What is ASM? Regional Sales Manager Job Description

ASM là gì? Bảng mô tả công việc dành cho Quản lý bán hàng khu vực

Regarding management positions in the sales sector, in addition to the position of sales manager, there is currently another position of great interest, that of ASM. All the information about ASM from definition, role to nature of the job will be provided by Ms. Uptalent fully updates the readers right in this article.

2.1. Manage sales activities
2.2. Orientation of the business plan
2.3. Sales staff training
2.4. Assign the right people to the right position
2.5. Connecting collective solidarity

3. Explore detailed job descriptions for ASM
4. How is ASM different from TSM?
5. List of ASM Interview Questions You Should Not Miss

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1. Overview of the ASM position

ASM (abbreviation for Area Sales Manager) – roughly translated as Area Sales Manager – is the person responsible for managing, coordinating and operating all sales activities of the company in a particular region or locality .

With his experience, skills and in-depth professional capacity, ASM will represent the company’s management to directly execute sales strategies for all staff, branches, partners, customers… in the region. Responsible for ensuring revenue targets are met and maintaining activity. development.

2. Role of ASM in business

2.1. Manage sales activities

All activities related to the sale and consumption of products in the region will be responsible for assigning, coordinating and controlling the quality of ASM activities, ensuring optimal revenues.

2.2. Orientation of the business plan

Receiving business strategies and goals from management, Regional Sales Managers will proactively analyze and discuss with the team to successfully complete implementation plans. As a leading actor, the ASM’s decision will be final.

2.3. Sales staff training

Regional Sales Managers will proactively update their knowledge, skills and tastes to create a training program and train direct sales staff. During operations, when an issue requires assistance, sales personnel will contact ASM directly for instructions.

2.4. Assign the right people to the right position

Every employee has different strengths and abilities. Finding the right person for the right job is not only a responsibility but also a basis to help ASM accelerate work completion. Therefore, in addition to understanding the nature of the job, regional sales managers must also observe and understand the personality and capabilities of each salesperson.

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ASM Location

2.5. Connecting collective solidarity

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The work results of the Regional Sales Manager (ASM) will be based on the work completion results of the entire team. A good ASM must be someone who knows how to create a dynamic work environment, uniting all members towards a common goal.

3. Explore detailed job descriptions for ASM

Regardless of the sales industry, the ASM job description includes the following tasks:

3.1. Task analysis

Using professional sales analysis tools, the Regional Sales Manager (ASM) will analyze, forecast and plan numerous task deployment scenarios to respond quickly during the deployment process.

3.2. Achieve business objectives

As Senior Sales Manager, ASM will directly assign staff, assign tasks and monitor the progress of employees’ work. Provide close monitoring and timely troubleshooting so employees can successfully achieve sales goals within area of ​​responsibility.

3.3. Develop sources of potential customers

ASM will proactively source customers or through the number of customers found by sales staff, thereby searching for and finding ways to reach and attract target customers in individual and organizational customer groups.

3.4. Closely control income

With the support of business management software, ASM will directly monitor sales data and closely monitor the work progress of each employee. This is work that must be done regularly every week, or even every day when we need to accelerate the pace of achieving goals.

Job description for ASM

3.5. Capturing tastes

ASM should be responsible for regularly updating consumer trends in the market in order to quickly change direction in approaching customers. At the same time, this task also helps ASM create an effective training program for regional sales personnel.

3.6. Propose a commercial strategy

Directly in the field and attentive to customer needs, the Area Sales Manager is the person who best understands the market in the sector of activity, which is why market studies, competitor analysis and proposals strategies, advice on product improvement… of the company always need valuable contributions. of the ASM.

3.7. Customer service

Maintaining a loyal customer base and developing new potential customers is ASM’s mission. With key consumer partners, ASM will directly meet, engage and create strong relationships. As for small customers, you can entrust them to a salesperson to take care of them.

3.8. Configure reports

Sales and profit reports for each period should be continually updated in reports sent to the company. In addition, the ASM must also report on budget expenditures, increase/decrease in company personnel, explain company results that do not meet targets…

3.9. Recruit new staff

Some ASMs will have the right to decide to recruit new staff for departments in their areas of responsibility based on the number of applications reviewed by the human resources department. Some other ASMs only accept new staff recruited by the company, the ASM will then offer additional professional training.

What is the difference between TSM and ASM?

4. How is ASM different from TSM?

TSM (abbreviation for Territory Sales Manager) – roughly translated Territory Sales Manager – is the person in charge of sales business activities in a certain assigned territory.

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Looking at the concept, it’s easy to mistakenly think that ASM and TSM positions are two but one, but as we dig deeper into the recruiting requirements and responsibilities, we’ll see the difference.

4.1. Areas of responsibility

ASM is responsible for managing a large team, directly transmitting business content assigned by TSM and achieving goals in a specific area through coordination of work with teams and individuals. I am in charge of sales.

TSM is responsible for creating new sales strategies for the territory it is responsible for and has the right to expand or contract the sales team. TSM will closely monitor the implementation activities of ASM and its team to ensure that sales objectives are achieved.

4.2. Recruitment standards

ASM only needs about 4 years of experience in sales positions in the sales department to be eligible to apply to become a region’s sales manager.

TSM requires a minimum of 5-6 years of experience in sales activities. Additionally, candidates must also have practical experience and achievements in implementing sales strategies alone or as part of a team and achieving sales goals.

4.3. Role assumed

The business management area that ASM is responsible for has a narrower scope, equivalent to a neighborhood or small town. Therefore, ASM focuses on exploitation and direct approach to each client or company. They will also directly train, guide and set detailed objectives at each stage for the sales staff they are responsible for.

The sales management area of ​​TSM is called territory because it has a larger scale, including many areas managed by ASM, which allows it to manage the business of an entire country. TSM focuses on macro-level innovation and development strategies and objectives, such as expanding consumer markets, stimulating income growth in the territory… They will coordinate closely with ASMs, providing guidance and support to ensure all ASMs achieve their individual goals. , contributing to the overall achievement of the entire territory.

Interview with ASM

4.4. Management level

TSM will be the top manager of ASM, so TSM’s authority and responsibility will always be greater, requiring good professional ability and good overall leadership ability. In return, TSM’s rights, well-being, and decision-making value will “weigh more heavily.”

5. List of ASM Interview Questions You Should Not Miss

5.1. Questions about how the organization manages operations

What is your method of training new salespeople?

How to set business management objectives?

Have you ever encountered a situation where a salesperson failed to meet their sales goals? How do you solve it?

What do you expect from the recruitment company’s regional business management organization system?

5.2. Questions about team building ability

What is the most important motivator for a sales team?

How do you ensure your team’s ability to set goals, track progress and ensure performance?

How to manage internal conflicts between team members?

Please briefly describe the management style you apply to the sales team you are in charge of?

Functions of the ASM

5.3. Position-Wide Competency Questions

What data should an effective periodic business performance report collect?

What tools do you use for your business research and forecasting process?

In your opinion, do the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and abilities have an impact on the role of Regional Business Management?

Please tell us about your working week, how you distribute your personal time and tasks, and the overall tasks of the entire regional sales team?

ASM is a regional sales manager, responsible for all sales performance over a geographic area the size of a county, down to a city. ASM is both a leadership position in the sales industry and a launching pad that provides opportunities for advancement to more senior positions such as TSM or Sales Manager. Therefore, as part of a strong promotion path for sales specialists, Ms. Uptalent always encourages setting a goal to successfully conquer the ASM position first.

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