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QC là gì? Tất tần tật thông tin về ngành QC

Before being put on the market, the company’s products must undergo rigorous testing. In the company, the task of checking the quality of this product belongs to the QC department. SO What is QC?? Please join HRchannels to discover all the information about the QC industry!

1- What is QC?
2- The main task of quality control
3- Requirements to work in the QC industry
4- QC Salary
5- Difficulties and opportunities in the QC industry

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1. What is QC?

QC stands for Quality Control, which means quality inspection. In the quality management system, QC is a control and inspection step to assess the quality of products before they are placed on the market. The work of quality control is often linked to the production process to ensure that the quality of the final product always meets the highest quality standards.

Today, thanks to modern machines and technology, the process of controlling and evaluating the quality of products has become much simpler. The quality of the product will be controlled throughout the production process, without waiting for it to be finished to be tested.

The demand for QC recruitment is present in most companies operating in the field of food, software development, production of consumer goods, machinery, mechanics, etc. Each different industry will have a different quality management method. As a result, the company’s products and services always best meet the established quality standards, as well as the requirements of the market and the company’s customers.

2. What is the main task of QC?

Depending on the industry of the company, the tasks of the QC will be different. However, regardless of the industry, the main objective of quality control is always to ensure that products meet all quality standards before they are sold to consumers. Quality standards typically include internal standards, national and international standards, legal compliance, and adherence to health and safety regulations.

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QC’s task is to find the defects on the products, record them and send back the defective products for repair. In some industries, QC is the person responsible for repairing defective products or has to perform product testing, to see if the product is working properly and to find out what needs to be fixed in the production process. QC has the full right to decide whether to accept or reject the product.

3. Requirements when working in QC industry

Once you have confirmed your interest in the QC industry, develop a specific study plan to accumulate the necessary knowledge and skills. QC work will be extremely easy and convenient if you have the following important skills:

Interesting professions

– Skills in inspection and supervision: This is a very important skill in the QC industry. Having this skill will help QC get the job done very easily.

– Management skills: With this skill, quality control can cover all aspects of the product. At the same time, manage all the tasks at hand as well as possible.

– Ability to solve a problem: QC work often encounters unexpected product issues. Therefore, QC must be able to handle situations flexibly and quickly.

– Communication skills: This is the skill QC needs to succeed in his career.

– Good ability to work in a team and independently: QC must be able to manage work independently and know how to coordinate with other people involved in work to improve work efficiency.

4. QC Salary

Salaries in the Quebec industry are very diversified. A high or low salary depends on factors such as experience and the company’s industry.

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According to a survey by HRchannels, the average industry salary in QC is 11 million VND/month. The salary varies from 8 to 16 million VND/month. The more qualified and experienced the staff, the higher the salary. In addition to salary, people working in the QC industry also receive remuneration according to company regulations and productivity bonuses, initiative bonuses, etc.

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5. Difficulties and opportunities in the QC industry

The QC industry has good growth potential. However, working in this industry, you must be mentally prepared for challenges such as:

The first oneThe QC profession has not been properly trained, so you will have to learn a lot on your own.

Monday, when you work in small businesses, you won’t have the environment to grow. At this stage, you will need to wait for the application to be available and then test it according to the model required by the customer.

TuesdayUniversities do not have specialized training in testing or quality control.

Wednesday, the notion of quality control is relatively vague. This leads people in the quality control industry to think that their job is to test against customer requirements is good enough, not to think that those requirements may contain errors.

Although the difficulties are many, the opportunities for development in the QC industry are enormous. Once you become a good QC, the opportunities for advancement in your career will be extremely open. You will have the opportunity to hold management positions such as QC manager. When you have accumulated enough professional experience and have excellent leadership skills, you will have the opportunity to advance to the position of plant manager.

Above is all of the QC industry information that HRchannels would like to send you. I hope through this information you will understand what QC is and get the right career direction. You can also visit HRchannels.com to update attractive job opportunities and connect with reputable employers nationwide.

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