What is the vision? Steps to Determine a Vision for Your Business

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“Business vision” is probably a phrase that isn’t too strange to you. But do you really understand clearly what the vision is? Or how to build an effective business vision? Let’s explore useful information about business vision with Ms. Uptalent through the following article!

4.1- Know the current situation of the company
4.2- Market study
4.3- Determine the value you want to bring to customers
4.4- Apply creativity to determine the vision
4.5- Promulgate, receive comments and make adjustments
4.6- Ensure a global vision of all the company’s activities

5- Tips for building a successful vision

1- What is vision?

The vision shows the overall picture of the future of an organization, an individual or a project. It also shows the foresight of that individual or organization.

By going through a company’s vision, you will see the company’s future prospects, its field of activity, its challenges and its development opportunities. This is very important for the development of the company because, based on this, the company will make the right decisions and actions.

In addition, the vision also shows the future goals and expectations of the company. Even though the company’s business strategy changes every period, the vision remains unchanged.

What is the vision

2- Characteristics of vision

Determining what the vision is is of great importance to each company’s long-term development roadmap. A clear, attractive and trustworthy vision will bring motivation and inspiration to employees and make them love and devote more effort to the role they occupy.

Standard vision should have the following characteristics:

+ Clearly

Attractive jobs

An attractive vision must first be clear, easy to understand and not too unrealistic or vague. This is very important because it ensures that everyone understands and has the best direction on what needs to be done.

+ Specific

Vision is not simply words that please the ear or the eye. It is closely linked to the objectives and expectations of the company. Therefore, you need to make sure you define your vision so that it is specific and measurable.

+ Attractive

The company’s vision must be attractive to attract and inspire employees, customers, partners and all units that have business and transactional relationships with the company.

+ Feasible

You cannot set a vision that exceeds the company’s capabilities. A good vision should be highly achievable and achievable even over a long period of time.

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Vision characteristics

3- The importance of vision

Have you ever wondered how important vision is? Or why each company must determine its own specific vision?

The reason why every business needs to define a vision is that it can help it grow sustainably in the long term. At the same time, it is also of great importance for all activities that take place in the company on a daily basis. Specifically:

3.1- The vision helps managers to guide the company’s activities

Vision is like a guideline that helps business leaders direct, plan and develop strategies more effectively. Furthermore, it also helps them make the right decisions regarding the direction of their business development.

It can be said that understanding the importance of vision will help businesses have a strong foundation and be best prepared to seize business opportunities and overcome market challenges.

3.2- Help employees clearly identify their work objective

A business vision is a document with extremely practical meaning and value. It is widely disclosed to customers and the public. This allows employees to be clear about the purpose of the work they are doing. And it also helps in setting the company’s goals and future actions.

3.3- Effective organization of the company

With a clear vision, leaders can allocate resources and manage company departments and divisions more effectively.

On the other hand, establishing a vision also allows them to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of goal implementation based on consistent criteria such as cost, time and results achieved.

All of the above creates a professional and strong organizational system with close ties between company members.

The importance of sight

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3.4- Limit ambiguity in the company’s commercial activities

The vision is closely linked to the company’s long-term business goals. Through this, it can reduce ambiguities in the company’s business operations and guide the company towards a better and more sustainable future.

3.5- Attract potential customers and partners

A good and attractive vision is the catalyst that allows customers and partners to have a better impression of the company. Thus, they gradually gain confidence and provide strong support to the company.

3.6- Is a solid basis for business decisions

The vision represents the ultimate destination that the company wants to achieve. Therefore, business leaders can rely on it to think and make accurate and timely business decisions.

3.7- Establish the fundamental values ​​of the company

Through a company’s vision, you can see the core values ​​it values. It also shows the ethical principles and standards that the company always adheres to.

4- Steps to help you define a vision for your business

Clearly understanding what a vision is and taking the vision definition seriously will ensure the future success of the business. Therefore, you need to research thoroughly and follow each step meticulously to write the most attractive business vision.

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to define your vision:

Determine your business vision

4.1- Know the current situation of the company

The first thing you need to do when setting a vision is to clearly understand the business situation and the company’s current development status. Points to assess include:

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– Strengths and weaknesses of the company.

– Operating principles and ethical business standards.

– Fundamental values.

– The story begins.

– Achievements achieved.

– Market, target customers, competitors.

4.2- Market study

Market size, characteristics and competition will have a strong influence on the company’s vision. Therefore, from the very beginning, businesses must carefully research the target market they want to target.

Some questions you need to answer when researching the market include:

– What are the company’s products? Can it meet the needs of target customers?

– What customer needs can your company’s products meet?

– Why should customers choose your company’s products over those of your competitors?

– What value can the product bring to customers?

Market and customer needs and trends will continually change. However, by doing your research, you will have a solid foundation to launch your business in the right direction and establish the right development path for your business in the future.

Building a business vision

4.3- Determine the value you want to bring to customers

From the research and assessments you have completed, you will continue to clearly identify the value your business wants to provide to its customers.

Remember that the company vision should show the future over a specific period of time, usually 10 to 20 years. This is quite a long period, so the business has to be really serious and persistent with a determined vision.

Another point to note is that you should not focus too much on highlighting the strengths of your business. Things that are too beautiful and too flashy are difficult to establish trust with customers.

Instead, you need to demonstrate humility when promoting your business. At the same time, emphasize the uniqueness, creativity and difference of your company and product from what is available on the market.

4.4- Apply creativity to determine the vision

The next step you need to do is to create an idea, present it and explain it so that everyone can understand it. Create opportunities for everyone to contribute ideas and build a vision. This will be the basis for the success of future business activities.

4.5- Promulgate, receive comments and make adjustments

After gaining consensus from individuals and other members of the company, widely disseminate the vision you have just identified. You can also use different communication channels to spread your business vision to the community.

After a show period, you will need to sit down to evaluate and listen to customer and community feedback and input on the company’s vision. Then you will make the necessary adjustments to make the vision more realistic and solid.

4.6- Ensure a global vision of all the company’s activities

The final step you need to take is to deepen your vision into all aspects of your business operations. Ensure this is reflected in business strategies, cultural development, customer service and daily operations.

Tips for Building a Successful Vision

5- Tips for building a successful vision

In the process of determining your vision, keep the following in mind for optimal effectiveness:

– Ensure that the vision is consistent with the company’s fundamental values ​​and development objectives.

– Consult many parties such as employees, partners, customers, etc. to achieve the greatest compatibility and meet the needs of all parties.

– Ensure that the vision meets clear, specific, achievable and measurable criteria.

– Ensure the uniqueness, originality and difference of the vision.

– Continuously ask questions, research and explore many different aspects to get the most appropriate vision.

– A compelling vision should not be too long, vague or complicated. This can make it difficult for others to understand or misunderstand the message you want to convey.

So, Ms. Uptalent not only helps you learn what vision does, but also guides you on how to set your vision effectively. I hope this article has provided you with a lot of useful information about business vision. Good luck!

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