What is e-commerce? The trend of the times

Thương mại điện tử là gì? Ngành học xu hướng của thời đại

Here, e-commerce This is a field of study that attracts the attention of many people due to its great employment potential and its strong development in recent years.

So, you understand e-commerce (E-commerce) is this the case or not? Why is this the trending field of study of the times? Let’s discover these issues with Ms. Uptalent through the following article!

1- What is e-commerce?
2- What is e-commerce?
3- Which school offers e-commerce training?
4- The disadvantages of the e-commerce sector
5- Should girls study e-commerce?
6. Conclusion

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1- What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a form of online business operated through computer and internet platform to carry out buying, selling, trading as well as payment activities online.

E-commerce is a field of study in economics. The goal of this industry is to train students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be able to implement an online business model through the Internet.

Currently, e-commerce is a potential development trend in the era of globalization. It is a good opportunity for those who want to start a business and is a useful tool to help small businesses increase their profits and become stronger in the future.

In addition, e-commerce is also considered an effective solution to help promote the development of the national economy. E-commerce revenue figures have proven that this sector has good long-term growth potential.

Experts predict that e-commerce will continue to grow strongly in the coming years and gradually replace traditional business methods.

What is e-commerce?

2- What is e-commerce?

Attractive jobs

The strong development of e-commerce in recent times has led to a rapid increase in human resource requirements in this area. At the same time, many companies want to improve the quality of human resources to keep up with the trends of the times.

Therefore, e-commerce is currently an industry that can provide you with job opportunities. After graduating from this specialization, you can work in the following professions:

– Customer service.

– SEO/Content staff.

– Product management.

– Staff contribution.

– Sales staff of the advertising media department.

– General online marketing team.

– Command staff.

– Staff managing Google, Facebook, etc. advertisements

– Expert in digital transformation.

– Digital marketing specialist.

– E-commerce project management.

– Online Business System Administrator.

– Business analyst.

– Advisors.

– Product manager.

– Research staff of research institutes and centers.

– E-commerce trainer.

You can choose to work in e-commerce, import-export, logistics companies, state agencies, universities, etc. In addition, you can also choose to start a business if you have good qualifications.

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Not only are there many varied positions, but the e-commerce sector also offers you very good income. The salary in this industry is currently around 8-20 million/month. High or low salary will depend on your abilities, experience and qualifications.

What is e-commerce

3- Which school offers e-commerce training?

The field of e-commerce requires you to understand the knowledge related to online business and economics. In addition, you also need to equip yourself with foreign language skills, information technology, and necessary soft skills.

To accumulate the above knowledge and skills, you need to study e-commerce at schools that offer this specialization.

Below are some schools offering reputable e-commerce training that you can refer to:

– University of Commerce.

– National University of Economics.

– University of Transport Technology.

– Dong A University – Da Nang.

– University of Economics and Law – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (UEL).

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

– Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City.

– University of Information Technology – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (ITU).

Additionally, you can also choose to study e-commerce abroad if you qualify. Countries to consider when deciding to study this specialty are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Choosing the right learning environment is very helpful for you in your career development. Therefore, you should carefully consider your goals, interests and the school’s training program to make the best choice.

4- The disadvantages of the e-commerce sector

It is impossible to deny the values ​​and opportunities that e-commerce can bring to people working in this field. However, each profession has its own disadvantages.

With e-commerce, the first disadvantage is the high and constantly changing rejection rate. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why many people hesitate when choosing this profession.

The next challenge when working in the e-commerce industry is being able to adapt quickly. As mentioned, e-commerce is constantly evolving, so only those who have the ability to flexibly adapt to change can persevere and stay in the profession for a long time.

Finally, e-commerce requires you to always be proactively learning and cultivating your knowledge and experience. Specifically, you should actively seek out opportunities to experiment with different positions. From there, you will better adapt to changes and have effective ways to overcome the rigors of the industry.

E-commerce training school

5- Should girls study e-commerce?

Should girls study e-commerce or not? This is a question that many people ask themselves. So what is the most correct answer to this problem?

The nature of e-commerce consists of business activities using technology and the Internet. Additionally, there is no evidence that girls should not study e-commerce.

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In fact, whether or not you should study e-commerce does not depend on your gender but will depend on each person’s interests, abilities and career direction.

Not to mention, girls also have a huge advantage when doing e-commerce. For example, they often have high EQ and the ability to understand customer psychology better than men.

Furthermore, the e-commerce industry applies technology only to business activities and does not focus on technology development.

That said, you may have answered the question of whether or not girls should learn e-commerce. The next thing you need to consider is whether or not you are suitable for this industry.

Normally, each different profession will have certain requirements for people studying that field. And e-commerce too. To know whether or not you are suitable for the e-commerce industry, you can consider the following:

Do you like business or not?

E-commerce is an economic sector. Therefore, love and passion for business are prerequisites for those who want to enter this industry.

Additionally, many people, after studying e-commerce, will choose the path of entrepreneurship. Therefore, people who love business are definitely a very suitable audience for the e-commerce industry.

Are you passionate about technology?

E-commerce uses the technology and medium of the Internet to carry out purchasing and payment activities. Therefore, love and passion for technology are definitely essential factors for people who want to get into this industry.

Are you good at understanding the psychology of others?

The ability to understand customer psychology will help you understand what they need, want and like. Through analytics, you can provide customers with the value they want and you will be more successful.

Do you have the ability to respond flexibly and quickly?

The e-commerce field is always volatile as customer needs are constantly changing and technology platforms are constantly developing. Therefore, you need to be really flexible and agile if you want to study and work effectively in this field.

The disadvantages of e-commerce

6. Conclusion

We see that e-commerce and the strong development of the Internet have created great value for companies and their customers. In the long term, e-commerce will certainly strengthen its important role in modern life.

With plenty of heat and potential, e-commerce deserves to be one of the hottest fields of study and is an ideal choice for young people who love business and are passionate about technology.

If you feel that you have sufficient ability and interest in e-commerce, develop a specific study plan and constantly strive to accumulate the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to succeed in the sector.

I hope this article by Ms. Uptalent has helped you understand what e-commerce is and why it is the trending field of the moment. If you want to update more interesting things about Ecommerce, don’t forget to follow Uptalent’s upcoming articles! Good luck!

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