What is ambition? Distinguishing ambition and desire

Tham vọng là gì? Phân biệt tham vọng và khát vọng

Everyone must have the ambition to constantly strive for success in their work and life. So, what is ambition? Is it still good? How to maintain ambition in a positive way? Readers, let’s find out these things through the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is ambition?

Ambition represents a person’s desire to achieve certain goals by any means in life and work.

When broken down, we will see that ambition consists of two main parts. First, it’s someone’s wish. Second, the determination to do it regardless of difficulties, challenges or possible failures.

Although ambition is about achieving goals, it is not about a certain achievement. Essentially, what ambitious people aim for is to stand out from others. In other words, they want to be different from the rest of the crowd.

The process of forming ambition is quite complicated. It is made up of many different factors such as parental expectations, fear of failure, competitiveness, jealousy, sibling rivalry, anger, desire for revenge, etc. and what drives a person’s instincts.

From the Eastern perspective, ambition has a rather negative meaning. It is often used to express unrealistic desires or dreams. On the contrary, in Western culture it has a positive meaning when it can motivate people to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

What is ambition?

2- Distinguish ambition and desire

Ambition and aspiration are both used to express a person’s desire to achieve something. However, the meanings of these two terms are completely different.

If ambition shows a person’s determination to achieve a goal, aspiration shows a strong desire to do something.

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Furthermore, ambition tends to be long-term. That is, you will continue to work on new goals after achieving a certain goal. Meanwhile, aspirations have specific objectives for each subject and are quite simple.

3- Why do you need to have ambition?

Ambition can have a negative side. But we need it to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Here are some reasons why ambition is important:

3.1- Create motivation

Ambition creates a powerful driving force that helps you constantly move forward and put in more effort to achieve optimal results in what you do.

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When you have ambition, you will feel like something is constantly pushing you to take action. Then you will conquer one goal after another to achieve what you desire.

3.2- Motivate yourself to live in a more thoughtful and meaningful way

Ambitious people will always take action and aim for a better future. They also set specific goals and do what is necessary to achieve them.

At the same time, it also helps you become stronger in the face of work and life challenges. Thanks to it, you will have a clear purpose in life and live a meaningful life.

3.3- Helps you focus on what you need to do

Human concentration is limited and not always as expected. However, with the ambition to achieve something, you will be able to focus strongly on what you want to achieve. In other words, you have a specific reason to strive for success.

Why do we need ambition?

3.4- Helps you understand your own wishes

Ambition can help you create impressive breakthroughs in your career and personal life. It tells you what to do and helps you plan how to do it most efficiently.

4- Expression of an ambitious person

A person’s ambition will manifest itself through their behavior, words and habits. To know if someone is ambitious or not, you can rely on the following signs:

4.1- Desire to make a difference

Ambitious people always want to make a difference in their community and in their personal lives. They are always looking for ways to “renew” themselves and find inspiration to continue doing what they set out to do.

4.2- Desire to become more excellent in a specific area

When you love a certain area or master a certain skill, you will tend to become an expert in that area.

The process of becoming an expert requires you to put effort into studying, practicing your skills, and improving your knowledge.

4.3- Perseverance

Ambitious people often don’t give up easily. They are willing to trade time and effort to master a new skill or achieve a certain goal.

4.4- Have passion and vision

The obvious manifestation of ambitious people is that they are truly passionate about something. They talk about it often and love it more than anything.

In addition, they also have a broad vision and a clear awareness of what they want to achieve. Thanks to this, they will know what to do to gradually achieve their goals.

Ambitious person

4.5- Have precise plans and objectives

Ambitious people always have specific plans and goals in everything. This helps them to keep taking action until they get what they want. They also dare to face difficulties and failures to succeed.

4.6- Always be open and ready to learn new things

Ambitious people often do not rush to make decisions or judgments without understanding the root of the problem. At the same time, they are also very open and willing to learn from those around them.

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In particular, if they encounter failure, they can always accept it and learn valuable lessons from it.

4.7- Always solve problems creatively

An ambitious person always finds a way to solve problems creatively. When they encounter difficulties or obstacles, they will not be affected by negative thoughts but will be more determined and focused on their work to deal with them thoroughly.

4.8- Accept risks and failures

Risk and failure are things you can’t completely avoid. For ambitious people, it will help them have more strength and abundant energy.

It is their confidence and boldness in accepting risks and failures that allows them to overcome everything to succeed.

4.9- Confident and voluntary

Strong will and self-confidence are very impressive things in ambitious people. Thanks to them, they dare to face risks and failures and focus even more on the objectives they wish to achieve.

The downside of ambition

5- The downside of ambition

Ambition can create strong motivation to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, but it also has many negative impacts on your own psychology.

For example, if your ambitions are not really healthy or too far from reality, you can easily fall into a state of depression. In some cases, you are not really doing your best and this has negative consequences for your rights and interests.

If your ambition exceeds your abilities, you will easily encounter failure and be caught in a cycle of punishment for the violations you have committed. You will feel like there are so many things you can’t achieve. In the long run, you will often be dissatisfied and disappointed in yourself.

To prevent ambition from having a negative impact on your life, you must learn to be grateful and always appreciate what you have. Most importantly, don’t let this cause you undue fear or anxiety.

Having ambition is a good thing. This can help you overcome fear to succeed. However, it can also lead to suffering and despair.

Therefore, you must understand yourself, know what you want and set clear, precise and realistic goals. Then your new ambition will not overwhelm you. Remember that even if you don’t succeed, having ambition will make your life better than many people’s.

6- How to become a person with positive ambition

To prevent your ambition from becoming too negative, you can apply some of the following tips from Uptalent:

– Search for groups that are like-minded as you. When you connect with like-minded people, you will receive valuable shares and lessons. At the same time, these people also create a positive impact on your ambitions.

– Always organize and manage your time effectively. Always be on time and don’t let others wait for you. This is a fundamental manifestation of a person who knows how to use his time rationally.

– Mistakes and failures are difficult to avoid on the path to success. Therefore, learn to accept it and learn from it to improve your abilities and become firmer in life.

– You can be proud of what you have accomplished. But along with this, you also need to know how to admit and take responsibility for the mistakes you have made.

In short, ambition has both positive and negative aspects. To succeed and maintain good health in life, you will need to know how to be a positive and ambitious person.

I hope what Ms. Uptalent just shared helped you fully understand what ambition is and gain more useful information. At the same time, you can also use them to maintain positive ambitions for yourself. Good luck!

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