What is GPT-4 chat? Great benefits and instructions for signing up

Chat GPT-4 là gì? Ưu điểm vượt trội và hướng dẫn cách đăng ký

After only 4 months of GPT Chat release, OpenAI released a new version GPT-4 in March 2023. This latest version continues to amaze users because of its remarkable improvements over the previous version.

SO Cat GPT-4 What is this? What exceptional characteristics does it have? Let Ms. Uptalent introduce readers to interesting information about Chat GPT-4 through the following article!

1- What is GPT-4 chat?
2- Compare the GPT-4 chat with the previous GPT-3.5 chat
3- What are the exceptional advantages of GPT-4?
4- How to register a GPT-4 chat account?

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1- What is GPT-4 chat?

Chat GPT-4 is the latest version of the language modeling system developed by OpenAI. The previous version was GPT-3.5, released in November 2022, it was used in the GPT Chat service and created a big buzz in the community.

GPT-4 focuses on multimodality and is therefore capable of handling text and image input. In addition, it is also updated with an extensive language model and trained via large online data sources, so that it can provide answers to complex user problems.

You should clearly distinguish, GPT-4 is just a language model, it can be applied in many different systems. Meanwhile, GPT Chat or Bing Chat are service products, they are applied GPT-4 to improve performance.

In other words, any text-based service can apply GPT-4 and get great benefits from it. Additionally, it can also be used as an accessibility tool to help people with dyslexia. It can replace certain tasks, improve workflow or make programming work easier.

The outstanding advantage of GPT-4 that surprises everyone is its reasoning ability. For example, if you need to organize a meeting with many different people, you can provide information to GPT-4 and ask it to arrange a convenient time for everyone.

2- Compare the GPT-4 chat with the previous GPT-3.5 chat

Compared to the previous version GPT-3.5, GPT-4 has the following major differences:

First, GPT-4 can handle image capture

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GPT Chat only receives and processes text input. Meanwhile, GPT-4 can use image capture, recognize objects in images and analyze them.

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Second, GPT-4 provides more precise feedback

As noted, the latest version of GPT is capable of providing more detailed, more precise and longer answers.

Currently it can provide answers of around 25,000 words. Chat GPT can only give answers of around 3,000 words.

Third, Chat GPT-4 has larger memory

GPT-3.5 and earlier only have 4,096 “tokens”, meaning it can only store about 8,000 words, the equivalent of 4-5 pages of a book.

Meanwhile, GPT-4 has up to 32,768 codes. This number equates to 64,000 words, or approximately 50 pages.

Due to its large storage capacity, GPT-4 can offer users many other extremely useful word processing features.

Fourth, GPT-4 has a more diverse “personality” than the previous version

Unlike Chat GPT version 3.5, GPT-4 incorporates more native controls. Through this, it can allow users to change their conversation style, tone, and method of interaction to better suit their needs.

Cat GPT - 4

3- What are the exceptional advantages of GPT-4?

The birth of GPT-4 last March continued to receive praise from a large number of users for its extremely remarkable features. Specifically:

3.1- Ability to process and analyze images

This is considered superior to the previous version of Chat GPT. With GPT-4, users can upload images and receive the information they need.

As you watch the video testing this feature of GPT-4, you will see that it has the ability to recognize patterns on clothing, read labels, recognize plants, read maps, etc.

Another amazing test is that GPT-4 can convert a design into a working website in just a few minutes. Or, it can use a photo of the ingredients to make suitable dish recommendations.

3.2- Strong coding ability

With powerful language capabilities, GPT-4 can help users with many different tasks such as plot construction, character definition, game content development, etc.

Additionally, you can also use GPT-4 to create marketing content, write articles, or do moderation work on gaming discussion forums.

According to experts, this superior feature of GPT-4 will create favorable conditions for the future growth of independent game developers.

3.3- Pass professional and academic tests perfectly

GPT-4 still outperforms humans in many real-world situations. However, he is capable of very good results in professional and academic tests.

According to an announcement from OpenAI, the latest version has surpassed Chat GPT in this regard. Specifically, GPT-4 passed the U.S. bar exam with a score in the top 10%, while GPT-3.5 had a lower score.

3.4- GPT-4 provides a longer and more precise response

As noted, the GPT-4 version is capable of providing responses of up to 25,000 words. Besides, it can also provide users with detailed instructions based on each specific situation.

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3.5- Support to improve work efficiency in many different industries

One of the other great advancements of GPT-4 is that it can help people perform many different tasks and improve the workflow for each specific task.

For example, legal department DoNotPay is currently working on applying GPT-4 to combat fraud by creating lawsuits with just one click.

Additionally, Chat GPT-4 is also integrated with many companies’ chatbots to provide better customer service.

These are just a few small examples showing the application potential of GPT-4. It is predicted that this tool will bring a big change in the way of working in the future.

4- How to register a GPT-4 chat account?

To use GTP-4, you will need to spend money to upgrade your GPT Chat account to the Plus package. However, there is still a way to help you use GPT-4 for free.

4.1- Register a GPT-4 account via Nat.dev

Step 1: Go to the nat.dev page here. You can also enter the website name directly into the browser you are using.

Sign up for a GPT-4 Chat account

Step 2: Select “Continue with Google”.

Cat GPT-4
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Step 3: Enter the phone number then click Continue.

What is GPT-4 chat?

Step 4: Enter the code received to finalize the account registration.

How to register for GPT-4 chat

Your GPT-4 account interface will look like the following image:

GPT-4 Chat Account Interface

Step 5: In the upper right corner of the account interface, click GPT-4 in the Model to use section.

Main interface of GPT-4 Chat account

Although your account interface may not look like GPT-4, this is currently the most efficient way to help you sign up to use this tool for free.

4.2- Use GPT-4 via Bing AI Chat

In addition to the above measures, you can also use GPT-4 through Bing AI Chat. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit Bing.com, then click “Learn More” to be redirected to the account registration page.

Step 2: Click “Join Waitlist” and sign in with your Microsoft account.

You can also do the following to be added to the waitlist:

Step 1: You search for a certain topic on Bing. Then click on “Chat” to access the registration page.

Step 2: Click “Join Waitlist” to join the GPT-4 onboarding program on Bing.

After registering, you just need to wait for the system to approve and experience it. Normally, you can use the service after 24 hours if you register successfully.

5. Conclusion

Besides the advantages, Chat GPT-4 also has some limitations, such as:

– Inaccurate response issue. Even though GPT-4 has a higher level of accuracy than previous versions, that doesn’t mean it’s completely error-free.

– GPT4 can understand user intentions but remains inferior to humans in some real-world situations.

According to OpenAI, users should be careful when using GPT-4 to avoid being led by false information, especially in high-risk areas.

Overall, OpenAI needs to continue to improve GPT-4 to be able to handle issues discovered during deployment as well as improve security and better manage risk issues that may arise.

Ms. Uptalent has just presented Chat GPT-4 to readers. Even if this tool still has limitations, the potential it brings is truly enormous.

I hope that after the article you will understand GPT-4 better and can create your own account to enjoy the great benefits it brings. Good luck!

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