What is Producer? Everything about the job of Producer (Producer)

Producer là gì? Tất tần tật về nghề Producer (Nhà sản xuất)

The success of a film, musical work or media video has a great contribution from the production team, especially the producer. So, what is a producer? How is their work going? What skills are necessary for a producer? Readers, please educate yourself with the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

5.1- Executive Producer
5.2- Associated producer (Associated producer)
5.3- Creative producer
5.4- Post-producer
5.5- Executive producer
5.6- Producer Marketing
5.7- Producer Assistant (Production Assistant)

1- What is Producer?

The producer is understood as a producer. This is a popular position in the entertainment field.

The producer’s tasks are very diverse. They often have to manage and coordinate all activities related to the production of films, music, etc. At the same time, they are also responsible for finances, human resources and handling disputes that arise during production.

Depending on each person’s professional work, producers are divided into many different categories. Here are common types of producers:

– Film producer (Film producer).

– Record producer (music producer).

– Media producer (Media producer).

– Video producer (Video producer).

What is Producer?

2- What is the main job of a producer?

Attractive jobs

Manufacturers face many important responsibilities. Here are the main professional tasks they perform regularly:

– Choose suitable scripts and themes for movies, commercials, music shows, etc.

– Select actors and staff to participate in the production process of the work.

– Manage and assign specific tasks to each employee participating in the production process.

– Determine production costs, find financing sources and ensure everything is done within the approved budget. If the budget is exceeded, the producer will have to find new sources of financing.

– Approve plans, designs and financial matters related to the creation of the works.

– Monitor the production process, ensuring everything happens on time and within budget.

– Participate in the evaluation of the audition and role testing process to ensure that the selected person meets the requirements of the scenario.

– Schedule rehearsals and filming.

– Manage the post-production process, effects and make necessary changes to create the most complete work.

– Collaborate with artists, actors and other stakeholders during the implementation of the project.

– Evaluate ideas and design work to create the most optimal plan and production plan.

– Manage problems that arise during production.

– Participate in promotional activities and present products to the public. For example, attending film festivals, music events, participating in interview programs, talk shows, etc.

The profession of producer

3- What skills and qualities are necessary in a producer?

To become a good producer, you must possess the following important skills and qualities:

3.1- Master professional knowledge

Producing films, videos and music requires some specialist knowledge. In addition, you also need to understand the positions, production teams and each person’s role to be able to manage and organize the production process as efficiently as possible.

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3.2- Creative ability, logical thinking

Producers must have exceptional creative ability to create beautiful and artistic works. For example, with good creativity, you can choose suitable visual and sound effects for each scene and content in the film. Thanks to this, the film will become more attractive and remarkable.

At the same time, logical thinking is essential when producers have to deal with many problems that arise during filming and implementation of the project.

3.3- Have good leadership and persuasion skills

The producer is responsible for managing personnel and all activities occurring during the production process. At the same time, they are also responsible for negotiating and attracting investment sources for the project.

Therefore, leadership and persuasion skills become very important factors for people taking on this role. If leadership skills are useful in managing project work and personnel, then the ability to persuade will help you succeed in negotiating and finding funding sources.

3.4- Make decisions quickly and accurately

From the point of view of what a producer is, you surely also realize the important role of this position in film and music production projects. We see that their primary responsibility is to make important decisions that have a great influence on the success or failure of the work.

However, making a decision about something is not easy. You will have to consider and consider many aspects to avoid making mistakes. For this reason, manufacturers who can make quick and accurate decisions are always sought after and valued.

Qualities of the producer

3.5- Communicate fluently

Producers often have to work with many people, many different parties, and take on difficult and complex responsibilities. Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively and harmoniously is very important for those taking on this role.

3.6- Passion for art

The process of creating musical works, films, multimedia videos, etc. often costs a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, to succeed in this profession, one must have a fairly strong passion for art as well as great perseverance and patience.

Besides, the producer also has to endure a lot of pressure and insecurity when his work is not accepted by the audience. In times like these, you will need great passion to have more strength and motivation to continue pursuing the path of art.

3.7- Continuously learn and update new knowledge and trends

For the work to be well received by the audience, the producer must constantly update and grasp new trends and knowledge in the industry. These factors will help you create truly unique, highly aesthetic and tasteful works.

If we stick to old knowledge and thinking, producers will quickly fall behind and it will be very difficult to progress in the industry. This even makes it difficult for them to survive and develop in the long term in the field of art and entertainment.

3.8- Have artistic talent

A producer’s success comes not only from their studies and intensive practice, but also from their natural artistic talent.

In fact, people with innate artistic talent are more likely to create different and unique works. From there, they can easily achieve more success than others.

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3.9- Work well in a group

No matter how talented and great a producer is, he needs the help of many others. If you only work alone, you cannot grow long term in this industry.

Therefore, a successful producer must know how to cooperate and connect with other talented people. This cooperation will produce many classic works of art, lasting over time and widely known to the public.

Producer skills

3.10- Actively learn new technologies

Today, producing artwork requires the help of many modern tools and software. For example, to produce a song, you will need to use software such as Soundboard, Pro tools, FL Studio,…

Therefore, you must continually learn modern technologies and be able to master them to create unique and eye-catching artistic products.

4- What is the producer’s salary?

A topic that interests many people when they find out what a producer is is what is the salary of this profession? High or not?

According to Uptalent’s research, the producer’s salary is currently quite good. The average salary for this position ranges between 10.5 and 32 million/month. The income level will be higher or lower depending on the size and individual capacity of each producer.

On the other hand, the producer’s salary will be all the higher the more successful works he has. Even famous manufacturers can receive salaries of up to hundreds of millions per month.

5- Job positions related to producers

A producer is not only a person but also a production team with close collaboration of people with different expertise. So, do you know what other producer positions are? Let’s find out with Uptalent right here.

As Uptalent knows, in addition to the main position of Producer, we also have many other related positions such as:

5.1- Executive Producer

The executive producer is a position that serves in the operating or capital-raising role on the production team. In simple terms, they will be the main ones responsible for finding funding sources and calling for investments for projects.

Producer job

5.2- Associated producer (Associated producer)

Associated producers are often little involved in the project implementation process. Their main responsibility is to work and connect with outside units so that the project can be implemented and launched smoothly.

That is, this position is not related to financial factors but mainly focuses on relationships. For example, they know a certain artist and are trying to attract that person to participate in the project.

5.3- Creative producer

The creative producer is a person with great creative ability. They often coordinate with directors and screenwriters to adjust and develop script content.

In the credits of a work you will not find this creative producer position. However, they are the ones who come up with ideas and coordinate with the writers to create a complete script for each project.

5.4- Post-producer

The post-producer participates in the post-production process. Their task is to carry out tasks after the filming process is completed.

5.5- Executive producer

The executive producer is the primary person responsible for planning the project budget as well as tracking and managing production costs.

5.6- Producer Marketing

The Marketing Producer is responsible for carrying out marketing and promotion activities for works to the public. They will have to apply appropriate measures to increase the coverage of the works.

5.7- Producer Assistant (Production Assistant)

Production assistants are responsible for supporting the producer during the project management process. They must undertake many different tasks depending on each project and be responsible for associated documents and records.

Above is some information Ms. Uptalent would like to share about the producer’s position. I hope that after the article you will be able to fully understand what a producer is and the work and skills required of the person who takes on this role. I wish you continued success and don’t forget to follow Uptalent for updates with lots of other useful information!

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