What is viral? Steps to Help You Make It Viral Successfully

Viral là gì? Các bước giúp bạn làm viral thành công

Surely you still remember the melody “You want to buy a TV, you want to buy a refrigerator – Come to Dien May Xanh”, as well as the green and yellow images typical of the TVC advertising of this brand, don’t you ?

The above is just one of the very small examples of the impact of virality on users.

So what is viral? How important is this? How to go viral effectively? Readers, let’s learn all this through the following article by Ms. Uptalent!’

1- What is viral?
2- The importance of virality in Marketing
3- Classification of viruses
4- Steps to help you go viral effectively

4.1- Create the message to transmit
4.2- Propose ideas and create content
4.3- Select the transmission channel
4.4- Measure effectiveness
4.5- Risk management

5- Some solutions to succeed in going viral
5.1- Combine email marketing with viral marketing
5.2- Use an appropriate content format
5.3- Effectively use the power of social media during viral marketing

1- What is viral?

Viral is a term very familiar to marketers. So, what exactly is Viral?

In Marketingviral is used to refer to content distributed quickly via the Internet.

People often compare this content to a “virus”. As soon as it is released, it will quickly reach many different people by clicking the Share button.

For content to go viral, you need to make it attractive, engaging, provide valuable information, or be so thought-provoking that people immediately share it with others.

For marketers, going viral is considered an important digital strategy. Thanks to it, they can increase the visibility and influence of content or a campaign exponentially.

2- The importance of virality in Marketing

Attractive jobs

Anyone doing marketing must understand what viral is and know how to implement it to bring efficiency and success to campaigns and achieve the set objectives.

The reason why Uptalent says this is that the viral strategy is increasingly showing its importance in spreading the brand message in the community, creating a deep impression on target customers and bringing incredible marketing effectiveness. Specifically:

2.1- Viral creates exponential reach

This is considered the most important advantage of going viral. This allows the content to be widely distributed in a very short time.

Upon release, viral content will be heavily shared across social media platforms, blogs, forums, etc. And millions of users will see it.

What is viral?

2.2- Helps companies quickly position their brands on the market

The more people know about and share brand-related content, the more it will help increase brand awareness and improve conversion rates.

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In other words, when more people interact and discuss the content you create, they will learn more about the brand and be able to take specific actions such as making purchases, subscribing to periodic newsletters or making purchases, present investigations,…

2.3- Improve marketing profitability

Compared to traditional marketing methods, viral is much more profitable.

When content becomes a trend and goes viral, the effectiveness of the campaign increases further without having to spend more money on advertising.

3- Classification of viruses

You will better understand what viral is by classifying it in different forms. Basically, there are two common types of viruses that you need to know about: audio viral and visual viral.

3.1- Viral listening

This type of virus can be sayings, songs, music or slogans known to many people. They may or may not be good or easy to listen to, but people remember them and the product and brand images associated with them.

Even many people use this content unconsciously. They transform them into images, video clips and spread them as a trend.

3.2- Viral gaze

Viral elements can be images, banners, advertising clips, etc. regarding the brand. To achieve great reach with this type, you need to use the power of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,…

Viral classification

4- Steps to help you go viral effectively

In addition to understanding what viral is, you also need to master the following steps if you want to go viral successfully.

5 basic steps to creating viral content include:

4.1- Create the message to transmit

Whether content can go viral or trend depends greatly on the message you want to convey.

Do you need to think carefully about what you want to convey? Who is the audience to reach? What is the purpose of doing this?

Only when you can answer the questions above will you truly understand the core of the viral implementation process.

4.2- Propose ideas and create content

The next step you need to do is to choose the appropriate type of viral content.

Reality shows that content in video form is easier to create virality. According to experts, video will continue to be a trend for many years and no other form will be able to replace it.

Besides video, you should also combine textual content to stimulate curiosity and increase the popularity of the content.

4.3- Select the transmission channel

There are many content delivery channel options you can consider. However, be sure to choose the right channel for your target audience if you want to achieve the greatest viral effect.

Some main channels you should use to go viral include social media, TV channels, newspapers and others. COPD.

Measuring viral effectiveness

4.4- Measure effectiveness

When doing viral marketing, you will need to keep it under control. This is very important because the viral effect can be enormous, but it also carries many risks. If not handled well, it can easily backfire and you will have to face serious consequences.

Some indicators you should pay attention to include:

– On how many channels does the content go viral? How long?

– Viral effectiveness of the channels?

– Number of interactions, discussions, shares,…

– Does the content of the message correspond to the value you wish to convey?

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– What is the impact of virality on business results?

4.5- Risk management

Viruses can bring great efficiency to marketing campaigns as well as to the commercial activities of companies. But this comes with unpredictable risks.

You can cause great damage to your brand or completely destroy it in a split second if you make a mistake.

So make sure you always have measures in place to deal with potential risks. For example, you must maintain good relations with the press, the media, the authorities,… and even with loyal customers.

The solution goes viral

5- Some solutions to succeed in going viral

Continuing the theme of what’s viral, Uptalent will explore with you some solutions for creating great success for viral marketing campaigns.

There are 3 solutions you should implement synchronously to achieve the greatest viral effectiveness, including:

5.1- Combine email marketing with viral marketing

Email Advertising is considered to be a tool that can help you go viral very effectively. The reason is that:

– Email marketing often includes forward buttons and links to many different social networks. This allows email recipients to easily share information with different audiences such as friends, colleagues, and relatives.

– Email content often has high credibility with users because it is often associated with the domain name of a specific company or individual. Surely you wouldn’t want to share unreliable information, right? The others too.

– Email marketing is often optimized for each individual. This creates a strong connection with users and can encourage them to share.

– Email marketing can easily reach the right target audience and people who are actually interested in the brand and product. When you send information to people who actually care about it, they are much more likely to share it with others.

– Email marketing campaigns can include many incentives or rewards for sharers. This gives users more incentive to share them.

– Email marketing provides you with the tools to track and measure campaign effectiveness. Thanks to this, you will be able to accurately evaluate the results obtained and find improvement measures more easily.

Viral content

5.2- Use an appropriate content format

You can use many different content formats to go viral effectively. Among them, the following 6 formats are the most popular:

– Video content.

– Infographic content.

– The content is presented in the form of “How to” questions.

– Content defines something.

– Content in the form of explanation of the reason.

– Content in list form.

5.3- Effectively use the power of social media during viral marketing

The success of a viral marketing campaign largely depends on whether or not you use social media channels effectively.

Therefore, you need to understand the characteristics and user groups of each social media platform to be able to create the most suitable content and optimize it.

Additionally, you also need to do the following things well to go viral successfully:

– First, know how to combine appropriate sharing buttons or action prompts to encourage users to pass on the most powerful information. Remember, the simpler and easier it is to keep things simple, the more effectively you will share.

– Second, collaborate with KOLs, KOCs and influencers to increase reach as quickly as possible.

– Third, use hashtags correctly to expand the reach of your content. You should start with brand and product related hashtags and then continue with trending hashtags to effectively expand the campaign reach.

– Fourth, actively interact and respond to user comments. This will help you create a sense of community and encourage more people to join you.

So, Ms. Uptalent has just helped you understand what viral is, its importance and guided you through the steps to effectively implement viral marketing. I hope this information helps. Good luck!

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