What is CHRO? The role of the CHRO in the company

CHRO là gì? Vai trò của CHRO trong doanh nghiệp

CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) or director of human resources or director of recruitment is the person who understands better than anyone the tricks of “gathering talent in one place” and manipulating the company’s recruitment image. So, what is a CHRO and what are the great contributions of this position to the company? Readers, please join HRchannels to find out the answer in the article below.

2.1. Excellent communicator
2.2. A leader in the use of technology in human resource management
2.3. Spread positive energy on corporate culture
2.4. CHRO works well with CCO, CFO and CPO

3. Career path for CHROs

1. What is CHRO?

CHRO stands for Chief Human Resources Officer, designating the position of Director of Human Resources or Director of Recruitment, head of the company’s Human Resources Department, advising the CEO on research, training and human development strategies. One of the primary duties of a CHRO is to design and execute a talent management strategy, including recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees. This process includes the HR disciplines known as talent acquisition, talent management, employee training (using a learning management system), and succession planning. CHRO is often associated with talent management software in large companies.

A company is like a nation with its own identity and mission. Therefore, CHRO undertakes its noble mission: to assemble the missing perfect pieces capable of building and enriching this identity and illuminating this mission.

What is CHRO?

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2. What role does the CHRO play in a company?

Below are the key roles covered by CHRO:

2.1. Excellent communicator

To recruit “standard” employees for companies, CHROs must provide accurate information to candidates before, during and after the application process. Specifically, professional skills, qualifications and other soft skills requirements for the applied position, interview duration and notification of interview results, as well as salary and benefits details social status of the candidate.

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In particular, after being recognized as a potential part of the organization, the CHRO must inform the candidates about the rules and corporate culture to challenge the candidate during the 2-month probationary period. Without forgetting that the human resources director also plans to promote internal communication through communication channels such as email, groups or internal forums to create strong links between employees among themselves and with the company.

Attractive jobs

In addition, the CHRO also reports to the Board of Directors on the personnel situation in the departments and uses this as a basis for assessing the quality of each recruitment cycle.

In short, the CHRO or Director of Recruitment is the person who supports, listens, shares and organizes all relationships within the company.
CHRO Recruitment

2.2. A leader in the use of technology in human resource management

CHRO applies human resource management software to scientifically track the KPIs of the human resources department and departments of the organization. From there, they can clearly see who is “taking it to the next level” and who needs to make efforts to easily measure payroll and other benefit metrics.

Through HR management software, CHRO also reduces the burden of managing candidate profiles, tracking and nurturing potential candidates, measuring and reporting interview results, timekeeping, and more. to guarantee the recruitment rate. The candidate satisfaction rate reaches the highest level.

Human resource management is the management of people, management of opportunities and risks in the recruitment process. These heavy missions never depress the Director of Recruitment, everything lies in the technological platform that the CHRO has chosen and in which he has trusted throughout his life.

The role of the CHRO in the company

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2.3. Someone who spreads positive energy about the company culture

Company culture can be seen as a springboard to growth. CHRO is proudly among the C-suits with the power to create and develop business value. With a process of professional training and coaching of new candidates, CHRO is always proud to be a teacher of “workers” whose hearts love their profession, always sobbing on their left chest, always ready to listen and question “the matter brain at high dose”. to meet consumer demands – something businesses are always looking for.

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2.4. CHRO – “juggler” who works well with CCO, CFO, CPO

CHRO is responsible for providing talent to departments. However, if you do not clearly understand the recruitment plans of the CCO (Sales Director), the CPO (Production Director) and especially the CFO (Financial Director), the recruiting director not only will not be able to recruit the appropriate people but will also violate regulations in the recruitment budget.

Additionally, while partnering with human resource solutions companies is a wise choice, the CHRO must sit down and negotiate with the CFO to obtain exceptional talent.


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3. Career path for CHROs

According to Harvard Business Review, although there is no clearly defined career path, they are expected to advance to management positions through positions in which they gain experience and develop discipline in evaluation, coaching and human resources recruiting, according to Harvard Business Review. Some business experts advocate that CHROs seek CEOs who consider human capital as important as financial capital to organizational success and seek frank advice on how to structure the workforce. Additionally, some large companies are quickly hiring and promoting younger generations to drive innovation, so ambitious CHROs may find that their career paths are getting shorter and shorter and they don’t need to step outside of traditional HR roles.

Above is useful information about the CHRO concept and the noble values ​​that this senior management position brings to the company.


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