What is the role of HR in a company?

Vai trò của HR trong doanh nghiệp là gì?

Although HR is no longer a strange concept. However, to fully understand the importance of HR, we still need to explore and research further. Let’s find out with Ms. Uptalent the work and role of the human resources department Read the following article to get the most comprehensive view of this interesting profession.

1- What is HR?
2- Job description of the HR department
3- The role of HR in the company

4- What qualities are needed to work in the HR department?

Human resources jobs

1- What is HR?

HR means Human ressources. Translated into Vietnamese, it means personnel or human resources.

The term HR is used to refer to people who specialize in performing tasks related to human resources and human resource management. At the same time, it is also the name of a department of the company: the Human Resources Department.

This term began to appear in the 60s of the 20th century, when issues related to labor relations were initially addressed by companies. Along with HR, other concepts began to take shape in the work environment, such as motivation, organizational behavior, and option evaluation.

With the above information, readers probably understand what HR is, right? Next, let’s see what the HR department does.

2- What are the professions of the HR department?

The main task of HR is to plan and implement appropriate strategies to improve employee performance and contribute to business growth.

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Depending on the size and characteristics of each company, HR will be in charge of different tasks. But most of them are responsible for performing the following main tasks:

– Plan and schedule human resources issues in the company.

– Conduct research, interviews, recruitment and training of personnel to meet the human resources needs of the company.

– Supervise recruitment activities and the personnel selection process.

– Develop and manage compensation, benefits and incentives.

– Develop promotion policies for company personnel.

– Carry out other administrative tasks such as completing and synthesizing documents, candidate profiles, managing employment contracts, social insurance, etc.

– Carry out the capacity assessment and KPIs of the company’s employees. From there, develop a recruiting or training plan to fill in the missing knowledge, skills and expertise for employees.

work of the HR department

– Organize internal training programs to help improve employee capabilities.

– Research and drafting of regulations and internal rules within the company.

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– Build a corporate culture, codes of conduct and organize activities to involve employees in the company as well as to improve the company’s employee brand image.

– Propose human resources orientation and development strategies.

– Manage incidents and problems related to the company’s human resources team.

Above are the tasks that the HR department will be responsible for. These jobs can be simple or complex, but they all have a direct impact on a business’s ability to operate stably.

3- The role of HR in the company

A company that wants to train and grow needs two most important factors: physical resources and human resources. Simply put, it’s difficult for a business to operate effectively without employees. HR is the person responsible for managing and developing this team of employees.

First, recruit and train company staff. With expertise and methodical skills, HR can recruit talented employees. In addition, they also undertake staff training and coaching activities to improve work productivity and efficiency.

Second, maintain stability and fairness among staff. Human resources work includes many tasks such as salary calculation, capacity assessment, compensation and benefits management and many other tasks. In this process, HR is like a balance. They must guarantee an effective balance between the interests of companies and those of employees.

Third, develop policies, regimes, regulations and internal rules in the company. Every day in the company, many activities take place, each activity involves the participation of many people. Therefore, it is necessary to have specific processes and regulations so that all company activities are always convenient and smooth.

Fourth, handle company personnel issues. In a work environment where many people participate, with very different personalities and working methods, the emergence of conflicts and contradictions is difficult to avoid. In addition, many other unexpected incidents can occur. And HR’s responsibility is to properly handle these issues.

Above are the HR roles so far. Today their role is much broader than before.

The role of HR

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Currently, HR is no longer limited to roles related to human resources management, but also focuses on more strategic roles. They are the ones who propose and develop effective human resources strategies to achieve objectives promoting business development.

In addition, the role of HR is today even more accentuated in a context of numerous changes. Particularly during the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic have caused enormous disruption to life and business. Currently, human resources are an important factor in helping companies restructure and establish new work regulations, more suited to the current situation.

At the same time, HR is also an important enabler that brings happiness at work and ensures that the human resource system always functions efficiently.

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With recent information, you probably understand better what the role of HR is and why HR is important for the development of a business. Let’s then continue to explore the qualities needed in HR.

4- What qualities are needed to work in the HR department?

In addition to learning what HR is, many people also want to know what qualities are needed to work in the HR department?

According to Uptalent’s research, there are 7 very important qualities for human resources workers. These are the following qualities:

4.1- Subtle observation skills

The mission of HR is to recruit and select talented employees for the company. To do this, they must have the ability to observe delicately to be able to “see the right person”.

With good observation skills, HR can correctly assess a candidate’s potential and know if they are lying or hiding something. From there, they will select the most suitable staff for each position.

4.2- Judgment capacity

Even if you have observed and evaluated candidates using many methods and through many rounds of selection. But there is always a chance that you will choose the wrong person.

Therefore, a good HR must exercise good judgment. This judgment should be based on logic and specific information, not your intuition or intuition.

4.3- Patience

HR work often revolves around a large number of files and paperwork. Sometimes it’s even repetitive work. For example, your job always revolves around the tasks of posting jobs, finding candidates, screening resumes, calling candidates, etc. There will be times when you feel discouraged because of them.

The ability to connect is understood as the ability to communicate and listen to others.

Working in HR means you often have to work with people. Therefore, if you can communicate effectively with people, you will do your job better.

4.5- Ability to solve problems

The Human Resources department is the ideal place to answer questions about employee policies, plans and salaries and handle all matters related to the company’s Human Resources team. Therefore, HR must have excellent problem-solving skills.

4.6- Always be fair and respect the principles

HR is the person who ensures that company regulations and principles are strictly followed. Therefore, more than anyone else, they must always respect the principles and be fair when solving everything.

4.7- Flexible behavior

Although HR should always adhere to company guidelines. But that doesn’t mean they have to stick to just one direction.

Instead, they must know how to view each situation and handle it flexibly, in the most satisfying and reasonable way. If HR is too rigid in handling issues, it is easy for employees to become dissatisfied with the company. In the long term, this can have serious consequences.

Hopefully, with the above shares from Ms. Uptalent, readers will clearly understand what HR is. At the same time, you also know the role and necessary qualities of an HR person. This way, you will be better oriented on the path to becoming an HR professional. Good luck!

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