What is Inspiration? Mastering the Skill of Inspiration

Truyền cảm hứng là gì? Làm chủ kỹ năng truyền cảm hứng

Work efficiency not only depends on professional strength, but also largely depends on mental strength. And one of the factors that brings this spiritual strength is the leader’s ability to inspire. There are detailed instructions for practicing this skill, but first, let’s join Ms. Uptalent discovers what inspiration is and why this skill is becoming more and more important.

1- What is inspiration?
2- When are inspiration skills important?
3- Why are inspirational skills particularly necessary at management levels?
4. Tips for Mastering Effective Inspiration Skills

4.1. Become a model
4.2. Consistency between words and actions
4.3. Communicate clearly and precisely
4.4. Always a companion
4.5. Stay inspired

1- What is inspiration?

Inspiration is the ability to transmit enthusiasm and motivation from one person to another, lifting the morale of the recipient, helping them increase their enthusiasm, resilience and efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges which he himself has great difficulty in overcoming.

Specifically, this article is about the ability to inspire managers and leaders of company employees, adding motivation and confidence in future success, guiding them through the difficult stages that companies face. are confronted.

What are inspiring skills?

2- When are inspiration skills important?

The value of inspirational skills is particularly appreciated in the following situations:

2.1. Exploit Hidden Abilities

“You won’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice available to you,” indeed, each person’s personal ability always has a potential scope that is immediately apparent. Under normal circumstances, this person will not have enough strength to push him to “appear”. Through inspirational energy, self-awareness is driven to successfully explore hidden capabilities, thereby creating higher value for oneself and the organization.

2.2. Building a cohesive support team

“A tree cannot make a tree”, no matter how good a leader is, he cannot manage everything alone, from micro to macro, effectively. Only by building a team of staff who trust and work together will the work be successful. To create this team, inspiration is the key factor.

2.3. Gather strength, face challenges

Opinions, concerns, thoughts… belong to spiritual power and have the ability to spread and impact a large group very quickly. This is also the risk that many people give up easily in difficult times. The more people leave, the more it creates a negative psychological impact. At present, the value of the ability to inspire is an important “weapon”, both to keep people and to raise their morale, connecting closely to create a strong block of strength.

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Cultivate your inspirational skills

3- Why are inspirational skills particularly necessary at management levels?

In an office environment, everyone should have the ability to inspire, but at a high and mandatory level, people in leadership positions are always the priority group, because:

3.1. Need to maintain stable staff

Attractive jobs

Minimizing negative factors in terms of organizational structure when the company faces difficulties or the project faces many challenges, the ability of people to inspire chief will be very important. Because in addition to keeping employees engaged, this capability also helps revive employee morale and build trust so that new hires can feel secure in their endeavors within the company.

3.2. Solve large workloads

The tasks undertaken by teams and services are increasingly demanding in terms of quality, with a sharp increase in quantity, while the contribution of human resources is very limited. This forces employees to work more, as prolonged pressure can easily lead to mental fatigue and reduced work energy. Without timely inspiration, the team’s performance will only be at a temporary level, making it difficult to create a breakthrough.

3.3. Create solutions to manage work

No matter how skilled or experienced a manager is, sometimes they are “out of ideas” and easily follow outdated paths. With the ability to inspire, director will stimulate the creative ability of each employee, giving birth to many new and unique ideas, in line with the trends of the times. Then, simple analysis, selection or coordination is enough to create effective innovations for the task execution process.

3.4. Improve trust in employees

The manager’s overall workload is not less than the detailed workload of employees, so he cannot always closely monitor and give instructions to employees. Instead, it will delegate authority, allowing employees to work proactively. However, many employees are still a little hesitant and rush to ask, rush to ask the boss for direction. To avoid this situation, managers must actively encourage employees to have confidence in their professional abilities, and at the same time feel confident that they will always have appropriate and timely support for issues that are truly beyond their employees’ control.

How to inspire effectively

4. Tips for Mastering Effective Inspiration Skills

Maintaining inspiration for yourself is hard, but having the skills to inspire others is even harder. But overcoming difficulties will soon help us create outstanding achievements, and here are the tips that will help you overcome the “difficulties” of mastering inspiring skills:

4.1. Become a model

We cannot encourage others to work overtime while we ourselves, short of leave, ask to leave early. Therefore, before you want to inspire others on an issue, be an example of that issue yourself. As a general rule, as a leader, always be disciplined, take the lead in all your work, manage fairly and transparently, be ready to accept difficulties and take responsibility for your decisions. Only then can you convince your colleagues to accept words of inspiration.

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4.2. Consistency between words and actions

Inspiring content will not be recognized by listeners if, in the past, the inspiring person “always said one thing and did another”, “promised more than he delivered”, causing distrust again and again. Therefore, effective inspiration is not a temporary implementation and immediate recognition, but it is the result of a process of living with truth – goodness – beauty, saying what can be done , to successfully establish trust in others even before the “turbulence”. appeared.

4.3. Communicate clearly and precisely

Don’t let listeners guess the main content of what you are inspiring them to do, because there are always many different ways to think about and evaluate a question. Because of this factor, when inspiring, identify precisely the central issue you want your audience to perceive. For example:

  • If you want to retain your employees, let them know that the benefits offered by the organization are better than those of the competition. In the current difficult period, all companies in the sector are facing it.

  • If you want employees to complete difficult tasks, they must orient themselves specifically towards the quality standards expected by the company, helping them understand the value of contribution, thereby bringing a sense of pride to the accomplishment of the task. assignment.

Mastering the Skill of Inspiration

4.4. Always a companion

With the experience and power available, the inspiring person should always be a companion to support their team during the implementation process, as well as when solving unforeseen problems. This will help employees allay their fears, motivate them to boldly come up with ideas, improve work standards and feel secure in their long-term commitment to the organization.

4.5. Stay inspired

A good inspiring person must be able to maintain a good emotional balance, know how to maintain enthusiasm and know how to boost morale in difficult situations. So, don’t just focus on getting positive inspiration from others and forget about accumulating positive inspiration for yourself. This value is effectively formed through:

  • Cultivate professional ability, proactively experience each “small difficulty” to accumulate problem-solving experience for future “big difficulties”.

  • Exercise 30 minutes a day to help your body produce endorphins – the happy hormone, creating a refreshing and positive mind.

  • Listen to calming music (symphonic music is recommended) to relax your mind, reduce pressure, and reduce subjectivity when thinking about solutions.

  • Chat and interact with positive people, their energy will permeate you little by little…

Inspiration is the act of using words to spread positive energy and uplifting spirit to the listener. This is an important skill in the group of communication skills and leadership skills. To practice successfully, Ms. Talent Sharing always focuses on the moral qualities of the inspiring person. Because we can only encourage others to trust us, agree with us, and do exactly what we say when we do those things well ourselves.

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