What is an English interpreter? Advantages and disadvantages of the job

Phiên dịch viên tiếng Anh là gì? Lợi ích và khó khăn của nghề

Although English translation is quite a popular profession, but not everyone understands this profession well. Let’s find out with Ms. Uptalent what an English interpreter is and the advantages and difficulties of an English interpreter through the article below. I hope that after this article you will better understand this very interesting profession.

2.1- High income
2.2- Discover new knowledge
2.3- Being respected
2.4- Meet and work with famous and talented people
2.5- Excellent job opportunity

3- Difficulties working as an English interpreter
4- Overcome difficulties for the position of English interpreter

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1- What is an English interpreter?

english interpreter is the person who performs speech, conversation, speech conversion from English to Vietnamese and vice versa. Translation by interpreters usually occurs between at least two parties in order to provide information directly and in a timely manner to the parties.

During a session, an English interpreter will need to listen to what the speaker has to say and then use their own language skills to translate that content into another language accurately and fluently.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the interpretation sessions, the interpreters must carefully study the themes, subjects as well as the contents that will be exchanged during the event to prepare the necessary documents and have communication and interpretation guidelines. appropriate.

2- Advantages of an English interpreter

The job of English interpreter is currently one of the most attractive jobs because of the benefits it brings. These include the following benefits:

2.1- High income

An English interpreter is considered a profession with a very attractive salary. Usually, an interpreter’s salary will be calculated based on the time, the nature of the translation, and many other factors.

Currently, English interpreters can earn an average income of around 200-400 USD/hour when interpreting at seminars and conferences. Thus, good performers can earn tens of millions per month.

Interesting professions

Apart from interpreting work, interpreters can also benefit from translation contracts to earn additional income. However, they only do this if they have the time and can guarantee the quality of the translation.

2.2- Discover new knowledge

The treasure of human knowledge is extremely vast. But not everyone has the opportunity to learn and explore the sources of knowledge in the world. The cause is the language difference. It can be said that language is the main obstacle that prevents individuals from accessing knowledge and other cultures.

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Meanwhile, working as an English interpreter gives you the opportunity to travel the world. With each trip you will be exposed to new cultures and new people of this country.

Being fluent in English helps you constantly discover new streams of knowledge about the countries that use this language. Thus, you will learn a lot of useful things and increase your knowledge.

2.3- Being respected

English interpreters are the bridge between individuals, groups and countries using different languages. Thanks to their foreign language skills and their ability to express themselves, interpreters can help people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to communicate easily.

During interviews or business dialogues, the role of an English interpreter is always very important. Effective translation has a great influence on the success or failure of cooperative relationships. The responsibilities of the interpreter are even heavier, especially during international interpreting sessions.

For the parties involved in the dialogue, the English interpreter is their spokesperson. This is why performers always receive people’s trust and respect.

2.4- Meet and work with famous and talented people

One of the very interesting aspects of being an English interpreter is that you will have the opportunity to meet many people of different professions, ranks and social statuses.

It can be the director of a company, a famous doctor, a singer, an actor, an international journalist or a head of state, etc. What these people have in common is that they are all famous and successful people in their field.

When you work and meet talented people, you will learn a lot from them. For example, their working style, their problem solving or perhaps their work and life principles and philosophies.

2.5- Excellent job opportunity

International integration is now a popular trend all over the world, including in Vietnam. This means that there are thousands and thousands of individuals and organizations willing to exchange and cooperate internationally.

The ever-increasing demand for English interpreters has opened up great job opportunities for those in this profession. Additionally, the jobs of English interpreters tend to be more diverse. You can work for foreign companies, participate in translations at conferences, events, high-level seminars using English.

Besides, you can also work in translation companies, notarial offices, publishing houses, governmental and non-governmental organizations operating in Vietnam.

3- Difficulties working as an English interpreter

Being an English interpreter has many advantages. However, like other professions, English translation work is not without challenges and difficulties.

3.1- Requires extensive language knowledge and skills

The profession of English interpreter requires transferring the content presented by the speaker from the original language to the target language in a short time. Basically, you will listen and perform the translation immediately.

You barely have time to look up words or think about sentences and grammar. Therefore, if you are not fluent in the language, it will be difficult for you to translate fluently and accurately.

In addition, each industry and each field always has its own characteristics and there are many words and terms that you may not know all of them. If you don’t take the time to learn and improve your knowledge, you will encounter many difficulties in the translation process.

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3.2- High discipline in the profession

In the profession of English interpreting, professional ethics are always a top priority. During each interpreting session, you are like a spokesperson, your job is to fully convey what the speaker is saying. You must be absolutely faithful to the original content.

In other words, you should not add, subtract, or arbitrarily interpret what the speaker has said. A misinterpretation can have serious consequences in diplomatic relations or commercial cooperation.

Discipline is therefore a prerequisite for the profession. If you are an interpreter, you must strictly comply with it.

3.3- Working pressure

When translating, you will need to focus on listening, memorizing, and then transmitting what you hear in another language. You have very little time to do the translation. This is why the pressure when working as an interpreter is always very high.

On the other hand, performers often have to travel to different locations. It also creates pressure for them when they face a busy work schedule.

4- Overcome difficulties for the position of English interpreter

The difficulties and challenges of the interpreting profession are difficult to avoid if you practice this profession. However, you can completely overcome these difficulties in the following ways:

4.1- Improve your English and general knowledge

To translate English well, you must be able to understand the problem in depth. It is preferable to acquire knowledge of English related to the field in which you work. This will make it easier for you to deliver content that needs to be translated.

On the other hand, equip yourself with the general knowledge necessary to be able to translate with precision and fluency in all situations.

4.2- Continuous learning

To succeed as an English interpreter, you must constantly learn new things every day. It can be vocabulary, grammatical structures or specialized knowledge. If you don’t work hard, the quality of your work will not be high and it will be difficult for you to establish yourself as a translator.

4.3- Practice listening and shorthand

During the translation process, you cannot ask the speaker to come back, but you must type in the information to be transmitted. Therefore, you need to practice listening well so that you can immediately understand what the speaker is saying and translate it when he finishes the sentence.

Sometimes the interpreter will have to translate a rather long passage. At this time, in addition to a good memory, one must have the ability to write down important ideas. Create your own method so that through a word or a sentence, you have expressed the meaning of a sentence or an entire paragraph.

4.4- Learn to organize work

You should learn how to organize scientific work to have more time to study and improve your foreign language skills. Take notes on new words, how to use them according to a certain rule, or you can create a notebook so you can easily refer to it when needed.

So, Ms. Uptalent has shared with the readers the necessary information to help you understand what an English interpreter is as well as the advantages and difficulties of an English interpreter. If you are really passionate about this job, try hard to become an excellent performer. Good luck!

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