What is the difference between VJ and MC?

VJ và MC có gì khác nhau?

VJ and MC are two positions that must promote the ability to communicate and interact with guests, which is why many people think that these two positions are one and the same. However, upon closer inspection, VJs and MCs have many differences. What these points are, the Uptalent strategist will reveal to you now.

1- Who is VJ?

VJ – short for Video Jockey – is a term used to refer to people responsible for organizing and hosting music programs in studios or private discussion areas with guests.

The VJ program will be broadcast on media such as television, radio, Internet… meeting the audience’s needs for listening, viewing and updating musical information.

2- Who is the MC?

MC – short for Master of Ceremonies – is a term used to refer to hosts in general, including personal exchange programs, live shows, hosted event programs…

The MC’s program can be broadcast on television or take place directly on stage, during conferences, events… in front of a large audience, the MC therefore needs courage to be able to regulate his emotions, the emotions of everyone.

3- Similarities between the two positions VJ and MC

The two positions VJ and MC actually have many similarities in terms of tasks and professional skills:

3.1. Main program content

Firmly mastering the program storyline and directing the content in accordance with the script agreed with the team is the central task that VJ and MC must accomplish.

3.2. Deliver the message skillfully

The questions and introductions presented by the VJ and MC in the program will contain valuable messages to send to the audience. Conveying the message is a task, but how to convey it skillfully and creatively, helping listeners and viewers feel deeply and naturally, is what creates value for VJs and MCs.

3.3. Exchange and discuss with guests

Attractive jobs

There will always be at least 1 guest on the show. VJ and MC will welcome, interact, ask questions and suggest questions to develop the story in a positive direction, while helping guests feel comfortable and safe when sharing, while also helping the program receives a lot of exclusive information to attract the public.


3.4. Degree of cultivation of musical knowledge

Knowledge of music, art, showbiz… is essential for hosts of musical shows. But VJs and MCs don’t necessarily have to be very good at music theory like singers, or well-versed in every corner of information like journalists, they just need to research and update information on the topic which they must discuss in each chapter of the program. you can “juggle” with guests while chatting.

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3.5. Requires flexible communication and response skills

It is not uncommon for unexpected situations to arise during the show, for a VJ it could be a misleading response from a guest, or for an MC it could be a late guest without anyone else. the ability to adapt and communicate well must be encouraged.

4- The difference between the two positions VJ and MC

There are many common features, but there are many unique features, and here are the differences between the VJ and MC positions:

4.1. Workspace

VJ’s workspace is narrower than MC’s because VJ only specializes in pre-recorded programs and then broadcasts them. The MC will host all types of programs, whether pre-recorded, rebroadcast or broadcast live during the event. Therefore, VJ is considered a small branch of MC.

4.2. Create an interaction script

The VJ program script will generally be compiled by the VJ based on the interactive content direction it has defined. For MCs, the scenario will be proposed by the program producer. The MC can review and edit a few lines and some order as he sees fit, but he is practically not allowed to revise the script except when the MC is also the producer of it. program.

4.3. Unify production plans

VJ will be responsible for production planning for the entire team, meaning any adjustments to the plan prior to consensus will require approval from many key individuals, including VJ.

The MCs will only perform their entertainment functions. They can attend meetings to agree on production plans, but as members they do not have the right to decide on changes or corrections. They can give their opinion, but the final decision rests with the program organizers.

Different MCs and VJs

4.4. Program space privacy level

Certainly, the program space hosted by the VJ will still be private, comfortable and have a more harmonious interaction than the MC. Because the space VJ chooses is usually a studio or outdoor space with only guests, VJs and a camera crew.

As for the space where the MC works, there will be a large crowd of spectators joining in, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The MC must be very sensitive to the emotions of one or more guests as well as the audience. Therefore, there will be very little privacy, but rather harmony and harmony of the majority.

4.5. Coordinate to complete video editing

The MC will complete his work after the end of the program. The remaining steps to complete the broadcast will not involve their participation, but only the editing team and producers.

VJs are different, they will continuously monitor the progress of the work from ideation, planning, implementation and completion of the broadcast, and even discuss and respond to audience criticism and comments after the broadcast. Therefore, VJ will continue to coordinate with the film crew and edit the video after the recording work is completed.

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4.6. Scope of interaction when hosting the program

During broadcast footage, VJs only interact with guests, ask questions and develop exchange content according to the direction agreed during planning. At most, they will call and chat with an audience watching the program to change the mood.

MCs have a wider range of interactions, they can go on stage with guests, get off stage to interact with the audience, or move to another area to approach guests/audience and transmit images directly to the stage . In general, depending on the nature and creativity of the MC, the scope of interaction of the MC will always be expanded.

4.7. Ability to react to unexpected situations

VJ recording space has fewer people and a narrower scope, so the number of unexpected situations that arise is not large. If this is the case, the team may temporarily pause recording to resolve the issue, or adjust the trimming while filming or editing the video.

MCs will have a harder time in this regard, especially live TV shows, unexpected incidents will probably happen, but you don’t need to worry too much, as the show’s producers and behind-the-scenes crew will always follow up closely follow the program and will quickly support the MC. to respond to unexpected incidents. Therefore, during live shows, MCs will often wear headphones to stay in touch with the support team.

4.8. Appearance and clothing requirements

VJs only appear in certain spaces, there is no need to change costumes or wear too eye-catching makeup. Additionally, due to the shared and intimate nature of the VJ program, it focuses on rustic emotional elements. Therefore, a VJ person only needs to have a pleasant appearance and neat clothes.

MCs will have higher appearance requirements because they won’t have much time to focus on a lot of in-depth content. In return, they will often be the center of attention of a large audience around them. Having a good appearance is therefore an advantage of an MC, and depending on the content of the program, one must invest in costumes, or even many costumes.

Similar between MC and VJ

5- Tips

From the above comparison information, we can clearly see the specific characteristics of each VJ and MC position. For those of you who enjoy media work and want to become a VJ or MC, our advisor advises:

You should choose a VJ job if you:

  • Dislikes crowded spaces

  • Ability to communicate in depth and tactfully

  • Has good multitasking ability

  • High creative capacity, effective use of information

  • Good analytical, decisive and planning skills

  • Good autonomy and teamwork skills

  • Resist high pressure on deadlines and quality of work execution…

You should choose an MC job if you:

  • Enjoys exploring many different accommodation spaces

  • Is not afraid to meet a large number of people, communicate openly and respond sensitively

  • Good team spirit and cooperation

  • Ability to work independently and flexibly

  • Accept and respect instructions from superiors

  • Able to withstand work pressure regarding performance standards, unexpected situations…

  • Confidence in appearance, dressing, makeup…

VJ plays the role of a TV broadcast host, but in a studio or private space, there isn’t much of an audience watching live in the recording area. Overall, VJ is a small branch of MC but VJ will have to do more multitasking than MC. The difference between VJ and MC content is what the Uptalent strategist wants to highlight so that young people can objectively visualize and choose the most suitable career.

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