What is an operations manager? Everything about the COO position

Giám đốc vận hành ( COO - Chief Operation Officer)

Director of Operations (COO – Chief Operation Officer) is a personnel who plays an important role in the coordination and operation of the entire company. To learn more about this HR management position, please refer to the article below from the HRchannels headhunting service.
By reading the article, you will understand the following information about the position of COO – Director of Operations.

1- Job description of operations director
2- Roles and responsibilities of a COO
3- How to become an operations manager
4- COO career prospects
5- Where to look for operations director candidates?

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1. Operations Director Job Description

First, let’s find out What is operations manager in English?? In English, the director of operations is Chief Operations Officer or Chief Operating Officer (COO). This is a senior management position in a company. Their primary job is to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, reporting to the sales manager who is usually the CEO. The COO is considered the second person in control within the company, after the president and CEO.

COO jobs tend to be determined based on each company’s operations and are often linked to the CEO. The selection of COOs depends on the style and needs of the president or CEO. Therefore, the roles of these senior managers will meet personal expectations as well as higher directives.

Currently, many modern companies rarely have COO staff. In many large companies, the CEO will take on more roles and responsibilities or the role of traditional COOs will be taken on by other senior executives.

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Who is the operations manager?

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2. Roles and Responsibilities of a Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Normally, director of coo operations will take on many roles within the company. However, some basic functions that COOs often perform are:

– Implement instructions and directives from the CEO and the board of directors. Implement resource management to effectively secure objectives and create maximum value for business stakeholders.

Attractive jobs

– Develop and assign strategies and tasks to subordinate staff. Implement training plans and adjust staff according to company objectives in cooperation with the Human Resources Director.

– Plan the implementation of business operations progress based on priorities based on the needs of the organization, customers and employees.

– Maintain and supervise staff in operations, developing motivation to meet organizational requirements.

– Ensure that all commercial activities of the company are always efficient. Resource management and distribution of goods and services ensure compliance with business requirements and customer needs.

3. How to become an operations manager?

Qualification/Experience Requirements

– Applicants must meet the minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Business Administration or other related field.

– Ensure a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of commercial operations management.

– Candidates Director of Recruitment Operations Must have at least 5 years of experience in a management position in a company of similar size.

Requires the skills of the operations manager

– Have basic skills in financial planning, financial analysis and supervision of human resources, legal, IT staff, etc.

– Have good skills in organizational development orientation, human resource management, resource development implementation and general strategic planning for business development.

– Have good soft skills, including: Communication skills, behavioral skills and building good relationships with staff, customers and partners.

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– Have effective leadership and team management skills, be flexible and multi-tasking in managing and managing situations. Monitor business operations across the deputy director of operations.

– Ensure all personal qualities of prestige, reliability and long-term commitment to the company.

4. Career prospects for a COO?

For COOs with big ambitions for career growth in the future, this is a job that will help you advance in your job easily. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn, but you also have the ability to influence and leave your mark on business strategy. Candidates’ potential to develop their careers is a big attraction for this human resources position.

According to data, up to 40% of director of operations and strategy currently sees himself in the role of CEO or CEO in the future. Many operations managers can move into business leadership positions within the next five years of their careers.

However, not all COOs will rise to the CEO position. However, it is an important stepping stone to help you learn and acquire the qualities and skills necessary for future career development.

If you want to find a well-paying job, this is an extremely ideal position for your business. Candidates also receive a decent salary and learn additional leadership skills for future career advancement.

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5. Where to look for operations manager candidates?

Normally, for high-level positions such as marketing director, brand manager, production manager,… it is often difficult for companies to find suitable candidates. This makes the recruitment process for positions often long and consumes a lot of human and material resources.

Currently, to recruit high-level personnel, companies often tend to choose reputable Vietnamese headhunting companies. These companies have a large team of headhunters with extremely potential candidates. So these are the recruitment channels that you can absolutely use to find the staff best suited to your needs.

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