What is crisis communication? Crisis management process

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The communication crisis is a problem that any business can face. Crisis management is therefore always considered an absolute priority by companies.

In this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers better understand what a communications crisis is, effective crisis management procedures, and strategies to prevent crises. Please follow!

1- What is a communication crisis?
2- Characteristics of the communication crisis
3- Common types of communication crises
4- Some major media crises in Vietnam
5- Crisis management process

5.1- Determine the cause and assess the level of the crisis
5.2- Establish a crisis management committee and select a spokesperson
5.3- Actively cooperate with the competent authorities and the press
5.4- Give honest and timely feedback to customers
5.5- Ask law enforcement to intervene
5.6- Overcoming the damage caused by the crisis

6- Communication crisis prevention strategy

1- What is a communication crisis?

A communications crisis is an unexpected event that can have a negative impact on a company’s reputation, image and revenue.

The extent of this impact depends greatly on each company’s ability to manage and manage crises. Therefore, every company must promote crisis management in communication in order to respond quickly when adverse events occur.

2- Characteristics of the communication crisis

A media crisis often has the following characteristics:

– Occurs suddenly and is difficult to predict.

– The speed of propagation is dizzying, particularly on social media platforms.

– Creates negative consequences in many ways for businesses.

Attractive jobs

– Has a long-term impact on the company’s reputation.

– Different levels of damage.

– Causes numerous disruptions in the company’s operating procedures.

Media crisis

3- Common types of communication crises

Communication crises can arise from conflicts internal and external to the company, due to competitive pressures and many other reasons.

Here are some of the most common types of communication crises:

– Multichannel crisis

This type of crisis spreads quickly. If it cannot be controlled well, businesses will suffer heavy losses.

– Emerging crisis

With this type of crisis, you just need to resolve it quickly to get it under control. Otherwise, it could quickly turn into a more serious incident.

– Industry crisis

This type of crisis comes from a supplier or industry competitor facing a communications crisis.

– Crisis of solidarity

The crisis arises when the company’s partners are caught up in a scandal. At this time, businesses will also face unfavorable rumors.

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– Autogenic crisis

This type of crisis occurs due to errors in the company’s products or communication processes. In the current context of development of social networks, companies are very likely to encounter this crisis.

– Crisis after crisis

Crisis after crisis occurs when a company’s crisis management process is not working effectively. It is the errors in the management of the crisis that make the community react more harshly to the companies.

Types of communication crises

4- Some major media crises in Vietnam

In Vietnam there were also huge media crises. If you mention this name, you will probably immediately realize that you have heard of it.

4.1- The Gongcha crisis

In 2021, the Gongcha milk tea company suffered a media crisis when the market management agency discovered a warehouse containing tons of ingredients bearing the Gong Cha logo and showing signs of contraband. Subsequently, the company’s representative announced that the newly seized batch of goods was a counterfeit product of the brand.

4.2- Hao Hao noodle crisis

In 2021, Hao Hao noodle products were recalled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) due to the presence of Group 1B banned substances. This has made many people who love the taste of this type of noodle confused and worried.

4.3- Vietjet Air crisis

In 2018, Vietjet Air was caught in a terrible crisis. The reason is that this airline let the model wear overly revealing outfits during the flight to welcome the U23 team home after a tough match in the cold snow.

4.4- Tan Hiep Phat crisis

Tan Hiep’s media crisis arose when Ms Thu Ha of Tac Vang Restaurant, Bien Hoa – discovered a strange object in the Number One energy drink with the lid intact. When she reported this to customer service, she received an unsatisfactory response. This prompted her to file a complaint with the authorities.

4.5- The Khai Silk crisis

Khai Silk was involved in a media crisis by introducing Chinese silk products to Vietnam while the company brandished the slogan “marketing Vietnamese silk products to the world”.

Initially, the company denied reports about changing the label of Chinese products to “Made in Vietnam” products. However, under pressure from public opinion, Khai Silk had to publicly apologize and accept responsibility in front of the public. Then, on October 26, 2017, a series of the company’s stores across the country closed their doors.

Media crisis in Vietnam

5- Crisis management process

The extent of the damage caused by the media crisis, small or large, depends greatly on the management process of each company.

To prevent an initial crisis from turning into a bigger scandal, you can refer to the following standard treatment process from Uptalent:

5.1- Determine the cause and assess the level of the crisis

When a communications crisis occurs, the first thing to do is determine where the cause came from and how it happened.

Next, you will need to assess the impact of the crisis. Please answer the following two questions yourself to get the most accurate assessment:

– Could this crisis harm the company’s reputation and reputation?

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– What is the extent of the damage caused by the crisis?

5.2- Establish a crisis management committee and select a spokesperson

According to experts, the ideal time frame for handling a crisis is within 12 hours. If it’s later, it can only be 24 hours. Beyond this period, the consequences of the crisis can be very serious.

Therefore, you must act immediately when you detect a crisis. As soon as a crisis occurs, establish a crisis management committee as soon as possible, distribute the tasks of each person on the committee and choose a representative to speak on behalf of the company.

The crisis management council must include competent people. In particular, the spokesperson must be truly competent and experienced in dealing with the media. This is very decisive in a company’s ability to quickly resolve crises.

5.3- Actively cooperate with the competent authorities and the press

As negative emotions increase in the community, sources from relevant authorities and the press will provide the greatest confidence. This also has a very good impact in calming negative reactions from the community.

Therefore, you should cooperate closely with the above two mainstream media units, ensuring that you provide them with truthful, fully researched and highly convincing information. At the same time, you also need to ensure consistency in language and actions.

The most important thing in the media management process is to dare to face the problem and not shirk responsibility.

5.4- Give honest and timely feedback to customers

A professional crisis communications manager must clearly understand the importance of customers and community. They must always put the interests of the community and customers first, especially since they are able to neutralize risks.

Therefore, you need to give quick and honest feedback to your business’s customers. Please send them our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and unexpected incidents. It is the best solution to help you protect the image and reputation of your company in the hearts of customers.

5.5- Ask law enforcement to intervene

If you are sure your company is not doing anything wrong, seek legal intervention. Their voice is the best evidence for the company amid the many unfavorable rumors circulating in the community.

5.6- Overcoming the damage caused by the crisis

The emergence of a media crisis is always accompanied by certain damages. This damage can be large or small. Your task is to find ways to overcome the consequences that can still be repaired.

At the same time, the Marketing department must also quickly find measures to improve the company’s image and ensure good communication for the brand.

6- Communication crisis prevention strategy

In addition to a proper crisis management process, you also need to develop a strategy to prevent unexpected negative incidents from occurring in your business.

Here are some suggestions to help you create an effective seizure prevention strategy:

– Plan proactively to prevent crises in advance to minimize serious damage.

– Actively build a good brand image in the hearts of the public and customers.

– Quickly assess and find solutions when a crisis arises.

– Appoint an official spokesperson for the company brand.

– Always provide accurate and transparent information to customers and the public.

– Establish good relationships with news agencies to quickly detect and prevent the seeds of a crisis from the start. This is essential to put an end to unfounded rumors circulating in the media.

Above are some shares from Ms. Uptalent on communication crises as well as the management process and crisis prevention strategies. I hope this article has provided you with a lot of useful information and helped you be more confident in handling communications crises for businesses. Good luck!

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