What is CMA certification? Detailed information about the management accounting certificate

Chứng chỉ CMA là gì? Thông tin chi tiết về Chứng chỉ kế toán quản trị

CMA is a very important certification in the accounting and finance industry. Currently, this certificate is attracting the attention of many people studying or working in this industry.

So, what is the CMA Management Accounting Certificate? Why should you get CMA certified? What are the conditions for having a CMA? Readers, please learn some interesting information about this certificate from the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is the CMA?
2- Knowledge of CMA

2.1- Financial planning, performance and analysis
2.2- Strategic financial management

3- Why should you get CMA certification?
4- How to obtain CMA certification?
5- What jobs can CMA holders do?
6- Where to study the CMA?

1- What is the CMA?

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certificate is one of the important international certificates in the field of Finance – Accounting. This certificate is issued by the American Association of Management Accountants – IMA (Institute of Management Accountants).

CMA is also known by another name, Certificate in Management Accounting. It is considered evidence confirming an individual’s professional capacity in accounting and business financial management.

Currently, the CMA management accounting certification is recognized in more than 140 countries around the world. By possessing this certificate, you will equip yourself with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to enhance your abilities and advance to expert and management roles in the field.

CMA certificate

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2- Knowledge of CMA

CMA is considered an important standard for developing your career in the field of management accounting. The content of the certification training is constructed in a harmonious and scientific manner between accounting activities and business sense thinking ability.

In addition, CMA also has a strong focus on key knowledge and skills in financial management and management accounting activities. More importantly, it also provides a set of professional ethics that learners are required to strictly adhere to.

Attractive jobs

The CMA training program details are divided into 2 main parts with many different topics and topics. Specifically:

2.1- Financial planning, performance and analysis (Financial planning, management and analysis of operations)

Includes the following subjects:

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– Decisions relating to external financial reporting (financial reporting resolutions), representing 15%.

– Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, representing 20%.

– Performance Management, up to 20%.

– Cost management, up to 15%.

– Internal Controls (Internal Controls), representing 15%.

– Technology and Analytics, representing 15%.

Knowledge of CMA certification

2.2- Strategic financial management (Strategic financial management)

Includes topics:

– Analysis of financial statements, representing 20%.

– Corporate Finance, up to 20%.

– Decision Analysis, representing 25%.

– Risk management, up to 10%.

– Investment decisions, representing 10%.

– Professional ethics, for 15%.

In addition to the above knowledge, CMA also strives to help learners improve their expertise in strategic management, analysis, risk management and investment decision making.

The training process will always be linked to the actual work. Thanks to this, after completing the course, you can immediately apply the theories learned during the work process or apply for jobs in large companies and companies offering attractive positions.

3- Why should you get CMA certification?

According to Uptalent, once you have decided to pursue a degree in the field of finance and accounting, you should soon obtain a CMA certificate. The reason is that:

3.1- CMA helps you prepare the necessary material to enter the field of Management Accounting

The CMA program provides you with an in-depth understanding of corporate governance and other knowledge related to management accounting. In other words, it helps you get the perspective of a business owner and financier.

Having a CMA certificate opens you the possibility of becoming a consultant in the financial sector, in accounting management or of occupying management positions. You will work with business leaders to make important decisions that guide the development of the organization.

Why should you get CMA certified?

3.2- The AMC helps increase career advancement opportunities

CMA sets you apart from other accountants working in the industry. It shows the career goals you are aiming for. This is what employers always look for in candidates and staff working in the company.

Having a management accounting certificate is the best way to prove that you are more than just someone who produces simple financial reports. Instead, you became a professional financial manager.

CMA allows you to improve the knowledge you already have. At the same time, experts also say that people with CMA certification can not only strengthen their professional capabilities, but also have the opportunity to expand their business career opportunities to many higher-level positions.

3.3- CMA helps you increase your income level

According to statistics, people with a CMA certification often achieve higher income levels than people without this certification.

Specifically, the average salary for CMA owner accountants will be approximately 62% higher, or the equivalent of $31,000. This is a number calculated on a global scale.

If you evaluate the total income, including bonuses, perks and other incentives, the difference will be even greater.

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3.4- CMA helps you improve your professional knowledge and skills

Studying the CMA program provides you with a solid source of professional knowledge and skills. As a result, you will have an extremely strong and valuable knowledge base.

After obtaining this certificate, you will be able to make great strides in your career that you did not even expect. For example, you could become one of the best accountants or financial planners nationally or globally.

With the knowledge from the CMA program, you will easily apply it to your current job and improve your work performance much more than before.

Additionally, CMA also provides you with opportunities to connect and learn from the community with IMA’s top management accounting experts.

How to get the CMA certificate

3.5- CMA increases your credibility and status in your industry

CMA allows you to understand financial and management knowledge in more depth than ordinary accountants. You also understand nature more deeply and explain the reasons behind the numbers instead of just being someone who gives information.

Completing a management accounting certificate also means you have a better understanding of business operations and accounting than the average accountant. At this time, many people will come to you for advice and guidance on business accounting and financial management.

Once people trust you, your confidence, status and reputation in the industry will increase significantly.

3.6- The CMA offers international opportunities

Apart from enhancing your knowledge, capabilities and income, CMA also helps you advance your career in the international market. You will have the opportunity to work and cooperate with the largest companies and world-renowned companies.

4- How to obtain CMA certification?

CMA is an internationally valid certificate, so you must meet certain conditions to possess this certificate.

According to Uptalent’s research, the requirements to obtain the CMA certificate include:

– Must have a university degree with specialization in finance, accounting and auditing from recognized schools.

– Have at least 2 years of professional experience in the field of accounting, financial management,…

– Pass 2 CMA program exams.

– CMA entry fees are still valid.

– Strictly comply with IMA regulations regarding professional ethics.

Jobs for CMA certificate holders

5- What jobs can CMA holders do?

Holding a CMA certificate gives you many different career options. At the same time, it also creates favorable conditions for moving into a managerial, managerial or controller position.

Here are some positions you can hold with a CMA:

– General Accounting.

– Cost accounting.

– Business accounting.

– Internal auditors.

– Tax accounting.

– Expert in financial and budgetary analysis.

– Manage the accounting department.

finance director.

– Teacher of management accounting.

– Consultant in management accounting.

– Entrepreneur.

6- Where to study the CMA?

The best way to help you obtain a CMA management accounting certificate is to participate in training at professional and reputable centers.

Some reputed CMA training centers you can refer to are FTMS, SAPP Academy, Smart Train, PACE Academy of Finance and Accounting,…

The CMA training program at these centers will provide you with in-depth professional knowledge in management accounting and financial management. At the same time, you can also comprehensively develop your professional skills and improve your ability to solve financial and accounting problems in the most creative and effective way.

So, Ms. Uptalent has just helped you learn some information related to the CMA International certificate in Management Accounting. Having a CMA will provide you with numerous golden opportunities on the path to advancement and career development in the Accounting – Finance sector. So, plan to get your certificate as soon as possible. Good luck!

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