What is automation? Discover career opportunities in the automation sector

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Technology replacing human labor has become a development trend of the times, creating high demand for human resources in the industry. automating. In today’s article, HRchannels will join readers for an in-depth understanding of what automation is, as well as information on future career opportunities in the automation industry.

1- What is the automation industry?

Automation industry (full name is Control and Automation Engineering Industry) is a field of study that focuses on training human resources capable of converting manually operated lines and systems in an organization to automatic operation , using machines/robots that combine modern mechanical techniques and automatic control. and intelligent computer software. This improvement will help organizations save their operational resources, use machines instead of human resources, increase work productivity and minimize risks to workers during the work process.

2- 06 Popular Job Positions in Automation Industry

Having graduated from automation specializations at universities and colleges, students can successfully occupy the following typical positions:

2.1. Automation systems design engineer

Work for factories, companies and organizations with manual production line systems that need to be converted to automation. Or you’ll work for service companies that specialize in designing automation systems for individuals and organizations that need them.

2.2. The engineer operates and maintains electrical, electronic and automatic systems

This position will be in charge of verifying and monitoring the entire automation system after it is commissioned. Make sure the system operates properly, achieves high efficiency and is safe for workers. This team is also the one that checks and evaluates the operation of the new system so that the designer can make appropriate adjustments.

2.3. The engineer operates and maintains automatic equipment and systems

This team will periodically maintain the system to ensure that maintenance activities do not affect the production and business progress of the organization. At the same time, when the system is in danger of unexpected malfunction or damage, maintenance engineers will also direct human resources to repair it as quickly as possible.

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2.4. Expert in analyzing the electrical and automation systems needs of businesses and factories

The amount of energy consumed by automation systems will increase with the scale of operation. If you invest a large amount of electricity, it will be wasteful; if you invest just enough, there could be a shortage when expanding scale. How can we best meet system needs in many situations? This task falls to automation analysts.


2.5. Application programming specialist

Just like software programmers, automation application programmers will be those who write automatic control programs (microprocessor systems, PLC, CNC, programming controllers…) to transmit signals from operators to machines and robots .

2.6. Consulting and teaching specialist

Attractive jobs

With in-depth knowledge of automation, you can become a consultant to help organizations solve problems with automated operating systems, or become a trainer to train generations of automated staff.

3- The work that automation industry personnel will undertake

3.1. Research Automation Systems

Update advanced automation technology

Research and propose automation solutions adapted to the organization

3.2. Establish an implementation plan

Coordinate with colleagues to establish detailed automation plans

Analyze data, estimate costs, time and human resources for implementation

Implement the project according to plan, periodically evaluate the results

Report and propose improvement solutions for future projects

3.3. Deploy real operations

Draft and promulgate regulations and standards for the operation of automation lines

Train and disseminate how to use machines to direct workers

Coordinate human resources and allocate time to ensure timely completion

What is automation?

3.4. Control automated operations

Control the project implementation process within the scope of assigned tasks

Detect in time the risks of technical errors, slow progress, etc. of the project

Report to management and propose solutions

4- Salary for automation positions

Depending on the number of years of experience, the position and the specific sector in which the company operates, the salary of staff in the automation sector will vary. According to updates from the online recruitment site Careerbuilder, currently, the salary of:

  • New graduates with no experience will cost around 5-9.2 million VND/month

  • Automation employee with 1-4 years of experience: 11-13.9 million VND/month

  • Automation specialist with more than 5 years of experience: 14 – 30 million VND / month

For employees with rich seniority and good skills, who also hold additional management positions, the salary can reach USD 2,000/month.

5- Certificates and qualifications required

Universities and colleges specializing in engineering all offer training in control and automation engineering. At the end of college, you will have a degree in automation engineering, and at the end of college, you will have a bachelor’s degree in automation.

Employers will set specific requirements for applicant qualifications based on the difficulty of the job, but according to a survey of current job postings, companies often require applicants to have only a college degree, a college degree in automation or a related field. This fact makes it easier for candidates to find suitable positions.

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Furthermore, to achieve good efficiency in the work process as well as in the process of updating and improving automation technology in the future, candidates will need to have additional certificates such as:

Automation Jobs

6- Skills needed for candidates in the automation industry

If an employee in the automation sector wants to succeed, in addition to good technical expertise, soft skills to support the job are definitely essential:

6.1. Good communication skills

Even if machines, electronic chips and codes are objects of frequent contact, at work there will always be exchanges, discussions and exchanges between colleagues and partners/clients. Possessing good communication skills for automation industry personnel will pay great attention to the ability to share knowledge and information about automation techniques, which will enable listeners to understand, grasp and trust easily when collaborating.

6.2. Analytical and planning skills

The management will only give the objective that the automation project should achieve, but the way to achieve this objective should be based on a thorough and detailed analysis of the data, including both technical and technical aspects. Other supports (finances, human resources, time…) so that the most economical and always the highest return.

6.3. Teamwork skill

An automation project can be a complete production line connecting many steps and many specialties. Therefore, an automation specialist cannot achieve it alone, but must coordinate with other automation colleagues and experts from other departments (such as production department, logistics department, materials department first…). This shows that good working skills and coordination with teammates are mandatory requirements in automation work.

6.4. Supervisory management skills

The automatist will be the one who directly operates and controls the operations, so a good management and supervision technician based on good technical foundations in automation is very important. Additionally, in the future you may become responsible for the automation department, in which case you will also have to manage and control the work process of the employees under you.

6.5. Flexible problem-solving skills

The automation system is a continuous line, a problem in one place can cause the entire line to stop. The damage to the company’s production activities is very significant, therefore, automation personnel must first have a backup plan for risks that may arise to the system when planning improvements. , followed by flexible incident response skills based on experience and entrusted resources. .

Trend towards automation

6.6. Discipline and high sense of responsibility

Automation is a technical industry that requires high precision because a small error not only affects production results but can also be dangerous for workers working on this system. Therefore, it is imperative that as personnel in the automation sector, you are a person who demonstrates good discipline, a high sense of responsibility and strict compliance with technical safety standards, both when of the design and during commissioning.

7- Recruitment trends in the automation industry in Vietnam

7.1. Career opportunities in the country

The present and future is the era of automated technology, replacing human effort to reduce costs and increase labor productivity in all manufacturing and service industries. This is a very good advantage for students who choose to study automation. Job opportunities are always open, students can feel secure in their long-term endeavors.

7.2. Opportunity to study abroad

By becoming a good automation specialist in foreign-invested enterprises, you will have ample opportunities to regularly study and improve your skills, and more opportunities to be sent for training abroad will also appear. Additionally, you can also sign up to export labor to countries with developed automation engineering industries, such as Japan and Korea. But to be able to seize the opportunity at hand, you need to be well prepared, from skills to appropriate foreign language proficiency.

Automating This is a field of study with modern value, high career opportunities and good income. Therefore, the TalentBold advisor always evaluates this as a potential field of study, very suitable for those who are proficient in natural subjects or have a technical career orientation.

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