What is passion? How to find and maintain your passion?

Đam mê là gì? Bạn tìm thấy và giữ đam mê như thế nào?

Passion is probably something that everyone has. But the reality is that not everyone clearly understands what passion is and cannot find their own passion.

And you? How do you understand passion? How to find and maintain your passion? Let’s follow the following article by Ms. Uptalent to better understand passion!

1- What is passion?
2- The meaning of passion at work
3- How to identify what passion is?
4- 3 steps to help you find your true passion
5- Keep your passion alive with Uptalent

5.1- Always think about why you started
5.2- Make a precise work plan
5.3- Determined to pursue your goals to the end
5.4- Reconciliation between work and private life
5.5- Always believe in yourself

1- What is passion?

To the question “What is passion?” » Each person will often have their own definition. According to Uptalent, you can simply understand that passion is a person’s desire and love for something. This creates great motivation for you to do your best to continue and dedicate yourself to it.

Although each person has a different way of thinking about passion, no one can deny the benefits, comfort and clear life goals it brings. Above all, it is also one of the factors that help you achieve success easily in your professional and personal life.

Passion can come from many different factors. For example, it can come from personal interests, desires or dreams. There are also cases where it is formed from one’s exposure and experience.

No matter where your passion begins, the most important thing is to understand yourself. Only when you truly understand what you like, what you hate, what you have or don’t have will you be able to see through your desires and know what to do.

What is passion?

2- The meaning of passion at work

Many people are always searching for what passion is and why they should pursue it. However, not everyone really understands why passion is necessary.

According to Uptalent, you should show passion in your work because it can help you maximize your strengths and abilities and easily achieve the success you expect.

Attractive jobs

Here are the important benefits of passion at work:

2.1- Higher work efficiency

Anyone who does their favorite job feels more comfortable, relaxed and happier. This helps them not feel pressured or difficult at work. Since then, work efficiency has improved significantly, and labor productivity is also higher than others.

2.2- Promote creativity

The great thing about passionate people is that they always find new, creative ways to do their work.

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You surely felt very free and comfortable doing the work you love, right? Reality has proven that when people do passionate work, they have more creative and unique ideas.

This becomes even more important for jobs that require great creativity.

2.3- Do not feel constrained or under pressure when you work

When you do work that you love, you will feel happier and will not feel obligated or pressured to do something.

In return, people who have to do work they don’t like will often feel a lack of freedom and comfort, gradually leading to boredom, fatigue and abandonment of their job.

Passion in the profession

2.4- Easy to succeed

According to survey results, people who are passionate about their work are often more likely to succeed than those who have to do a job they hate.

It is the joy and excitement of doing work they love that makes people more positive, more dynamic and allows them to optimize their abilities.

2.5- Find fulfillment in the work you do

Whether or not the job you do generates a high income, having passion makes a huge difference. The reason is that you will feel intense joy and excitement from the work you love. It makes the work you do more fulfilling and fulfilling.

3- How to identify what passion is?

Many people struggle to find what passion is but don’t know what passion is. Some people even confuse passion with a hobby.

So how do you identify passion?

According to Uptalent, to assess whether something is passion or not, you can rely on the following 5 signs:

3.1- Frequently mentioned

If you’re really passionate about something, you’ll tend to talk about it regularly. Additionally, you also seem extremely happy and comfortable when talking about it.

3.2- Do not be afraid of difficulties and challenges

Not being afraid or giving up in the face of difficulties is considered a clear expression of passion. If you easily give up on what you think is your passion, then in reality, it may not be your passion, or maybe because you don’t have enough passion or love for it.

Representing passion

3.3- Patience

The process of finding and pursuing a passion is often very long. To be successful, you will definitely have to learn and accumulate a lot of necessary experience and knowledge.

It can be said that passion and patience always go hand in hand. If you don’t have enough patience, it will be difficult for you to complete the path to conquering your passion.

3.4- Dare to be creative and disruptive

Passion makes you dare to do the craziest things. Worse yet, you might also be looked down upon by others with discriminatory eyes because you are different from them.

However, a person who finds passion will dare to exchange everything and will not be affected by the criticism of others. The only thing that interests them is to continually innovate and create big breakthroughs on the path to their goals.

3.5- Clearly understand what you are doing

Most people who understand what passion is know exactly what they are doing and the goals they want to achieve.

On the contrary, people who cannot be clear about what they are doing will not be aware of what they are looking for or what they want to achieve. It will therefore be easier for them to give up in the face of difficulties and obstacles.

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4- 3 steps to help you find your true passion

Just understanding what passion is doesn’t mean you can find your exact passion. The reality will quickly make you doubt whether it is your passion or not.

If you are still struggling to find your passion, Uptalent’s 3 simple steps below will be a big salvation for you:

Find passion

4.1- Determine what you really like

The passion still exists and it is very close to you. Instead of thinking about distant things, you should ask yourself if there is something you really want to do and dare to devote all your time and effort to do it? If the answer is yes, then this is the passion you have been looking for for a long time.

If, after careful consideration, you still don’t know what you like, proactively participate in new activities, community programs, etc. and see what happens. Through these activities, you will most likely discover what you really want to do.

4.2- Improve the experience

Do you have a job? Do you have certain interests? So let us increase our experience of them to understand them more deeply and comprehensively.

Remember, passion accompanied by practical actions is an effective way to help you check your aptitude, love as well as determination to conquer your passion.

4.3- Maintain a positive mind

When you do good things, you will feel happy and more accepting of everything around you. Therefore, make sure to always maintain positivity, confidence and comfort, as these are important catalysts to help you quickly find what you are truly passionate about.

5- Keep your passion alive with Uptalent

Understanding what passion is, finding the right passion is as difficult as it is, keeping the fire of passion burning is two or three times harder. Today you may be passionate about something, but over the next month or year it will gradually disappear. You may even give up your passion for many different reasons.

Therefore, once you find your passion, you must learn to maintain it and develop it more every day. On the other hand, passion also helps you have greater motivation to pursue your goals to the end.

Here are some ways Uptalent believes can help you keep the fire of your passion burning:

keep the passion burning

5.1- Always think about why you started

Everything you do definitely has a reason. Think about it often, it will help you have strong motivation to keep moving forward.

If you can’t pinpoint exactly why you started, continue pursuing your passion. Over time, you will definitely find it.

5.2- Make a precise work plan

You need to develop a long-term plan for the process of achieving your passion. In this plan, divide it into several short-term goals. This will allow you to do things more easily and with greater efficiency.

5.3- Determined to pursue your goals to the end

Once you determine and start realizing your passion, you need to have the mindset to follow through and not give up halfway.

If you’re not truly determined and constantly evolving, things won’t go anywhere. This is why you cannot take any further steps on the path to pursuing your passion.

5.4- Reconciliation between work and private life

Having a great passion for work is something very admirable. However, don’t completely forget about your personal life because of this.

The journey to conquer passion is very long. You can’t finish it in a short time. So, learn to balance work and personal life. This will give you more strength to reach the final destination of your passion.

5.5- Always believe in yourself

Self-confidence is an important foundation to help you strengthen your abilities and make the best decisions.

You can increase your self-confidence in many ways like reading books, learning positive content, etc. These seemingly simple things will help fuel your confidence and passion.

I hope this article by Ms. Uptalent is helpful to those of you who don’t know what passion is. At the same time, you can also apply what Uptalent shares to identify, find and keep your passion alive. Good luck!

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