What is special about Japanese senior human resources management?

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Superior human resources management is a relatively difficult job for Vietnamese companies. Join headhunting company HRchannels to learn more about Japanese human resource management and learn the necessary lessons.

Offer employees a job for life

Japan always strives to create lifelong employment for its employees, both as a means of creating jobs for them and contributing to the long-term business efficiency of companies. Highly qualified employees often choose jobs they can stay with for life.

These high-level employees tend to change jobs less frequently than employees in many countries around the world. Other employees are often temporary or seasonal workers; they make up a very small percentage of the workforce in Japan, usually around 6%.

Japan focuses on work superior human resources management employees for life rather than short-term employees. When events occur in business operations, companies often retain employees for life and grant them benefits that other employees can hardly enjoy.

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Let employees express their opinions

Japanese companies have policies that encourage cooperation between workers and managers through the division of managerial power. Employees will be involved in the work superior human resources management, to express and speak your own voice. At Isuzu, potential employees will have the right to elect leaders who represent their interests to labor council positions.

Home superior human resources management Ensure that all employees participate and contribute to the development of the company from the smallest details. Listening to employee perspectives helps leaders receive employee feedback and make the most appropriate improvements.

Never scold

The distinctive principle of senior human resources management in Japan is that managers never shout or threaten to punish their employees. Only when this is done will the employee’s report to the manager be complete, without avoiding errors. Home superior human resources management It is also easy to propose appropriate directions for policy changes.

Similar to education, reprimanding employees only causes them to hide their mistakes. If this situation persists, it will have many negative consequences for businesses. Therefore, excellent leaders must be very sensitive in reminding employees of their mistakes and creating conditions so that they do not make these mistakes again.

Japanese business culture

Rotate senior staff into appropriate positions

Rotating employees to each position suited to their abilities is also a way to retain employees in the company. The houses superior human resources management of Vietnam will often tend to retain the best employees to contribute.

However, in the long run, proper employee turnover will bring certain benefits to the company. Through superior human resources managementemployees will be able to develop and improve their administrative abilities in higher positions in the future once they have mastered the necessary tasks.

Best meet high-level staffing needs

Paying attention to and responding to the needs of senior employees is also the secret to successful human resource management in Japan. Whenever staff need help, come home superior human resources management should attempt to respond if appropriate and within permitted capacity.

On the contrary, when senior candidates see the attention and resolution of their problems from the administrator, they will definitely work more actively on the work assigned to them. Therefore, they also have a serious attitude in achieving common goals set by their superiors and the company.

Build a work environment of mutual trust

This helps ensure workforce stability in the business and reduces the level of labor transfer. Stable work brings positive energy to stimulate workers and harmony between employees and managers.

Through superior human resources management This way, employees will keep their jobs and even have the opportunity to be promoted and stay with the company for a long time. Job stability will help improve connections between employees and managers. It is an extremely necessary factor for business development.

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Promote teamwork skills

Houses superior human resources management Japan promotes the use of teamwork methods to promote teamwork within groups. Employees will be more interested in working rather than just completing their own tasks. This is what motivates employees and helps them work efficiently.

Japan is the country that most successfully applies teamwork methods in companies. They promote close bonds between team employees so that they understand each other better and accomplish common tasks together. Thanks to this, teamwork skills are more effective, creating greater solidarity between employees.

The productivity of a group will often be greater than that of a single employee. SO superior human resources management In the form of sharing and group work, it will improve the working spirit of employees, serving their interests and those of the company.

By implementing group work, senior employees can take turns completing tasks as a group to reduce boredom at work. At the same time, stimulates the development of thinking and the ability to replace staff in the event of the absence of a member.


Organize training for managers of foreign branches

The difference between superior human resources management There are many gaps nationally and internationally. Therefore, Japanese companies always focus on training and mentoring high-level personnel by studying in advanced countries.

Home superior human resources management The international community must find ways to operate at the national level in a manner that is locally appropriate as well as good relations with the government of that country. Their task is often more difficult because they must ensure communication between the company and the agency.

Japanese companies choose to appoint more local managers than expatriate managers. The houses superior human resources management The locality will include local activities, thus meeting long-term objectives while being less costly.

These path superior human resources management of the Japanese is still a profound management lesson for many businesses across the country. Learning and creating this management experience will serve the changing trend of human resource management 4.0 of enterprises in the future.

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