What is the salary of Chinese speaking staff?

Mức lương của nhân viên ngôn ngữ tiếng Trung

Currently the demand recruit chinese speaking staff companies is very large. These can be Chinese-owned companies or domestic companies that have business dealings with Chinese partners. However, there are many comments that working in Chinese companies, the salary is not high or other benefits are not equal to Japanese or Korean companies. So what is the reality? Is the salary of Chinese speaking staff high or low? Let’s also find the answer through the following article!

Recruitment of Chinese personnel

Open Chinese job opportunities

Many young people flocked learn Chinese because the job opportunities are many and the incomes are also very high. So is it true or not?

First, it can be seen that international economic integration has opened up great business opportunities between countries around the world. In recent years, Vietnam has received investment trends from many Chinese companies in many fields, so it is understandable that more Chinese jobs appear.

Second, the Chinese economy is now the second largest in the world. Companies and companies in this country have factories and headquarters in many countries around the world, in which the Vietnamese labor market with young and abundant human resources is their ideal destination for development.

Third, our country’s agricultural exports to China account for a large proportion, up to 90%. It can be seen that China is a major and important trading partner of our country.

Fourthly, tourism activities between our country and China are also very developed. Every year, our country welcomes a large number of Chinese tourists to China, and Vietnamese people also have a very high demand for China travel.

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In general, the trade and tourism activities between our country and China are really huge. It is the basis for promoting the labor market to have more employment opportunities for employees who know Chinese.

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Popular Chinese Jobs in Vietnam

If you take a look at the labor market, you will see that the recruitment needs of Chinese-speaking companies are very diverse. From office administration, human resources, accounting, sales, technical personnel, production, …, and many other Chinese positions. These positions also belong to many different levels, from unskilled workers to specialists, managers or heads of departments, directors. The position you can occupy depends entirely on your qualifications and abilities.

Interesting jobs

Here are popular Chinese jobs with high salaries that are recruited by many companies:

1. Chinese interpreter

2. Chinese teacher

3. Chinese tour guide

4. Chinese import-export specialist/staff

5. Chinese staff / procurement specialist

6. Chinese sales staff

7. Chinese Administrative Staff / HR Specialist

8. Chinese assistant/secretary/production assistant

9. Chinese language consultant/diplomat

10. Chief Accountant / Accountant / General Accountant in Chinese

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Chinese speaking staff salary

Working in Chinese companies with a high salary or not is something that many people worry about. From HRchannels point of view, a high or low salary depends on the ability and the role you take on.

In general, the average salary of Chinese companies is not equal to that of Japanese or Korean companies. However, the overall wage level is not low. Normally, employees who know Chinese will have an income of $500 or more, this is for staff level positions. As for the Chinese-speaking staff at the management level, the salary is usually $800 or more. A high or low salary depends on your ability, experience and the size and scope of the company.

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In fact, if you are really good and capable, no matter what job you do, you can always earn a very high salary. Therefore, instead of just hanging around thinking that working in this business won’t pay much, you should focus on getting the job done right. At the same time, try to acquire more new knowledge to achieve the expected high salary.

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I hope through this article you will find the answer to your problem regarding chinese speaking staff salary. If you are looking for a high paying job opportunity in China, visit HRchannels.com. Here you will receive job offers in Chinese with attractive salaries that have been verified by the employer’s reputation and are constantly updated. Job postings are very detailed and clear about job requirements and compensation, so you can know whether or not you are suitable for the position.

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