What is the salary of a construction engineer?

Mức lương của kỹ sư xây dựng bao nhiêu?

Some say the salary is very high. But there are also people who say that the salary for this position is very low. So what is the truth? Readers, please follow Ms. Uptalent’s article below to get the most accurate answer!

1- Average salary of construction engineers in Vietnam
2- Salary according to expertise
3- Salary by zone (workplace)

3.1- Salary by city
3.2- Civil Engineer Salary abroad

4- Salary according to experience
5- Salary according to the type of business
6- Comment on the salary of construction engineers in Vietnam

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1- Average salary of construction engineers in Vietnam

According to the survey results, the average salary of construction engineers in Vietnam is currently around 15.5 million per month, or 186 million per year. The common salary scale varies from 8.3 to 23.4 million/month.

If you look at the salary distribution table, you will see that about 25% of employees in this position receive a salary lower than 11.6 million/month and 75% of employees have a higher salary. At the same time, around 75% of employees will have a salary below 15.6 million/month and 25% will receive a salary above this figure.

To further clarify, experts have also categorized civil engineer salaries into many different segments. This classification will give you a more complete view of the salary for this position in Vietnam instead of relying only on the average salary.

More specifically, salaries for construction engineers in Vietnam are distributed as follows:

– Less than 9.19 million/month, or around 20%.

– From 9.19 to 12.4 million/month, or approximately 65%.

– From 12.4 to 13.8 million/month, or around 10%.

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– More than 13.8 million/month, or only 5%.

As noted, the above salary includes allowances, benefits and other incentives. However, actual salary will vary somewhat due to the impact of factors such as experience, skills, qualifications and the specific role you will take on.

2- Salary according to expertise

Surely you also know that professional qualifications will directly affect the income of construction engineers, right?

As with other professions, engineers in the construction industry will receive higher salaries if they have higher degrees.

So, how much higher salary can a higher degree lead to?

According to Uptalent records, the salary for this position based on professional qualifications is as follows:

– Staff with a bachelor’s degree, the average salary is around 12.6 million/month.

– Staff with a master’s degree have an average salary of around 19.2 million/month, an increase of 53% compared to staff with a lower degree.

Building engineer

3- Salary by zone (workplace)

Location and work area also have a significant impact on construction engineer salary. Specifically:

3.1- Salary by city

In Vietnam, construction engineers are recruited from all provinces and cities across the country. The salary for this position will vary more or less depending on the city in which you work.

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To see the wage gap between cities, you can refer to the following statistical table:


Average salary (million/month)







Ho Chi Minh City


3.2- Civil Engineer Salary abroad

Not only are there many job opportunities in the country, but construction engineering is also an attractive labor export profession as it offers high income and a good working environment.

Some labor markets that attract large numbers of workers include Japan, Korea, and China.

Salaries in each of these markets are also very different. Such as:

– In Japan

Salary for construction engineers in Japan currently ranges from 180,000 to 250,000 yen/month, or 32 to 43 million yen/month.

This salary does not include overtime pay. According to regulations, the maximum number of overtime hours in Japan can be up to 40 hours/month. If you regularly work overtime, workers can earn an extra 15-18 million per month. At that time, the salary received could reach 61 million/month.

In addition, civil engineers working in Japan also receive a housing allowance and travel expenses of up to 40,000 yen/month, equivalent to 7 million VND.

– In Korea

According to statistics, a career as a construction engineer in Korea can earn between 30 and 35 million per month. This is the base salary with working hours of 5 days/week, 8 hours/day.

In addition to the basic salary, employees can also work overtime to increase their income. Overtime pay will be calculated at 150% of base pay.

In general, Korea is considered a potential job market due to its high income, good working environment, and reasonable exit fees.

– In China

Staff working as construction engineers in China will generally receive an average salary of around 27,100 CNY/month, equivalent to 91.1 million VND.

Meanwhile, the common salary ranges from 13,600 to 42,000 CNY/month, which is equivalent to 45.7 to 141.2 million/month.

Construction engineer salary

4- Salary according to experience

One of the factors that greatly affects the salary of civil engineers is the number of years of experience. Usually, the more years of experience a construction engineer has, the higher their salary will be.

You can refer to the statistics below to see clearly:

– New graduates and people with less than 2 years of experience, the salary will be 4-9.7 million/month.

– Staff with 2-5 years of experience, salary will be around 12.3 million/month. Salaries vary considerably depending on the position held. For example, a construction engineer makes around 12 million/month, a construction supervisor 11.9 million/month, and a construction manager around 16 million/month.

– Staff with 5-10 experiences will receive a salary of around 16.2 million/month.

– Staff with 10 to 15 years of experience will have a salary of around 19 million/month.

– Staff with 15-20 years of experience will receive a salary of approximately 21.1 million/month.

– Staff with more than 20 years of experience will have an average salary of around 22.4 million/month.

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The above figures are only figures for reference, as the actual salary may be higher depending on each individual’s work environment, position and relationship.

For example, a person taking on the role of commander in a large company or construction company will enjoy a very attractive salary. Because in addition to a fixed salary, they also receive bonuses or commissions from contractors, material suppliers, etc.

In cases where there is significant capital and many connections, construction engineers may also choose to open their own business. At that point, their income level will be much higher than the Uptalent figure we just mentioned above.

5- Salary according to the type of business

In addition to factors such as qualifications, location, and work experience, the type of company can also have a big influence on a construction engineer’s salary.

According to the survey, the salary of a civil engineer with less than 2 years of experience in Vietnamese companies will be around 6-9 million/month if he works on a construction site and 5-7 million/ month if he works in an office. less harsh environments.

At the same time, the salary of this same group of people working in foreign companies generally ranges between 600 and 800 USD/month.

We see that, for the same group of workers, the salaries of foreign companies are often 2 to 3 times higher than those of national companies. This is why the most competent young people try to find opportunities to work in foreign companies.

Average salary of a construction engineer

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6- Comment on the salary of construction engineers in Vietnam

If you rely only on the information above, it will be difficult for you to assess whether the salary for construction engineers in Vietnam is high or low.

So let’s take a look at the average salary for some other popular professions to get a more accurate assessment!

Based on the salary reports for professions, you will see:

– The programmer’s salary is currently around 15.8 million/month, or 189 million/year.

– The average salary of bank employees is 18.7 million/month, or 225 million/year.

– The average salary of administrative and human resources staff is 8 million/month, or the equivalent of 96 million/year.

Compared to the average salary of a civil engineer (15.5 million/month), the salary of this position is not as high as that of programmers and bankers, but it is still higher than that of administrative positions. , there are a lot of staff in the company.

Additionally, according to a report on construction engineer salaries in the United States, the salary for this position is currently around $88,700/year (around $2 billion).

Staff without much experience will have a salary of around 54,000 USD/year and those with more than 20 years of experience will have a salary of up to 128,000 USD/year.

From this, it can be seen that construction engineer salaries in Vietnam have a big difference compared to those in developed countries like the United States.

Thus, Ms. Uptalent has just shared with readers some detailed information on the salary of construction engineers as well as some evaluations of the salary of this position in Vietnam compared to other professions or in another family.

I hope this article has provided you with a lot of useful information. If you want to access more civil engineer job opportunities with attractive salaries, please visit HRchannels.com. Good luck!

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