What is the salary of a production manager?

Mức lương của quản lý sản xuất bao nhiêu?

For factories and manufacturing companies, production director an essential position. So what is production management? What is the job description of a production manager? What skills does a good production manager need? How to find a job as a production manager? Readers, let’s find out all the information about production management with Ms. Uptalent through the following article.

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1. Who is the production manager?

In the company, production management is the position to ensure the production of goods with high efficiency, on time, as well as to meet quality and quantity standards within the set budget.

The role of the production manager is to participate in production planning as well as to inspect and supervise the production process to ensure that the company always delivers goods on time and meets quantity and quality requirements. according to the established production plan.

2. What is a production manager position?

Depending on the size and mode of production of each company, the job description of the position of production manager will be different. However, a typical job description for a production manager usually looks like this:

Participate in the recruitment, training and evaluation of staff.

+ Monitor the work process of workers at the factory, ensure work performance and comply with work safety requirements.

Interesting jobs

+ Calculate, negotiate budget, production time with clients and set quality management standards to ensure production activities are always on time and within budget.

+ Adjust and renegotiate production time when there are changes in raw material selection and ordering.

+ Analyze production data, plan and schedule production, assess order requirements and resources needed for production.

+ Monitor the production process, quickly capture anomalies, make adjustments, overcome and quickly notify superiors and sales.

+ Prepare daily, monthly, quarterly production reports…

+ Capture the work of related departments, production workshops, coordinate and balance the relationships between departments related to production activities.

+ Organize periodic repair and maintenance of production machinery and equipment of factories and enterprises. Identify new machinery and equipment needed for production.

Determine when to work overtime.

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+ Detect product defects, determine the cause and effectively correct the error.

+ Manage the whole production process and make technical improvements to improve production efficiency.

+ Analyze and evaluate the productivity potential of production equipment and raw materials to make or modify the production plan accordingly.

+ Receive information, production orders from the sales department, check inventory, make production slips, organize shipping plans.

+ Layout of workstations, assignment of workstations to affiliated employees and organization of skills checks for production staff.

+ Determine the quality objectives to be achieved for the production department, carry out an evaluation, monitor the implementation process and have a fair and clear reward and punishment mechanism.

Production manager job description

3. 6 important skills of a good production manager

To become a good, effective production manager, you need to practice the following skills:

3.1- Communication skills

We see that communication is an essential skill for a production manager. Because at work you will have to regularly present, discuss, give ideas or communicate production objectives to employees, customers and partners.

In addition, the production manager should also contact other departments to guide and ensure that the production is going in the right direction. Therefore, practicing communication skills will help production managers deploy their work effectively and can create empathy and understanding between people when working.

3.2- Commercial skills

Business skills will help production managers understand technical terms such as cash flow, profitability, budget, etc., and their importance when implementing new production strategies.

Additionally, this skill also helps production managers communicate more easily with customers about current and projected sales, as well as establish a more accurate and efficient product development budget.

3.3- Research and analysis skills

Having good research and analysis skills will help the production manager identify the right type of product, customer tastes, competitor position and be able to recognize opportunities and threats in production. From there, you’ll create a solid foundation for producing quality products that satisfy consumer tastes.

In addition, analytical skills also help production managers to make accurate production decisions, thus helping in the development of business operations. By mastering this skill, you can solve difficult production problems and further develop production.

3.4- Work assignment skills

Assigning tasks to subordinates is a very difficult task. To do this effectively, production managers must be forward-looking and think things through.

You won’t be a good production manager if you can’t effectively assign tasks to your subordinates. So practice this skill to properly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, assign them the right tasks and make them feel uncomfortable or unfair.

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Skills of the production manager

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3.5- Strategic thinking skills

This skill will be very useful to production managers when they need to understand the market and decide how to launch new products in the market. Additionally, there are many other tasks that require the production manager to have good strategic thinking.

Therefore, you need to accumulate knowledge of product life cycle, audience segmentation, project management processes, sales forecasting, as well as additional problem solving, success skills. software thinking, risk management, goal orientation, etc., to improve strategic thinking skills.

3.6- Ability to apply new technologies

Currently, production and management activities of enterprises are applied with modern software and technologies. Therefore, a production manager must master these technologies to improve work efficiency and productivity.

On the other hand, if you master new technologies, it will be easier for you to train and supervise junior staff.

4. What is the salary of a production manager?

According to research by Uptalent, the current salary of a production manager ranges between 14 and 20 million/month. This salary can be even higher depending on the ability, experience and size of each company.

What is the salary of a production manager?

5. Find a job as a production manager

You can find production manager jobs through many different channels. The important thing is that you can find a good job, high salary or not.

Therefore, when looking for a job, you should be careful to search for reputable channels. Here are some good production manager job search channels for your reference:

+ Find a job in the factory or factory you work in: If you are currently working in a factory, please pay attention to the recruitment information there. It’s the safest and most effective job search channel because you already know what the work environment is like.

+ Find jobs on recruitment sites: there are many production manager jobs posted on job search sites such as HRchannels, JOBOKO, CareerBuilder, Indeed, etc., job requirements and apply easily online directly on the website.

+ Facebook fanpages and recruitment groups: The speed of news drifting on this channel is quite fast and there are not as many production management jobs as on recruitment sites, but you can find more information on recruitment from recruitment poster.

Above is the information about the Production Manager position that Uptalent would like to share with the readers. Although the job of a production manager is very flexible and depends on each industry and field of activity, through the information in the article, you definitely have a better understanding of the job of a production manager. I hope this information will be useful to you and help you quickly find the job you want. Good luck!

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