What is the GROW model? Applying the model to coaching

Mô hình GROW là gì? Ứng dụng mô hình vào trong Coaching

GROWTH model Currently widely applied in training, coaching and human resources management activities in companies and organizations. At the same time, it is also an effective method to help each individual develop and progress in life and at work.

So, what is the Grow model? What do you know about this model? Let’s learn it through the following article by Ms. Uptalent!

1- What is the GROW model?
2- Advantages provided by the GROW model
3- Details on the GROW model
4- Applications of the GROW model

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1- What is the GROW model?

The GROW model is a training and personal development method commonly used in training and coaching activities. In particular, GROW means 4 words Objective (Objective), Current Reality (Reality), Options (Solution) and Will (Will).

To make it easier to understand, you can think of Grow as an elaborate plan for a journey. In this plan you will need to identify the goals you want to achieve, the current situation, implementation options and strong determination, will and commitments to action.

The GROW model was developed by two British thinkers, Graham Alexander and Sir John Whitmore, in the late 1980s. It was developed based on the principles of coaching and effective management.

2- Advantages provided by the GROW model

Initially, the GROW model was intended solely to create a specific support method for the coaching process. However, today it has become one of the most popular coaching models in the world.

Thanks to its simplicity and wide applicability, GROW has truly become an important tool for improving management efficiency and personal and professional development.

The GROW model brings many different benefits to organizations, businesses and individuals. Specifically:

2.1- With organizations and businesses

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GROW has the following advantages:

Improve the effectiveness of employee training

The GROW model allows companies to determine the desires and development goals of each employee. Thanks to this, they can build training adapted to the needs of improving the skills, knowledge and expertise of employees.

Improve the quality of human resources

The uniqueness of the GROW model is that it can help promote individual development. Therefore, applying this model to the human resource management process will help companies improve the quality of human resources.

The reason why GROW can do this is because it has the ability to encourage every employee in the company to strive to develop their abilities, improve their skills, knowledge and performance at work.

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Create a continuous learning and development environment for businesses

The GROW model creates a continuous learning environment for businesses and organizations. By setting goals, determining the current situation and having appropriate action plans, companies manage to convince their employees to self-study and constantly develop.

In other words, GROW has created the necessary conditions to motivate the company’s employees to continually improve to best meet the job requirements.

Help employees develop their capabilities and achieve their goals

GROW helps employees self-determine their goals, their current status and find their own solutions. Thanks to this, they can recognize their own strengths and highlight them.

Additionally, this template also helps employees have a comprehensive and detailed action plan to easily achieve their personal goals.

In general, GROW will provide employees with the necessary guidance and support, through which they will be more motivated to achieve the set goals and become increasingly accomplished and successful in their work.


2.2- With individuals

For each individual, the GROW model is an effective tool to help them develop and seize life’s opportunities.

Below are the benefits that GROW brings to individuals:

Increase your notoriety and your objectives

The GROW model helps you increase your self-esteem and personal goals. You will constantly question yourself about the things that are truly important to you.

With clear goals and strong self-awareness, you will have more motivation and a positive attitude to face future difficulties and challenges.

Use available time and resources effectively

Not only does it help you identify your goals, but GROW also has a great effect in promoting the ability to focus on time management and reasonable use of resources.

Once you get these things right, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or wasting time on less important things. With this, you can save resources, increase productivity and get closer to your goals easily.

Have a specific plan for each activity

GROW allows you to set specific goals and actions. Thanks to this, you are always on the right track and clearly know what to do to achieve your goals.

At the same time, a clear plan also helps you reduce anxiety and pressure, because you always know clearly what you need to do to succeed.

Life orientation

The GROW model helps you identify broad goals and specific directions in life. Through this, you can better shape your life and always seek to find happiness and meaning in your life.

GROW model details

3- Details on the GROW model

The GROW model includes 4 elements that represent 4 different stages of a journey. The details are as follows:

3.1- Objectives (Define objectives)

The first step in the GROW model is the identification of objectives. At this stage, you will need to clearly define the objective to be achieved and ensure that it is measurable and highly achievable.

You can use some of the following questions to set goals to achieve:

– What do you want to accomplish?

– How do you want it to be?

-How do you feel when you achieve it?

– What would you say to yourself?

– What will this allow you to do?

– How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

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3.2- Current reality (Determine the current situation)

Next, you will need to find out about the current situation. Only when you recognize this clearly can you easily find an effective solution.

Here are some questions you need to answer for yourself:

– What is happening? is it important to you?

– What do you think about this problem?

– How does this problem affect you?

– How does this affect other aspects of your life?

– What will you do to achieve a goal or solve a problem?

– Are the things you do hindering the process of achieving your goals?

What is the GROW model?

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3.3- Options (Search for solutions)

Once you have a good understanding of the current situation, you should start looking for any measures you can use to resolve the problem. You can ask others for their opinions. But make sure you always have your own solution.

Here are some questions you should answer for yourself:

– What can you do?

– Are there any other solutions or ideas?

– What steps should be taken to resolve the problem?

– Who can help you?

– Where can I find information on these solutions?

– Advantages and disadvantages of each solution?

– What factors do you use to assess the probability of success of each solution?

3.4- Will (Testament)

Thanks to the solutions offered, you already know clearly how to achieve your goals. However, to transform them into concrete actions, you need to be committed, have enough determination, will and motivation.

Here are some questions that will help you:

– What will you do to implement the proposed solutions?

– What are the things that can hinder your work? What will you do to overcome them?

– Does what you plan to do help you achieve your goal?

– What is the probability of success of the solution?

– Is there anything else you want to do?

Application of the GROW model

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4- Applications of the GROW model

Thanks to its importance and benefits, the GROW model is widely applied in many areas and aspects of life:

4.1- Apply GROW in organizations

For organizations, GROW currently provides an effective method to help them manage their human resources through training and coaching programs.

The exceptional features of this model not only help organizations build and develop quality human resources but also provide great long-term value.

4.2- GROW with individuals

Not everyone is born knowing everything and mastering everything. In fact, every person should always strive to learn and experience many new things to hone their abilities and develop their thinking and cognitive skills.

Therefore, applying GROW to the training and self-coaching process becomes an extremely ideal choice for anyone. Using this model, you can develop yourself every day to become better and more successful in your work and in your life.

4.3- Apply GROW in team management

Coaching tools like GROW are something every leader and team leader should master.

By applying the GROW model and other motivation methods, you can improve the performance of the entire team as well as each team member.

If you are currently a team leader or considering this role in the future, have the skills to use GROW so you can manage and lead your team most effectively.

4.4- Apply GROW to other content

Not stopping at organizational training and coaching and personal development, the GROW model can also be applied to many other contents and subjects. For example, you can use it to establish or improve a certain process or system to get more out of your investments.

I hope the above shares from Ms. Uptalent helped you understand what the Grow model is and be able to apply it in real work and life. Good luck!

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