities anywhere in the world.

Second, advancement opportunities are high

Nowadays, having knowledge of finance and accounting is almost mandatory for management positions. Meanwhile, ACCA is proof that you have professional knowledge in economics, finance and accounting. On the other hand, employers also trust ACCA. Therefore, if you want to ensure career advancement opportunities, you need to obtain the ACCA certificate as soon as possible.

Third, help you connect with financial experts around the world

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As you know, ACCA members are present in more than 180 countries around the world. So when you become a member of ACCA, you become part of this global network. You will join global experts to share knowledge, update information and improve your professional capabilities.

Fourth, improve professional knowledge

Every year, ACCA Association organizes seminars and knowledge updating programs for its members. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to enhance your expertise, meet and connect with leading experts in the accounting and finance industry across the world.

Fifth, there is the possibility of moving on to other certifications

Having an ACCA certificate will give you the ability to easily convert to other certifications such as CPA (Certified Public Accountants) or CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).

The CPA is known as the recognition of auditor capacity. Possession of this certificate will give you the right to carry out audits and audit reports in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, thanks to the cooperation between the ACCA Association and the American Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), you can simultaneously possess two important certificates, ACCA and CIA, with just one ACCA – CIA exam. Challenge exam for ACCA members. ACCA and CIA certificates are famous and widely recognized certificates in the world.

Owning ACCA brings you many advantages

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Sixth, the possibility of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and a master’s degree in finance from the University of London.

Oxford Brookes University and the University of London are two leading British universities. When you have an ACCA certificate, you will have the opportunity to progress to a bachelor’s degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes and a master’s degree in finance from the University of London.

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From the above benefits, you surely understand the reason why you should have an ACCA certificate, right? Next, let’s see where to study ACCA.

3- Where to study ACCA?

Currently, there are two ways to study ACCA. The first is to study at the center. Second, self-study.

3.1. Study ACCA at the center

The benefit of studying ACCA at the center is that you will gain more valuable work experience. Usually, the teaching staff of renowned ACCA training centers have extensive professional experience. Therefore, studying at the center will help you absorb knowledge more easily. In addition, you will also gain hands-on experience with instructors, have the opportunity to network with other students and establish close relationships with instructors.

To study ACCA at the center, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money. Normally, each subject will number around 3-8 million.

3.2. ACCA self-study

The advantage of ACCA self-study is that you will have flexibility in choosing time and topics. At the same time, you also save a lot of money. You can self-study ACCA in 2 ways: online and offline.

Study ACCA offline: You will need to equip yourself with the following books: manual (Textbook), workbook (Kit), summary document (Passcard) and specialized English dictionary to study ACCA yourself. Additionally, you can also study in groups to achieve greater efficiency.

Study ACCA online: The development of the Internet has opened up countless favorable conditions for you to study ACCA online. You can self-study ACCA on websites like Opentuition, Free ACCA Study Material and ACCA Global. Additionally, you can also join ACCA self-study groups on Facebook to exchange knowledge with others.

Each person will have their own way of learning. Therefore, you need to think carefully and choose the most suitable learning method for yourself.

Some reference places to study ACCA
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4- Do I need to study ACCA to become a chief accountant?

If based on the standards and requirements for becoming a chief accountant in the Accounting Act, you are not necessarily required to study ACCA to become a chief accountant. However, due to the practicalities and benefits that ACCA certification brings, such as good income, ample job opportunities, and promotion opportunities, you should study ACCA soon.

ACCA is considered a professional certification in the field of accounting and auditing. Therefore, studying ACCA will provide you with a lot of important professional knowledge.

Through this article, Uptalent hopes that readers can understand what ACCA is. At the same time, you also understand why you should have an ACCA certificate. I hope you have a clear direction for your career path and are making the right choice about whether or not to study for the ACCA certificate. And don’t forget to follow Uptalent for more interesting articles.

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