What is consultation? Signs that you need to see a professional

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Many people turn to counseling when they feel tired, worried, or in need of personal development. However, not everyone really understands what consultation is and knows when to be consulted. To better understand this topic, readers should follow the article below by Ms. Uptalent!

5.1- Personal consultation
5.2- Group consultation
5.3-Online consultation

6- Signs indicating that you need to consult a consultant

1- What is consultation?

Consulting is a process of two-way interaction between the consultant (client) and the consultant (expert) in order to resolve an issue or problem or to improve the skills and develop the potential of the consultee.

Counselors are often people with great expertise and practical experience in the area in need of help, such as psychologists, lawyers, teachers, consultants, etc.

The consultation process generally goes through 3 stages:

(1) – Establish relationships and build trust between counselors and those supported.

(2) – Find out about the issue that needs to be consulted.

(3) – Propose solutions to consultants.

After the consultation process, the person supported will have a more complete and detailed vision of the problem that concerns them. At the same time, they clearly understand what to do and make the best decision when faced with the problem they face.

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The success of the consulting process comes from active cooperation between the consultant and the client. The consultant is notably responsible for giving advice and recommending solutions and the consultant will have to share, discuss, receive information and implement concrete actions.

Consulting activities do not take place spontaneously or based on emotions, but must respect certain ethical and legal principles and standards. This is about ensuring the rights, equality and mutual respect of consultants and clients.

To achieve optimal effectiveness of the consultation, you must clearly understand what the nature of the consultation is. At the same time, you must also clearly define the appropriate objectives and evaluation criteria. This is an important basis to help you measure your progress after consulting with a consultant.

Additionally, the consultation is also quite specific. This will change depending on the needs and condition of the consultant.

What is consultation?

2- What is the difference between consulting and consulting?

Many people often confuse counseling with counseling. The reason is that these two terms have quite similar readings. Moreover, there are great similarities between them in nature.

So what is the difference between consulting and consultancy? How to distinguish them?

In fact, you can easily distinguish advice and consultancy based on their definitions. Specifically:

– Consulting involves giving advice and feedback on many different issues and areas such as finance, health, education, law, etc.

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– Consultation is understood as psychological support to clients, helping them to explain their problems and find the most suitable solution to the problem they encounter.

From the two definitions above, it is clear that advice applies in a much broader context. However, counseling is limited only to helping clients find solutions, while counseling is a process of helping clients recognize and find their own solutions.

3- What issues are often consulted?

The problems that arise during the consultation process are very diverse. This can relate to many different areas and topics related to work and personal life.

However, most consultation issues are generally short-term in nature. This only happens during a certain period of human life.

Some questions people often see include:

– Pressure at work, conflicts in the office, difficulties in career development, team building,…

– Stress and pressure in married life, separation, divorce, emotional trauma, raising children,…

– Difficulties in building and developing social, friendly, colleague, romantic relationships, integration challenges, etc.

What is the commonly viewed problem?

4- What benefits can you get from a consultation?

As Uptalent points out, more and more people want to know what consultation is. The reason is that most people think that counselors can help them gain good control over their emotions and personal lives.

In fact, consulting activities play a very important role in people’s modern lives today. It can bring you many practical benefits such as:

4.1- Good control of personal emotions

Counselors can give you lots of advice and effective problem-solving strategies. Once you apply what is taught, feelings of anxiety and depression will diminish. In the long term, you will find a lasting balance for your personal emotions.

4.2- See yourself more precisely

You may have many different plans for work and life. In the process of achieving your goals and dreams, you will encounter many challenges. It makes you unsteady, tired, or disoriented.

But, with the help of experts, the above things will no longer be difficult for you. You will better understand your aspirations and desires, fend off mental crises and become more determined on the path to conquering your dreams.

4.3- Find the goal you want to achieve in life

When you open up and are willing to share with the counselor the issues and questions that are causing you anxiety and sadness, they can use their abilities and expertise to motivate and motivate you. From there, you have a more complete picture of everything and can resolve difficulties yourself.

4.4- Solve the problem at its root

Through the consultation process, you can easily see the problem at the root. You are no longer too worried or stressed about the problems you encounter. In particular, you will be more confident and will be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself more quickly.

Benefits of consultation

4.5- Improve skills

Counseling can help you develop many soft skills needed for success and daily work, such as communication, management of timeproblem solving, chiefinspire,…

4.6- Improve the quality of work and life

Through the counseling process, you will discover the true purpose and meaning of life. You will have more confidence in what you have chosen and what you are doing. Through this, your potential capacity will be awakened. You also know how to take care of yourself and love yourself more.

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At the same time, you will focus better on the work at hand and constantly seek new advancements and creativity to achieve greater work efficiency.

5- Common forms of consultation

Depending on your needs and problems, you can choose the appropriate form of consultation. However, in any case, you must clearly understand what the problem is that requires consultation.

Here are 3 common forms of consultation you can consider:

5.1- Personal consultation

This is a 1-1 consultation. The consultation process takes place in a private space and usually lasts around 30 to 60 minutes.

This form has quite high costs and lacks interaction and learning on the part of those consulted. It is also only suitable when you need to ensure confidentiality, resolve personal issues, or want to focus more on the advisor’s advice.

5.2- Group consultation

Group consultation is a form with the participation of several people and one or more consultants. The consultation space is generally larger than individual consultations and lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

This form is very suitable for those who want to connect with people in similar situations, share, learn from others or solve problems in a group.

However, its limitation lies in the fact that it can be affected by group conflicts and lack of privacy.

Consultation form

5.3-Online consultation

This is a form of consultation via the internet platform and modern connection tools such as telephone, video call, email, etc.

This form is used to conduct individual and group consultations. It can help you save time and costs, provide flexibility in finding consultants, and is the optimal choice when you need to resolve urgent issues.

However, this form also has limitations where it cannot guarantee reliability, has many security risks, lacks interaction and depends on the quality of the Internet connection.

6- Signs indicating that you need to consult a consultant

Understanding what consultation is and its benefits is only the first step in helping you achieve the consultation effect you want. In addition to this, you also need to know when you need a psychological consultation.

According to Uptalent, when you notice the following signs, it’s time to find an expert consultant:

6.1- Prolonged negative emotions

Anxiety, stress, and sadness are obvious things you will feel when you encounter difficulties and challenges.

But if it lasts for a long time, it will negatively affect your work and quality of life. At the same time, it can also be a sign that you are suffering from a serious psychological disorder.

6.2- Difficulty maintaining relationships

Do you have difficulty communicating with your loved ones, friends or colleagues? Do you feel alone or alienated? Do you easily have conflicts with others? Don’t feel confident or supported?

The above signs all show that you are having difficulty maintaining your relationships with family, society and work.


6.3- Negative thoughts

You often have negative thoughts, feel embarrassed, dissatisfied with yourself, do not believe in your own abilities, do not have specific life goals, etc. So, it’s time for you to go see a psychologist.

6.4- Dangerous behavior

You tend to commit acts that are harmful to yourself and others, such as using drugs, fighting with those around you, having suicidal thoughts, etc.

Often, these behaviors are a way to escape negative emotions. However, this only harms yourself and those around you.

6.5- You want to develop

You intend to improve your skills to advance your career or achieve a life goal. More simply, you just want to take control of your own life. Next, find yourself a professional advisor. They can definitely help you make your wishes come true.

Hopefully the above shares from Ms. Uptalent can help you understand what counseling is and when to see a psychologist.

Counseling is a good solution when you encounter difficulties or want to develop your work or life. But you need to make sure you make the right choice when you embark on the consultation process. Good luck!

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