What is QS? Everything about the quote engineer position

QS là gì? Tất tần tật về vị trí kỹ sư QS (Quatity Surveyor)

QS is a term often used in the construction field to designate a profession offering attractive salaries and very good development opportunities. But not everyone clearly understands this profession. So, through this article, HRchannels wants to help you understand What is QS?? As well as providing you with all the information about the QS post that you need to know. Please follow!

1- What is QS?
2- QS engineer job description
3- Requirements for QS Engineer Jobs
4- Recognize the relevance of the QS profession
5- Prospects for the QS profession

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1- What is QS?

QS means Quantity surveyor. In Vietnamese, known as estimating engineer. They are the ones responsible for the measurement and estimation. They will estimate and calculate the amount of materials needed for a project as well as the number of workers needed to complete a construction project. The main objective of QS is to find materials at the lowest cost while guaranteeing the best response to the quality requirements and standards of construction projects.

The QS quantity spreadsheet is used for bidding or payment. At the same time, from this bill of quantities, the project manager or contractor can use it to estimate the total construction cost. From there, you can increase your chances of successful penetration.

In the field of construction, QS is recognized as the heart of the project. Their work is decisive for the survival and development of a project.

The QS work environment is also very diverse and rich. They may choose to work for construction contractors or investors. They may also work in offices or on construction sites.

In summary, QS plays an important role in cost management of all construction projects from estimation to completion. The jobs they do are also very diverse and linked to many different roles. However, the most important thing is that QS always strives to provide customers with the best values ​​and ensure that these values ​​are proportional to the value for money customers spend. With our knowledge and experience, QS can ensure that everything is done to the highest quality and in compliance with strict construction industry regulations.

2- QS engineer job description

The working day of a QS engineer is very varied. Sometimes you can find them in the office, but other times you can see them on the job site. Every project is very different, so you won’t be afraid of doing boring, repetitive work.

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Depending on each company’s working environment, QS will undertake different tasks. However, a typical day for a QS generally includes the following tasks:

– Calculate the volume of construction elements based on the design drawings, ensuring the legality of the working elements as well as the volume and unit price of the elements

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– Coordinate with other departments to verify and monitor items arising from project implementation. At the same time, be responsible for updating the volume of items arising in the total estimate.

– Manage estimated unit prices for construction work and corporate projects.

– Carry out price surveys on other units on the market.

– Provide the list of equipment and supplies, estimated volume and other documents necessary to the contract management department to conduct the tender activities.

– Responsible for monitoring the progress of quality and volume records for each project.

– Assign work to contractors, inspect and monitor the construction process, evaluate the volume of work carried out by the contractor and arrange payment to contractors.

– Prepare payment documents for each work item and for the entire project in accordance with regulations.

– Analyze the costs related to the repair and maintenance of construction machines and equipment on the construction site.

– Research the feasibility of customer requirements and propose appropriate measures to best meet these requirements.

– Responsible for drafting contracts, ensuring that information relating to the quantity of materials and technical characteristics is free of errors.

– Evaluate the performance of each project and make forecasts for future work.

– Analyze project costs, monitor cost fluctuations and prepare reports for the project management committee.

3- Requirements for QS Engineer Jobs

To be able to take on a highly specialized role such as a QS Engineer, you need to have specialist knowledge and an appropriate set of soft skills. You will need to focus on your studies to accumulate professional knowledge, while striving to practice soft skills to support your job.

3.1- Professional qualifications

Companies often require applicants for QS engineer positions to have at least a bachelor’s degree in construction economics from schools such as the University of Transportation and Communications or the University of Civil Engineering.

Studying at university will provide you with specialist knowledge in carrying out construction project estimates. Additionally, you will also improve your ability to read and understand design, structural and architectural drawings as well as many other project-related documents. construction industry.

3.2- Skills

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The first one, communication and teamwork skills. In their work, QS engineers will regularly contact and exchange work with colleagues, partners, customers, investors, etc. Therefore, QS engineers must have good communication skills. Good communication will help you communicate easily with the audiences affected by the project and help you present your points of view in a more understandable and convincing way.

Monday, High responsibility in work. Demonstrating attention to detail, prudence and a high sense of responsibility is very important for those wishing to become a QS. Because even a small error on the part of QS in estimating and calculating estimates can seriously affect the construction project.

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Tuesday, Able to use foreign languages ​​fluently. Customers and business partners may come from another country, so being able to use foreign languages ​​fluently can help you communicate better directly with them. Additionally, it also helps readers understand contracts, documents and understand the requirements of foreign partners and clients.

4- How do you know if you are suitable for the role of QS?

To know whether or not you are suitable for the QS position, you can consider the following:

First, ask yourself if you are a good analytical person or have strong digital skills and financial thinking. On the other hand, you also need to consider whether or not you are a person with good management and leadership skills. Because in the QS role you will need to regularly discuss the work with suppliers or subcontractors to ensure they are meeting the project requirements as best as possible.

Monday, You need to think about whether your communication and negotiation skills are good or not. The reason is that construction projects often involve the participation of many different parties.

Tuesday, You need to consider your reporting capabilities. Evaluate the effectiveness of the reports you write. Do these reports display important information that customers need to understand? You should also consider your computer skills, including your ability to use Excel.

In addition, You should also have basic knowledge of business and production. Having in-depth industry knowledge, understanding the problems businesses face and having effective solutions will make you a brilliant candidate for the QS role.

5- Prospects for the QS profession

Nowadays, the need to improve human infrastructure and housing is of great concern. Therefore, the construction sector is also targeted and developed stronger than before. This brings many attractive job opportunities for young people who love the QS profession. In addition, the income level of the QS profession is very stable and there are many opportunities for career growth for those who are capable and know how to strive for self-improvement.

The development of the construction industry is leading to a rapid increase in demand for QS position recruitment from construction companies and investors. In the construction industry, candidates can choose to work in project management or work for construction contractors. Job opportunities are therefore very open and diversified.

Strong recruitment demand as well as attractive salary and bonus plans are attractions for candidates in the QS profession. According to statistics from HR Channels, the average salary of QS engineers ranges from 8 to 15 million VND/month. For QSs in senior positions and with more experience, income is more attractive. In addition, QS also receives bonuses, trips, social insurance and many other attractive incentives.

Hopefully, through the information in this HRchannels article, you will understand what QS is and also be aware of the prospects of this work. If you like the QS job and want to succeed in this position, then cultivate the professional knowledge and soft skills mentioned above. Because it is the key to help you gradually conquer the QS career path.


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