What is brief? Instructions for writing a professional brief

Brief là gì? Hướng dẫn cách viết một Brief chuyên nghiệp

The brief is known to be a very important document in marketing campaigns or a specific business activity.

So what is brief? Do you know how to write a professional brief? Let’s learn the most interesting information about briefs through the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is the Brief?
2- Classification of briefs
3- What are the factors that make a brief perfect?
4- In Marketing, what is the role of the brief?
5- How will the client and the agency work together on the brief?
6- Instructions for writing professional dissertations

6.1- Project
6.2- Customer
6.3- Brand
6.4- Description of the project
6.5- Context of the brand
6.6- Objectives
6.7- Target audience
6.8- Messages
6.9- Coverage
6.10- Budget
6.11- Calendar

1- What is the Brief?

Before we delve deeper into how to write a brief and the elements that make up a perfect summary, let’s take a look at what the concept of a brief is.

The brief is defined as a written summary provided by the client Agency Marketing. This summary presents all the information necessary for the Marketing service provider to understand the customer’s requirements and desires.

However, a perfect brief is not only about providing information, it must also be able to inspire and stimulate the creativity of the Agency.

2- Classification of briefs

According to Uptalent’s research, there are currently 2 types of briefs: the Communication Brief and the Creation Brief.

2.1- Communication brief

A brief brief is a summary that circulates between the client and the Account department of the Marketing Agency. The purpose of the brief is to exchange information between the two parties.

This type of brief is built on the basis of the 5W1H principle (What, When, Where, Why, Who and How). At the same time, he must answer the following questions:

Attractive jobs

– What is the client’s objective?

– What is the information on the brand and the problem encountered?

– Information about products and brands.

– Who are the competitors? What marketing campaigns do they have?

– Target customer segment?

– Marketing limits?

– What is the appropriate Marketing strategy?

– What is the message you want to convey?

– What media effect do you want to achieve?

– What is the budget?

What is brief?

2.2- Creative brief

This is a brief used internally at the marketing agency. The Account department will be responsible for writing the brief and transmitting it to the Creation department.

The creative brief must answer the following questions:

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– What are the brand’s business expectations?

– What measures can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

– Solution to achieve the best communication efficiency?

– What is the main message to convey?

– How to create an effective message?

– What is the goal of the communication campaign?

– How long does it take to implement the idea?

– Important project milestones (content approval date, presentation date to clients, etc.)?

– What is the appropriate communication channel that has a great influence on customers?

3- What are the factors that make a brief perfect?

A perfect summary should meet the following criteria:

3.1- Short, easy to understand, enough information

Brief content should focus on the main topic, contain all the necessary information but not be too long and ensure that the reader can understand it correctly.

Memoirs with too much information only show the writer’s lack of professionalism. At the same time, it also makes it difficult for readers to understand the main requirements as well as the goals to be achieved.

Therefore, you need to focus the brief content well and write it in a short and concise manner, while ensuring that you provide enough necessary information to the reader.

How to create a brief

3.2- Have clear objectives

The summary should clearly state the important objectives to be achieved. This helps the recipient of the brief to easily grasp the information and follow the implementation process more closely.

Additionally, goal setting also helps you create specific plans and work goals that need to be achieved. Thanks to this, the work will be carried out more smoothly and efficiently.

3.3- Accurate and complete information

This is very important when writing memoirs. Providing accurate and complete information will help relevant parties clearly understand the work to be done, the implementation process and find information more easily when needed.

3.4- Understand your opponents

To get ahead of your competitors, you need to analyze in detail and understand their strategies and methods. From there, you will know how to act correctly to successfully complete your project.

3.5- Allocate time appropriately

The time taken to complete the brief should be appropriate and precise. If the deadline is too long or too short, it can affect the quality of the work.

Therefore, a perfect brief must have a precise deadline and a reasonable working schedule to achieve optimum efficiency.

