What is CCNA? What is the purpose of studying CCNA certification?

CCNA là gì? Học chứng chỉ CCNA để làm gì?

CCNA is one of the important foundation certificates that are of particular interest to those studying and working in information technology or network administration.

So, what is CCNA? What is the purpose of studying CCNA certification? Readers, please learn some interesting information about this certificate from the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is CCNA?
2- Knowledge of CCNA
3- Why should you get CCNA certified?

3.1- CCNA is an important foundation certificate
3.2- Increase career development opportunities
3.3- CCNA is recognized worldwide
3.4- Obtain higher international certificates
3.5- Advantages when negotiating salary

4- How to obtain CCNA certification?
4.1- Obtain an introduction certificate
4.2- Accumulate and put into practice knowledge
4.3- Pass the CCNA exam

5- What jobs can CCNA holders do?
6- Where to study the CCNA?

1- What is CCNA?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an international certification in networking technology issued by Cisco System.

Cisco is known as the world’s leading manufacturer of networking equipment. The market share of this company represents 60 to 70% globally. At the same time, their technological solutions and equipment can meet most of the needs of all types of businesses.

CCNA certificate holders can master the fundamental knowledge of LAN, WAN, CDN, Router and Internet Protocol. Along with this, they are also updated with knowledge about the most advanced network technology.

CCNA is recognized as one of the top 10 professional certifications in the world. It has the ability to comprehensively provide learners with important knowledge, skills and practical skills.

Currently, Cisco certification is recognized in 150 countries around the world. It is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. You will need to retake the exam to receive a new certificate after the expiration date.

What is CCNA?

2- Knowledge of CCNA

Attractive jobs

The reason why Cisco CCNA network certification is widely recognized across the world is that the amount of knowledge and skills it provides to learners is extremely broad and practical.

Below are the important knowledge you will master when you own CCNA:

– Principles of network systems as well as their functionality, how local area networks, wide area networks work and how to determine server paths.

– Functions of Cisco network devices and impact of different applications on the network.

– Switching technology, explanation of segmentation and methods of controlling media access.

– Check and resolve communication issues regarding the Switch and VLAN.

– Create an IP diagram, an IP service; assign static and dynamic addresses; establish and deploy address assignment; Fix IP related errors.

– Routing Concepts, Routing Troubleshooting, Cisco IOS Management, Router Security, IOS Configuration Management, Configuring, Verifying and Troubleshooting RIPv2, OSPF/EIGRP Issues.

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– Standards related to wireless networks (WLAN) and how to identify problems in deploying this network system.

– How to identify security risks, general plans to help reduce the impact of these risks on server systems, network devices and other applications.

– Understand NAT operations, have the ability to monitor and verify ACL incidents in the network system.

– Perform configuration and verification of Frame Relay on Cisco routers as well as PPP connections between different Cisco routers.

CCNA Network Certification

3- Why should you get CCNA certified?

In Vietnam, most employers require candidates for network design, deployment, and administration positions to have CCNA certification. For important positions or projects, you must also hold higher certifications such as CCNP, CCIE.

Here are some reasons why you should take this certification exam as soon as possible:

3.1- CCNA is an important foundation certificate

The demand for recruitment in the information technology sector is still high. However, employers also impose many strict requirements on the quality of human resources. Therefore, having an international certificate in network technology such as CCNA will provide a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue this field.

3.2- Increase career development opportunities

In fact, CCNA holders often have extremely open career paths. The reason is that employers always give great favor to people with this certificate.

Additionally, almost all network systems and equipment used in banking, telecommunications, government agencies and many other areas come from Cisco. This makes this certificate even more important and becomes one of the mandatory criteria when recruiting staff.

3.3- CCNA is recognized worldwide

More and more people are interested in obtaining the CCNA not only because it can help them master the knowledge and skills needed to install and operate network systems and equipment, but also because it s This is a leading certification recognized globally.

