What is the CICA certificate? How to obtain the CICA certificate?

Chứng chỉ CICA là gì? Làm thế nào để có được chứng chỉ CICA?

Certified Internal Auditor (CICA) is an important skill certification for those pursuing a career in the field of internal control.

So, what is the CICA certificate? Why should you get a CICA certificate? Readers, let’s learn some interesting information about this very prestigious accounting certificate through the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is CICA?
2- Knowledge of CICA
3- Why should you get a CICA certificate?
4- How to obtain the CICA certificate?
5- What jobs can CICA holders do?
6- Where to study the CICA?

1- What is CICA?

CICA (Certified Internal Controls Auditor) is a certified internal auditor certification. This certificate is issued to those who carry out audits, internal control or who measure and evaluate internal control systems.

By taking the CICA certification exam, you will equip yourself with knowledge related to the company’s internal control procedures and processes. At the same time, it is also a way to help you commit to respecting the rules and standards of professional ethics.

Completing the CICA program allows you to expand your professional skill set as well as standardize your industry knowledge. From there, you will move up the career ladder and become a recognized leader in the field of internal controls.

However, the CICA certificate only shows that you have mastered a certain area of ​​internal control, not the entire area.

Currently, CICA is managed by the American Association for Investment and Financial Management – AAIFM (The American Association for Investment and Financial Management). According to the regulations of this organization, you will have to recertify your certificate after 4 years.

The reason the AAIFM requires recertification is that they want to ensure that you will continue to update the latest internal control knowledge and skills after obtaining the certificate.

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To better understand this requirement, you can refer to the organization’s regulations on the issuance and recertification of certificates. All detailed certificate information is published on the organization’s website (www.aaifm.org).

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ICCA certificate

2- Knowledge of CICA

The main objective of the CICA program is to ensure that learners master the professional knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement internal control in companies. At the same time, the training content also provides new knowledge and control methods in the field of internal control.

Basically, ICCA knowledge content often includes the following topics:

– Financial audit.

– Operational audit.

– Fraud audit.

– Assess and manage risks.

– Internal control strategy.

– Standard framework for internal control and control models.

– Practice internal control.

– Business rights and responsibilities.

– Public policies and issues related to corporate governance.

– Crisis management.

– Audit of the internal control system.

– Design and implement internal control procedures.

– Business ethics.

Knowledge of CICA certification

3- Why should you get a CICA certificate?

Obtaining a CICA certificate not only helps you broaden your knowledge and skills in the field of internal control but is also the best way to have your abilities recognized.

Overall, CICA can provide you with many benefits during the job search process as well as promotion to higher positions. Here are some reasons why you should get this certification as soon as possible:

3.1- Improve professional qualifications

To obtain a CICA certificate, you will need to go through a serious study and exam process. This gives you the opportunity to acquire and put into practice your professional knowledge of internal control in the most thorough and methodical way.

The knowledge you learn from ICCA is often the most recent, updated regularly. With this, you can apply what you have learned at work right after completing your studies.

3.2- Expand career advancement opportunities

The CICA program provides you with the most important knowledge and skills to easily perform your job and advise the company’s management on issues related to internal control.

At the same time, during the training process, you are also guided to practice and deploy the internal control system in the company.

Therefore, once you have a CICA certificate, you can fully apply or apply for appointment to positions related to internal audit and systems internal control.

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3.3- Recognized for his professional ability

CICA is a prestigious certification in the world. Holders of this certificate will be recognized for their professional ability as well as their knowledge and skills in work management.

In fact, most people with an internal audit certificate have extensive professional knowledge and have extensive professional experience in the field.

Why should you get a CICA certificate?

3.4- Increase income

In addition to expanding employment opportunities and promoting higher positions, CICA is also an important factor in helping you increase your income.

Having a certificate helps you become an exceptional candidate in the eyes of employers. Therefore, you can easily negotiate the salary as expected.

4- How to obtain the CICA certificate?

You will need to meet certain requirements to receive CICA certification. Specifically:

(1)- Pass the CICA exam.

(2)- Have a bachelor’s degree in a recognized specialization.

(3)- Have at least 2 years of practical experience in internal control, fraud management, internal audit, corporate control,…

Additionally, individuals who have obtained CICA certification must maintain their active certification status through continuing education. If you do not continually maintain this status, your certificate will expire and you will no longer be recognized as a CISC certificate holder.

Take the CICA certification exam

5- What jobs can CICA holders do?

By having a CICA certificate, you can take on many different roles related to internal audit and internal systems control in companies.

Below are some positions you can manage at CICA:

– Internal auditors.

– Independent auditor.

– Operational auditor.

– Compliance auditor.

– Expert consultant in internal control.

– General Inspector, member of the audit committee.

– Financial auditor, fraud, risk management,…

– Internal control teacher.

Study for CICA certification

6- Where to study the CICA?

To prepare for the CICA exam, you can participate in AAIFM training on internal control. The content of this organization’s training program will provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills and help you understand all of the exam questions.

Additionally, you can also participate in detailed training programs on each topic covered in the CICA exam by enrolling in courses at AAIFM-accredited units around the world.

Above is the information you need to know about the Certified Internal Auditor (CICA). Hopefully Ms. Uptalent’s article has helped you better understand the CICA training content, the jobs you can pursue with this certificate, and why you should take the certification exam.

With the benefits that ICCA offers, you should plan early to earn this certificate and develop your career smoothly. Please keep following Uptalent to update more useful career information. Good luck!

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