What is LinkedIn? Everything about professional social networks

Linkedin là gì? Tất tần tật về mạng xã hội nghề nghiệp

Speaking of social networks which today have a large number of users, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn also a great name. In the Western market, the social network LinkedIn is too well known, but in Vietnam, it is still a trend that must be grasped as quickly as possible, so as not to be late. If you want to know what LinkedIn is, how it works and how to use it, let’s explore with TalentBold!

4.1. Create a LinkedIn social media account
4.2. Building a connection network
4.3. To find a job
4.4. Exchange views, discuss

5. Development trend of LinkedIn usage in Vietnam

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1. What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform currently owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn was launched on May 5, 2003 and now has more than 810 million users in 200 countries. Users can access LinkedIn through a website or a mobile application (app).

So, unlike other social networks aimed at entertainment and personal connection, LinkedIn specializes only in:

  • Find jobs or internships by updating, following and contacting employers through LinkedIn features

  • Connect and develop professional relationships by writing articles, posting photos, videos, making friends…

  • Learn the skills that support career success by participating in discussion groups, online and offline events…

Higher focus, more efficient specialization, and the quality of data sources that LinkedIn users receive have also been significantly improved.

Many employers will use a candidate’s LinkedIn account to assess their abilities and skills. Therefore, LinkedIn in the modern world of job search is considered an indispensable part of a candidate’s CV.

2. Why is LinkedIn so popular worldwide when it comes to recruiting and job searching?

Attractive jobs

Technology that supports the value of life is a definite trend of our times, the same goes for human resources, speed and quality must always go hand in hand. And LinkedIn helped us achieve this thanks to its advantages:

2.1. High level of specialization

Having a clear direction for your own mission not only helps LinkedIn attract a large number of target customers, but also helps users effectively tap into job search information sources and find the people they are targeting, without find yourself stuck. and provide no practical value.


2.2. Support for various data sources

On LinkedIn, there are all levels of staff that our career path will lead to. This means that you will always find suitable people to learn from, make friends with and find valuable advice and opportunities for your chosen path. It may exist on other social networks, but the depth is not great and the quantity is very low.

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2.3. Continually update your knowledge

Apart from finding job opportunities, we also find many useful courses to improve professional skills and knowledge from leading experts all over the world. There are paid courses, but there are also many free courses or articles sharing great experiences from a leading industry expert.

2.4. Easily search by keyword

In a world of hundreds of professions and thousands of titles, you can always find information directly related to your individual needs using LinkedIn’s built-in search engine. Scientific algorithms help LinkedIn quickly filter relevant information, helping you immediately and consistently connect with potential employers or employees.

2.5. Develop human resources relationships

The Follow, Make Friends, Join Groups features will help you find like-minded associates in the same field. In addition to exchanging job information, they can also become good friends, willing to introduce you to good candidates or jobs from sources they know.

2.6. Improve your personal brand

The strengths or achievements of individuals/companies are sometimes difficult to present in depth through a CV or recruitment newsletter. But all of this content can be updated over time on LinkedIn, creating a passive application/recruitment profile. When candidates or employers need to learn, they go to their LinkedIn account and can fully grasp the content and proactively contact the LinkedIn account owner if they see fit.

What is LinkedIn?

3. Who is eligible to join LinkedIn?

The social network LinkedIn is for everyone, from individuals to organizations, from recruiters to job seekers, from companies wanting to increase their organization’s employer brand to employees looking to develop their personal brand or learn more skills from internal experts and external to the industry.

In the basic subscription you will not pay any fees, the account you create will be created and maintained online forever. Only if you want to increase your access to LinkedIn products and features to the Premium level, you will need to pay from the second month of use (the first month is free).

This premium tier is similar to the one you use when using Facebook advertising features to reach more customers. In LinkedIn Premium there are also promotions but the content will focus on:

  • Staff recruitment news, job offers

  • Sell ​​professional development courses

  • Sale of tools and equipment to support the work process…

4. Instructions for using and leveraging data on LinkedIn

4.1. Create a LinkedIn social media account

Go to the link vn.linkedin.com, go to the Register (Login) section, the system will direct you to the section for declaring the necessary information to create your own LinkedIn account.

In addition to personal information, there are also elements:

  • Summary of professional experience

  • Career milestones

  • Companies you have worked for

  • Skills, personal interests…

You don’t need to fill out all the content on your first visit, just provide basic information first to create an account. Detailed content can be added later with great care, helping you effectively approach employers to find out more.

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Instructions for using Linkedin

4.2. Building a connection network

Once you have a LinkedIn account, you can take advantage of all the features:

  • Make friends with people you know

  • Add LinkedIn links from family, friends, colleagues…

  • Follow the LinkedIn accounts of professionals or recruiters that interest you

  • Join recruitment/job search groups to access numerous sources of information tailored to your needs…

  • Create events or participate in events such as online seminars, course marketing, offline seminars…

Through the system you have befriended, followed or participated in the information exchange with, you will access many useful news, meeting the LinkedIn operating needs you are aiming for. Building a network is very important, because from the network connections you have established, the LinkedIn system will automatically update you with the latest posts that these networks have just published, so that you do not miss the “heat” of the news.

4.3. To find a job

With your LinkedIn account, you are qualified to research recruiting needs from companies or recruiting groups. With simple keywords in the LinkedIn search bar, a series of suitable job suggestions will appear in order of job posting time, near and far.

You can click on each content and find out the recruitment conditions for each position, then:

  • Save it to your personal LinkedIn account archives for further review

  • Submit your CV online to the employer’s LinkedIn account

  • Preliminary discussion, online interview via chat application on LinkedIn…

Additionally, you can also create opportunities for employers or people you are in contact with to introduce you to jobs by posting on your page, announcing that you are looking for a job with the right standards: A, B, C.. . especially. I’m sure many people will be interested and come to your LinkedIn page to learn more about your professional experience.

Use Linkedin

4.4. Exchange views, discuss

Content topics are posted by other LinkedIn accounts. If you want to participate in the exchange, learn and express your opinion, the comments section under these articles always has a space for you.

You can also create content (thoughts, ideas, opinions…) to attract attention and comments from the LinkedIn community on your own account or through the LinkedIn group you joined.

5. Development trend of LinkedIn usage in Vietnam

According to statistics based on countries using the LinkedIn system, as of April 2023, the number of Vietnamese recruiters and candidates using LinkedIn reached 6,292,000, accounting for 6.2% of the total population. Among them, people aged 25 to 34 account for the highest proportion, 52.4%, reaching 3,300,000 people.

Next come 18-24 year olds (39.7%), 35-54 year olds (7.3%), over 55 year olds (0.5%). Thus, we see that the group of young people are gradually turning towards the rich online recruitment channel offered by the social network LinkedIn, with a significant innovation compared to previous generations who were familiar with recruitment in newspapers or internet sites. online recruitment.

Currently, LinkedIn supports the Vietnamese language, which makes communicating and translating with other international languages ​​simpler and easier. Promising that the need to use and leverage recruiting information or search for candidates on LinkedIn in the near future will be the priority choice of the future generation of workers.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on exchanging, sharing and delivering content on LinkedIn aimed at recruiting, finding employment and improving professional skills. Thanks to high specialization, LinkedIn users can find many sources of information that match the goals they are looking for. With the number of young Vietnamese using LinkedIn increasing, TalentBold is confident that it will be the preferred method for recruiting and finding employment in the near future.

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