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What is PM? Decoding PM in various fields

PM là gì? Giải mã PM trong các lĩnh vực khác nhau

PM has long been a commonly used word in many different cases. It can appear in messages or be used in various industries and fields.

So you understand perfectly What is PM? or not? Let’s join Ms. Uptalent to decode the interesting things about PM through the following article!

1- What is MP?
14- PM different fields

2.1- What is a PM on Facebook?
2.2- What is PM in IT?
2.3- What are PMs in SMS?
2.4- What is PM in business?
2.5- Is PM light or dark?
2.6- What is PM?


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1- What is MP?

PM is an English acronym with many different meanings. To know exactly what PM means, you will have to see in what situation and in what context it is used.

Below are the meanings that you may encounter in the word PM:

– Prime Minister: Prime Minister.

– Private message: private messages.

– Personal message: personal messages.

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– Call me: Send a message to someone to call you.

– Project manager: Project manager.

– Product Manager: Product Manager.

– Post Meridiem: The time period from noon to evening (12:00 p.m. – 11:59 p.m.).

– Perfect Money: A cryptocurrency.

2- What is the meaning of PM in different areas

2.1- What is a PM on Facebook?

When you surf Facebook, you probably often come across the word PM. So what does PM mean here?

Normally when someone on Facebook sends you this PM it means they want to talk to you privately, they don’t want to make the conversation between the two of you public.

At present, PM is understood as private message or personal message, that is, private or personal message.

Additionally, PM is also known as Phone Me. This is a message from someone addressed to you in the hope that you will call them back.

It can be seen that PM has many different interpretations on Facebook. Therefore, you must rely on your level of intimacy with the other person to determine exactly what they mean by the word.

When you receive a PM message from someone, you can choose to reply to them via Messenger or any other app that suits you.

Currently, when you want to ask someone to reply to you on Facebook, you can also use the word IB (Inbox) instead of PM.

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2.2- What is PM in IT?

In the IT industry, the word PM stands for project management or project manager. Translated into Vietnamese, it will be understood as project manager or project manager.

The task of a project manager is to do everything to complete the project on time, within budget and to be responsible for the success or failure of the project.

Basically, the project manager will have to perform tasks such as planning, human resource management, resolving problems that arise, risk management, collaborating with clients, etc.

2.3- What are PMs in SMS?

When I’m texting someone and they’re not online, I usually leave them a message like this: “Send me a message when you’re online.”

In this case PM means personal message or private message i.e. personal message or private message.

Private messaging here means that you will send a message to someone, whether it is an individual or an organization through certain apps or websites.

To send messages you will need to use electronic devices such as phones, tablets or computers with an Internet connection and installed with popular chat applications such as Messenger, Zalo, Skype, Viber, Line,…

Previously, texting through the above apps was often called chat. However, the word “cat” is quite general, while PM precisely refers to a specific object.

2.4- What is PM in business?

In business, PM means Project Manager, is used to refer to people who occupy the role of project manager or team leader. This is a fairly senior position in the company, so almost everyone sees it as a career goal to conquer.

You can find this PM position very popular in the marketing or technology sector and it is only for people who really have strong capabilities in terms of knowledge, skills and experience.

Project managers are appointed by their superiors to manage all or part of the company’s projects and they will be responsible for all the successes and failures of that project.

When tasked with a project, the project manager will need to closely monitor the project from the beginning of setting objectives and plans to the implementation and completion of the project.

Moreover, in business, PM also means Product Manager, translated into Vietnamese it means product manager.

The responsibility of a product manager is to design product features and uses based on customer needs and ensure the creation of quality products that are most attractive to the company.

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2.5- Is PM light or dark?

As you learn what PM is, you will see that this word is also used to refer to time. So what does PM mean in this case? Does it mean light or dark?

When talking about time, PM stands for “Post Meridiem”, which means the period starting at noon (after noon and midnight). The rest of the day (00:00 to 12:00) is called AM.

2.6- What is PM?

Besides the cases mentioned above, PM is also used in work in the sense of project management – Project Manager.

The project manager’s responsibility is to oversee projects from start to finish. They also serve as an important bridge between project members, the company and customers.

If you want to take on a project management role, you must have specialist expertise and be able to take responsibility for all matters relating to a project.

Additionally, PM can also be an abbreviation of Product manager, which means product manager. In a project, Product Manager is a very important position. They are responsible for building and developing appropriate strategies to create attractive products with the best features.

Because it is an important position, the product manager must have good professional qualifications, sharp thinking and a long-term vision.


We see that PM is a word with various meanings. It could be a message between two individuals or a high-ranking position in a company or a word indicating a period of time.

To know exactly what a PM is, you will have to rely on each case, the field in which it appears and confirm with the person who uses it to fully understand.

As a job title and position, PM is indeed a professional goal that many people pursue.

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Hopefully, what Ms. Uptalent shared in this article helped you understand what PM is and decode interesting things about this word PM in different fields and situations. Please keep following Uptalent to get more useful knowledge. Good luck!

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