What is the commodity industry? What can you learn to become a Merchandiser?

Ngành Merchandise là gì? Học gì ra làm Merchandiser?

Due to its important role and uniqueness in work, the commodity is highly valued by businesses. At the same time, companies are always looking to recruit talented staff for this position.

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1- What is the market industry?
2- Functions and duties of goods in a company

2.1- Functions of the merchandise
2.2- Obligations of the merchandise

3- Current labor market in the goods industry
– What knowledge and skills should people working in the goods industry have?
5- Salary in the goods industry

Manufacturing jobs

1- What is the market industry?

Goods, understood in the broad sense, refer to commercial activities. When it comes to the merchandise industry, you can understand it as the set of activities that support retail.

Furthermore, merchandise is also the job title of order manager. This is a very important position in manufacturing and trading companies, especially in the clothing industry.

The person in the merchandise position is responsible for managing the company’s orders. At the same time, they also need to ensure the quality of orders from raw materials until the product is completed and handed over to customers.

2- Functions and duties of goods in a company

2.1- Functions of the merchandise

Basically, the merchandise has the following functions:

+ Commercial Order Management: Merchandise is responsible for receiving, tracking and supervising the order fulfillment process to ensure orders meet customer requirements and are delivered on time.

Attractive jobs

+ Control the production activities of the company: the production process must go through many extremely complex stages and stages. However, thanks to the role of the merchandise, the production process always runs smoothly, limiting errors at the different stages.

+ Handling problems that arise: Problems that arise during the production process are difficult to avoid. Therefore, the responsibility of the goods is to quickly detect the problem, find the cause and deal with it quickly and efficiently so as not to interrupt the production process.

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2.2- Obligations of the merchandise

The main task of Goods is to manage orders, regardless of the size of the company. At the same time, they must also analyze, evaluate and prepare reports on the order fulfillment status for superiors.

More specifically, an order manager will need to perform the following tasks:

+ Responsible for receiving information about orders that need to be fulfilled, preparing for order fulfillment from raw materials and production until goods are delivered to customers.

+ Work with relevant parties, including: customers, distributors, suppliers, sales or sales teams, store managers,…

+ Build a scientific and reasonable order database to create favorable conditions when analyzing and preparing reports.

+ Propose ideas for properly arranging merchandise in store to maximize the company’s sales.

+ Estimate future profits and sales, then calculate to find metrics to optimize order counts.

+ Prepare budget estimates and forecast expected sales figures for superiors.

+ Work with the shipping department or partners in charge of shipping.

The role of merchandise

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+ Statistics on production data and business performance forecasts.

+ Analyze highly consumed products from all aspects, such as price, color, product design, etc.

+ Monitor slow-selling products and suggest measures to promote sales activities.

+ Collect customer feedback on company products. From there, suggest areas for improvement to better meet customer requirements and generate more revenue for the company.

3- Current labor market in the goods industry

The merchant profession always attracts the attention of many people due to its excellent job opportunities and high recruitment demand. At the same time, it is also a profession with very good development potential.

At present, the number of clothing industry enterprises in Vietnam market has increased significantly. In addition, the market also receives significant investments from foreign companies in the clothing sector. Therefore, the need for merchandise recruitment has also increased significantly. You can find many merchandise job postings on job search websites.

However, the work of order management is quite complicated and employers also have quite high demands on applicants. On the other hand, the salary in the goods industry is quite high compared to the average salary in other professions and there are many attractive advancement opportunities.

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In addition to domestic companies, you also have the opportunity to work in large foreign companies and companies. The salary you receive can then be 2 or 3 times higher.

Additionally, when you work in a foreign business environment, you will also have the opportunity to interact and interact with other cultures and gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. Indeed, it will be a very good basis for improving your skills and advancing in your career.

commodity labor market

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4- What knowledge and skills should people working in the goods industry have?

In addition to understanding merchandise work, you must also cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this field.

+ About knowledge

People working in the merchandise industry must have an understanding of the business domain, experience and knowledge in a given sector. At the same time, having good foreign language skills and being proficient in office information technology is also one of the factors that help you achieve greater success in the merchandise industry.

+ About skills

Most employers often require candidates for merchandise positions to have the following skills:

First, communication and relationship maintenance skills

Merchandise positions often have to work with customers, suppliers, and distributors, so communication skills are very important to them. If they are good at communication and good at maintaining relationships, they will easily handle problems that arise and develop many good relationships for the company.

Second, effective work planning and management skills

Goods often have to perform many different tasks. For example, sending samples to customers, suppliers, checking raw materials, tracking production progress, etc. Therefore, they must be able to multitask and plan to be able to manage the work best.

Additionally, Goods must also have good negotiation skills to be able to exchange work more effectively with customers and suppliers.

Third, market analysis and evaluation skills

This skill is very important for those in leadership positions in the merchandise industry. In addition, they must also be decisive at work. From there, they can develop appropriate development strategies for the company and create a certain influence on the company’s business process.

Above is some general information about job opportunities in the merchandise industry. I hope after the article you will have more suitable career options for yourself. If you are planning to find a job in the merchandise field, visit HRchannels.com to update the latest job information. Good luck!

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