What is Senior? How to become a senior

Senior là gì? Làm sao để trở thành một Senior

1- What is the Senior?

Senior is a word used to refer to the highly specialized, competent and experienced personnel of the company. Depending on the organizational structure of each company and individual capabilities, Senior is divided into several different levels. The high or low level depends on the abilities of the senior.

In business, the position of Senior is highly respected. They are often in charge of big and important things. Many years of professional experience allows them to solve difficult problems at work on their own. At the same time, they also have the ability to work independently and have high work efficiency.

What is senior?

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2- What are the characteristics of a Senior?

Here are some characteristics to help you identify a Senior in the office environment:

First of all, have many years of professional experience. Seniors generally have at least 3 or more years of experience and can work with high efficiency.

Second, seniors are “experts” in the profession. They have the ability to work independently and handle situations extremely well. At the same time, their work efficiency is still at a high level, and there are almost no problems to solve afterwards.

Third, pay attention to position. When looking at a business, you can rely on a person’s position to know whether that person is senior or not. Usually, a person in a high position is definitely a senior. But a Senior does not necessarily occupy a high position.

Fourth, be in charge of very complex work. Complex jobs require people with great expertise, extensive experience and the ability to handle situations well. Therefore, the person who can handle these tasks is definitely a senior.

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With the above characteristics, you surely understand what a Senior is and identify who is a Senior in a company, right?

3- What skills are necessary for a Senior?

Understanding what a Senior is cannot make you a good Senior. The important thing to help you become a good Senior is to master the necessary skills of a Senior.

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Here are 5 important skills to help you become a Senior:

3.1- Professional skills

Only by mastering your expertise will you be able to support and guide the work of team members and lead them to do their jobs well. This ensures saving working time and higher working efficiency.

3.2- Leadership skills

Superior leadership skills are the ability to communicate, manage and lead a team to achieve certain goals. To become a senior, you must be careful to apply your leadership skills to lead your team members. Because you are the beacon, the example to follow for the team members.

3.3- Teamwork skills

3.4- Communicative skills

Communication skills are an important “weapon” that every leader needs. In your role, you will interact and exchange work with employees, superiors, partners and customers. Being good at communication will therefore help you build trust and convince people better.

3.5- Time management skills

Seniors will have to be in charge of many different jobs at the same time, so they must be able to manage and organize their time scientifically. If you are not doing well, it will be difficult for you to fulfill your role. Remember, you can only be a good senior when you know how to manage your time well and know how to prioritize your work.

Once you understand what a Senior is and master the skills required of a Senior, Uptalent believes you will soon become a good Senior as you wish.

4- Some management positions in the company

Next, let’s look at some corporate leadership positions at Uptalent to better understand what a senior is.

4.1. Senior Manager

Once you become a senior, you will be able to complete your work better than others. After a few years, when you reach certain achievements, you will be promoted to the position of Senior Manager.

Therefore, you can understand that senior managers are members of the management staff or team leaders of a certain department of the company. Their job is quite similar to that of a manager, but their authority is not equal to that of the Manager position. In general, the position of Senior Manager is much lower than that of Manager.

Usually, a senior manager must meet the following standards:

– From 24 to 30 years old

– Have knowledge of management and have the qualities of a commander

– Have good thinking skills

– Fluency in information technology and English

– Have experience in a given profession or field

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– Mastered the expertise

– Have a sense of responsibility, know how to act fairly and respect others

What does a senior manager look like?

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4.2. Senior

Senior Executive is the title of a senior executive in a company. They are responsible for the direct management of a number of activities and have the right to sign documents within the authority assigned to them.

Usually, the senior manager is the one who takes direct action. They will directly implement the company’s specific business plans.

In the company, senior managers play a very important role as they are responsible for establishing policies, directions, planning and direct implementation of these plans. Therefore, if a company has a talented senior manager, the company will have the ability to grow strongly as well as increase its core values.

4.3. Senior executives

Senior managers are employees who have worked longer than juniors. They have professional qualifications, many years of experience and the ability to solve tasks efficiently, therefore they are highly respected.

In addition to their professional knowledge and experience, senior managers also have the ability to handle difficult and complex problems and can guide new people in their work. Because they have worked for many years and encountered many mistakes, they can avoid making similar mistakes and also know how to correct the mistakes.

4.4. Senior DEVELOPER

The senior developer is someone who has made certain contributions to the team. They do not necessarily have to lead a team of developers, but they have strong professional knowledge, understand the software development process, and have the ability to advise and collaborate together with colleagues of different experience levels.

5- Characteristics of a high-level senior developer

5.1- Expertise

Senior developers must be able to execute the software development cycle from start to finish. They also need to know how to plan for the long term and foresee potential mistakes and problems on the job. At the same time, they also need to know how to track project scope and progress and stay up to date with current technologies.

5.2- Work effectively in a group

The senior developer can work effectively with other developers and other departments. They are also humble, open and willing to listen to the opinions of their colleagues, even those with less experience than them.

5.3- General skills

In addition to expertise and experience, senior developers also have important soft skills such as: communication, planning, responsibility, and constant learning and development.

In short, Senior is an important and essential position in companies. Therefore, understanding what a Senior is, as well as mastering the important skills for a Senior, is the best way to help you become a good Senior and easily develop a long-term career in the company. Hopefully, through Uptalent’s sharing, readers will find the right path to advance in their careers. Good luck.

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