3.6- Ensure that there is sufficient budget to achieve the brief

Financial matters are always the most important factor when implementing marketing campaigns. You will need to find enough money to deploy and complete the work according to plan.

Furthermore, you must also anticipate incidents that could occur in order to have the most effective prevention and response measures.

4- In Marketing, what is the role of the brief?

The summary is like a solid foundation for a Marketing campaign. This can help parties participating in the campaign to quickly update information about the campaign as well as the activities that will be implemented.

Basically, a brief will have the following important roles:

– It helps you set specific goals for your marketing campaign.

– Provides you with important campaign milestones. This allows you to more easily track and manage the campaign implementation process.

– Assign specific responsibilities and roles to the parties involved.

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– Accurately express the objective of the Marketing strategy.

– Provide specific criteria to help you measure campaign success.

– Determine the expected results of the campaign.

– Eliminate and minimize errors that may occur during the implementation of a campaign and determine the success or failure of a campaign.

Role of the brief

5- How will the client and the agency work together on the brief?

When you discover the role of the brief, you will see how important it is to the results of the marketing campaign. To achieve optimal efficiency, the parties involved must have a specific work process and briefing.

Basically, the brief work process will consist of the following 5 steps:

5.1- Provide a briefing

Firstly, the client must provide the Agency with a summary containing the information necessary to better understand its requirements and desires and to be able to plan its Marketing campaign.

5.2- Plan

Based on the brief, the Agency will establish a global and detailed plan for the marketing campaign. Through the plan, you can clearly see what needs to be done, the implementation steps and the budget needed for the campaign.

5.3- Implementation

The agency will send the plan to the client for approval and make any necessary adjustments. Then, based on the approved plan, they will begin to implement the work as planned and distribute advertising information on the agreed channels.

5.4- Optimize advertising

The agency must have a specific and appropriate advertising plan to achieve optimal results when conducting the campaign.

5.5- Summary and payment

After the campaign ends, the client and the agency will synthesize the results and learn from the experience to have future improvement plans.

Finally, both parties will proceed to accept the campaign, work efficiency and payment procedures.

Create a professional brief

6- Instructions for writing professional dissertations

Then, with the theme “What is a brief?” », Uptalent will guide you in writing a summary in the most professional and effective way.

A standard summary should have the following important contents:

– Project

– Customer

– Brand

– Project description

– Brand context

– Goals

– Target audience

– Message

– Blanket

– Budget

– Hourly

You will write the content above as follows:

6.1- Project

Name of the project. You will need to show which campaign, event, etc. This project is aimed…

6.2- Customer

Customer name and associated information.

6.3- Brand

Name of the product or service to promote in the campaign.

Instructions on how to write memoirs

6.4- Description of the project

You should briefly describe what needs to be done and the campaign requirements such as location, area, scope of implementation, etc.

6.5- Context of the brand

You must provide complete information relating to the brand, products and services to be promoted. Please provide as detailed information as possible. If there is accompanying data, it will be even better.

Some important information you should keep in mind when writing this section includes:

– Market situation and trends.

– How do you position your brand?

– Who are the company’s competitors?

– Strengths, weaknesses, activities of competing companies?

6.6- Objectives

Clearly state the objectives to be achieved when carrying out the project. For example, you can present the goal to increase sales by how many%, improve brand status, increase brand recognition, etc.

6.7- Target audience

Clearly identify the target customer group to target. How old is this customer group, what is their gender, what are their interests, habits, etc.?

6.8- Messages

Express the message you want to convey to your target customer group through the campaign.

6.9- Coverage

Where do you want to launch the campaign? Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or the whole country?

6.10- Budget

What is the budget you can use for the project? This is an important factor that determines the feasibility of your marketing requirements and ideas.

6.11- Calendar

Clearly state the project duration, deadline, and milestones throughout the campaign.

Above is some information on what a dissertation is and how to write a complete dissertation. I hope you understand the importance of summary in marketing activities and campaigns and can write the correct summary yourself. Good luck!

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