What is Telemarketing? All about telemarketing

Telemarketing là gì? Tất tần tật về telemarketing

There are many different terms in the field of marketing. Today, Ms. Uptalent wants to share with you interesting information about one of the most popular job in Vietnam and the world through this article.

I hope after the article you will understand what telemarketing is and everything about telemarketing. Follow us!

1- What is telemarketing?
2- The role of telemarketing for businesses
3- What are the forms of telemarketing?

Inbound telemarketing
Outbound Telemarketing

4- Job Opportunities for Telemarketing

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1- What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is simply understood as telemarketing activities. As a result, telemarketing personnel will call customers to present products, provide information, keep in touch with old customers, generate new leads, conduct market research, etc., just like sales.

In addition, telemarketing is also about receiving calls from customers, answering their queries, etc. and for sale.

Many people often confuse telesales with telemarketing. However, telesales has been around since long before that. And telemarketing only appeared later and it includes telesales.

Although both telesales and telemarketing are aimed at the ultimate goal of selling. But between these two concepts, there is a difference that you need to understand in order to apply it to your business. As following:

+ Telemarketing: is an activity that helps companies to exploit customer needs, collect information, receive their comments and opinions to create sales opportunities. At the same time, telemarketing also helps to convey the necessary information about the product to the right potential customers. During this time, the customers will have more information about the product and the company and make a purchasing decision.

+ Telesales: is an activity focused on selling by talking to customers over the phone. Telesales is often considered the last step in closing sales for a business.

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In other words, telemarketing is all about generating leads and making your products and services known to consumers. Meanwhile, telesales focuses on selling goods.

If you want to apply one or both of the above to your business, the first thing you need to do is understand what telemarketing is and be able to tell the difference between telesales and telemarketing. .

What is Telemarketing?

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2- The role of telemarketing for businesses

After understanding what telemarketing is, let’s find out what role telemarketing plays for businesses.

First of all As can be seen, the role of telemarketing is to help businesses build relationships with customers. By calling customers directly, you will discover their tastes and needs. At the same time, this action also helps you dispel customer doubts about your business and the products you offer.

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Second role The goal of telemarketing is to help businesses receive customer feedback directly. Besides, it also helps businesses to collect more relevant information to build a quality database for direct sales and marketing activities. It is therefore very useful to focus on understanding what telemarketing is and applying it effectively to businesses.

Third role The goal of telemarketing is to help businesses respond quickly to customer feedback and questions about their products and services. The reason is that telemarketing has provided businesses with an efficient solution to quickly collect and process customer information.

Fourth role The goal of telemarketing is to help businesses increase their brand coverage in a short period of time. Telemarketing is touted as an effective business tool that helps businesses connect with customers and draw their attention to the products you offer.

Fifth role The goal of telemarketing is to help businesses increase their interactions with customers. They can respond quickly to customer inquiries and feedback. As a result, businesses can minimize risk and increase sales opportunities.

Last role Telemarketing is bringing many benefits to businesses by maintaining the efficiency of sales activities. At the same time, this activity also saves companies a lot of time, effort and financial resources. Especially thanks to modern technologies, business sales will have improved significantly.

It is seen that telemarketing plays a very important role in finding potential customers and supporting old customers. As a result, the business will grow further.

However, when calling customers, telemarketers need a strategy to not feel inconvenienced and know how to stimulate their emotions. This is crucial in knowing whether customers are buying from you or not. Next comes the order closing process.

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3- What are the forms of telemarketing?

Currently, there are two popular forms of telemarketing used by businesses. Each form will have a different nature of work, but all aim to ensure that the business is always running stably and earning significant profits.

There are two forms of telemarketing: inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing.

+ Inbound telemarketing

This is a form of concentration to get customers to call the business. You can do this by getting customers to call you through advertisements, websites, emails, or direct mail.

If the telemarketer can handle customer calls well and make them happy, then he has successfully introduced the product to the customer.

Inbound telemarketing is also known as inbound telemarketing. The person who receives the call will perform the main tasks such as customer support, problem solving.

The incoming form is commonly used with real consumer products. Businesses will use this form to record customer reviews and answer their product questions.

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+ Outbound telemarketing

This is the opposite of inbound telemarketing. In outbound telemarketing, marketers will actively call potential customers. Their main objective is to present the company’s products and services to customers who do not fully understand.

Outbound telemarketing is also known as outbound telemarketing. This form includes many different types, such as:

– Telesales: responsible for contacting customers and offering the company’s products and services.

– Telephone survey: responsible for carrying out surveys and market research by telephone.

– Event dissemination: carry out communication activities to promote the company’s campaigns and events.

– Customer satisfaction: conducting customer surveys to measure their satisfaction with the products and services provided by the company.

– Up-Sell/Cross-Sell campaigns: nurture and nurture strong relationships with past customers. I’m also looking for opportunities to upsell other products.

4- Job Opportunities for Telemarketing

Many people often think that telemarketing is light and easy work. Every day, you simply walk into the office, sit in your seat, and then pick up the phone to call clients.

However, once you understand what telemarketing is, you will find this job very competitive and stressful. In fact, making hundreds of phone calls a day to present a product or service is not easy. You have to be very patient to do a job that seems very boring.

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If you don’t like talking a lot or stressful jobs, telemarketing probably isn’t for you. In addition, this profession does not have regular monthly income. The income level of telemarketers will depend on their performance. Since this is a sales-related job, sometimes they don’t get paid if they don’t sell anything.

In turn, if you are a talkative person, good at communication and not afraid of pressure, becoming a telemarketer will be an absolutely ideal career choice. In this job, you will better understand customer psychology, meet many different types of people, and learn many valuable lessons.

When you learn what telemarketing is, you will realize that the demand for this profession is really high. Many companies in different fields need to recruit telemarketers. This is a very good opportunity for those who love this job.

To find the right telemarketing job for you, you can rely on online job boards and many other recruitment platforms.

For example, you can find a job through the HRchannels.com website. Here you will be informed of the latest recruitment news nationwide. This will help you find the job that suits you more quickly.

Above are some of Ms. Uptalent’s telemarketing actions. I hope this information has helped you understand what telemarketing is. At the same time, through the article, you also understand the role and outlook as well as job opportunities of telemarketing in the market. Good luck!

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