What is the general manager? Job, role, salary, characteristics

General Manager là gì? Công việc, vai trò, mức lương, đặc điểm

General manager known as a high-level position in the company. But not everyone knows precisely what the general manager is? Or what the job of a general manager is like? And what is the role and salary of a general manager?

Therefore, through this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers answer all the information about General Manager (GM): job, role, salary, characteristics. Please follow us to see if you are suitable for this role!

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What is the general manager?

In companies, the term General Manager (abbreviated GM) is used to refer to the position of “general manager”. This person is responsible for making decisions, planning, dividing work for each department and managing all matters of revenue, costs, profits as well as overseeing the daily activities of the department and the company.

This title only appears in certain stores. Normally, the role of general manager will be held simultaneously by the CEO, vice president, or another senior management position.

GM is a common position in which company?

As mentioned, the position of general manager is not available in all companies. In fact, GM occupies a popular position in the restaurant and hotel industry. In this accommodation sector, GM does not work under the direction of the CEO, but they are the ones who have the right to decide, manage and operate all aspects of human resources, finance, services and other questions from hotel, restaurant, hotel. Managing directors will report directly to the president or investors.

What is the job of a general manager?

To get a clear picture of what the job of a general manager is, we often look at his job in two aspects: the job of a general general manager and the job of a general manager in restaurants and hotels.

1- General work of the GM

Depending on the size and characteristics of each company, the work of the general manager will be different. However, they often take on the following main tasks:

Attractive jobs

+ Oversee the work of departments, ensuring that activities in departments are always oriented towards business objectives and company strategies.

+ Review and evaluate the capacity and performance of departments and each member of the department.

+ Check and evaluate the results obtained to be able to adjust, overcome limitations and resolve existing or new problems.

+ Manage situations that arise during business operations in a timely manner, ensuring that the business always operates without interruption.

From the above works, it can be seen that GM plays a very important role and is also the brain of the company’s operations. GM authority is associated with planning, administration, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, reporting and controlling tasks within the scope of assigned work.

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2- The job of General Manager in restaurants and hotels

In restaurants and hotels, the position of general manager is the person with the highest managerial authority. Typically, this position will perform the following primary tasks:

+ Prepare the hotel’s quarterly and annual business plans.

+ Manage restaurant and hotel business strategies, marketing, budgets, revenue and profits.

+ Manage and monitor the activities of restaurant and hotel departments and divisions.

The missions of a general manager
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+ Plan market analysis, study customer needs and monitor periodic reports on business results to propose the most appropriate policies and business plans.

+ Develop quality of service standards and have plans to improve quality of service to best meet customer requirements.

+ Greet VIP guests and handle complaints, complaints or issues that cannot be resolved by subordinates.

+ Recruit and train restaurant and hotel management teams.

+ Build a professional working environment, provide adequate facilities for employees and ensure their legal rights.

+ Report business performance and results to restaurant and hotel owners.

In short, in restaurants and hotels, the General Manager is the “captain” who holds the highest executive power. The responsibility of a GM is very great, so it takes a lot of skills and experience to be able to take on this position.

What is the role of the general manager in a company?

In a company, the position of General Manager is very important. Their role is to manage the entire business (for restaurants, hotels) or a certain area or area of ​​the business.

In its management role, GM is responsible for monitoring and operating activities within the authority assigned to it. They are also in charge of revenue and financial matters and ensure that the business is always operating efficiently and generating as much profit as possible.

Unlike CEOs, general managers occupy a direct leadership role. This means that the CEO will give strategic direction and decisions, but the general manager is the one who directly manages the work implementation process. This is only clearly seen in companies that have both a CEO and a managing director, and the managing director reports to the CEO.

The CEO is responsible for coordinating, planning, and making decisions that are most beneficial to the company. At the same time, they also play the role of “taking care” of the day-to-day operations of the company. GM develops strategies and leads the implementation of those strategies to move the company forward. Additionally, general managers are also responsible for managing the company’s human resources and projects.

Understanding what a general manager is as well as their role in the company is the best way to help you understand this position. At the same time, from here you will know whether or not you can handle the responsibilities of a general manager.

General Manager Salary

The general manager is one of the top management positions, responsible for many important responsibilities in the company. The salary of a general manager is therefore very high.

The average salary of a general manager is currently around 15-80 million/month.
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According to the survey, the average GM salary is currently around 15-80 million per month. The highest salary can reach 135 million/month. The big difference in salaries can be explained by differences in the size, characteristics and field of activity of each company.

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You can refer to the hotel general manager salary below to clearly see this difference:

+ 02 star hotel: 15 – 20 million/month

+ 03 star hotel: 20 – 40 million/month

+ 4 star hotel: 40 – 80 million/month

+ 5-star hotels and resorts: general manager positions are often occupied by foreigners. However, there are also Vietnamese general managers who receive salaries of more than 70 million per month.

Not only is the salary attractive, but becoming a general manager also gives you many good relationships with directors, business partners and employees.

Interesting things about the general manager

While learning what the concept of general manager is, we learned that a general manager is the person responsible for the overall management of all operations of a company. However, in some cases, this general manager is given another official title. For example, most business executives with the title CEO or president are general managers of the company. But there are a few cases where people in positions like CFO, COO, CMO play the role of CEO.

Depending on the company, people with the title of General Manager, Regional Vice President, Country Manager, Product Manager, Branch Manager or Segment Manager may also have General Manager responsibilities. In larger companies, many vice presidents will have the title of general manager, if they are responsible for a specific function or area of ​​the company. At that time, they often had the title of vice president and general manager.

Interesting things about the general manager that few people know
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In technology companies, GM often has the title Product Manager. In consumer goods companies, general managers are often given the title of Brand Manager or Category Manager. In service companies, the GM may have the title of Manager, Senior Partner or General Manager.

General manager jobs offer good career opportunities with high salaries. But to become a general manager, you have to go through a fairly long and arduous path. Along the way, you have to take small steps so you can take bigger steps. This means you have to be willing to start with small roles and then work your way up.

Furthermore, you must also know how to seize opportunities and dare to take risks. To become a senior executive like a CEO, you have to take every opportunity that presents itself even if you’re not really ready.

Moreover, to become a general manager in the future, you will have to dare to face difficult and challenging situations. Because only then will you have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and ability to make wise decisions. Dare to walk the thorny path and the results you will receive will surely be extremely valuable.

Above is the knowledge about the general manager that Ms. Uptalent wants to send to readers. Hopefully, through this information, readers will have a clear understanding of what general manager is. At the same time, also know the work of GM and its role in running the company.

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