3.4- Obtain higher international certificates

In addition to CCNA, Cisco also offers higher certifications such as CCNP and CCIE. The prerequisite for obtaining these higher certifications is that you must have a CCNA.

3.5- Advantages when negotiating salary

One of the other important benefits of having a CCNA is that you can easily negotiate a higher salary. Furthermore, employers not only give priority to recruiting candidates with international certificates but also offer them many very good incentives.

How to get CCNA certificate

4- How to obtain CCNA certification?

Since it is an international information technology certificate, obtaining the CCNA is not simple. You need to follow certain steps to get the certificate in hand.

Concretely, here are the 3 steps to follow to obtain this international certificate:

4.1- Obtain an introduction certificate

You do not need to have an introductory certificate to be able to take the CCNA. But having this certificate will help you have a solid foundation to take further steps.

One of the introductory certifications you should get is CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking, Technician). You will get this certificate after passing the ICND1 exam.

4.2- Accumulate and put into practice knowledge

The best way to help you pass the CCNA exam is to practice extensively on simulators. There are many ways to do this, such as reading books or taking online courses in Cisco-approved units.

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If you already have CCENT, all you need to do is pass the ICND2 exam to get CCNA certified. If you do not have CCENT, you will need to take 2 exams ICND1 and ICND2 at the same time to receive a certificate.

4.3- Pass the CCNA exam

Typically, the CCNA exam will take place at Cisco-authorized centers. To take the exam, you can register at these centers or register for the exam directly through Cisco.

Exam content often covers topics such as: network security, WAN technology, connecting to a WAN, managing IP traffic, determining routes, describing how the network system works, troubleshooting switch and VLAN problems,…

The exam will last 120 minutes. You will need to keep this in mind to allocate your exam time appropriately.

Take the CCNA Certification Exam

5- What jobs can CCNA holders do?

CCNA gives you the important knowledge and skills to perform a variety of tasks such as:

– Design and construction of network systems.

– Configure and install network configuration.

– Network system administration.

– Troubleshoot network issues.

– Establish and improve the network security system.

– Work with WAN network systems.

– Learn more advanced certificates such as CCNP, CCIE and do in-depth research in the areas of security, wireless networks, servers, data centers,…

Having a CCNA gives you the opportunity to enter the field of network administration. You can work in businesses, large telecommunications companies, banks, state agencies, schools, technological research centers,…

Some positions you can hold include:

– Network support engineers.

– System engineers.

– Network managers and operators.

– Network analyst.

– Network designers.

– Network administrators.

Network engineer cấp độ Entry (entry level network engineers).

– Help Desk technicians.

– Network support technicians.

– Network specialists.

Where to study for CCNA certification?

6- Where to study the CCNA?

There are currently many different units across the country training for the Cisco CCNA network certification. This makes it much easier for you to register to study and take this certification exam in different regions.

Some reputable units that you can consider when you need to obtain a certificate include Athena, SmartPro, VnExperts, VnPro, Nhat Nghe, Newstar, Robusta, Waren,…

Taking courses in professional training units will provide you with important knowledge about network systems, local area networks, wide area networks and the Internet. At the same time, you are also trained to be able to install switches, routers in LAN, WAN networks and other Cisco devices.

As there are many different training units, you need to think carefully about choosing the learning environment that is right for you. Specifically, carefully research the training program, duration, form, cost and other necessary information about the training unit as well as the certification process.

By doing thorough research, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the training and will ensure you can receive the right CCNA certificate. Be a little careful so as not to waste time, effort and money!

Hopefully, Ms. Uptalent’s sharing of this article can help you to fully understand what CCNA is, its benefits and be able to obtain this certificate easily.

You should obtain this certificate promptly when possible. This will be a solid stepping stone for you to access good job opportunities, have a dream income and open career development in the future.

I wish you continued success and don’t forget to follow Uptalent to update more career knowledge and other interesting job information!

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